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Kuntry Kashin' cointest


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okay, so I've enjoyed the cointests here completely, totally, and immensely!

& now, I feel in the mood to spread the joy.

My most sincere thanks goes out to this community for helping me with the graffiti on the back of this coin.

Now I know most of us have to get out the reading glasses to be able to get even halfway focused on that small print on the back of this coin...

but I digress...

I have, in my hot little hands...

now ya'll are fully aware of the importance of LITTLE hands for PeoplePlumbers, right?

yeah, okay, in my little hands is this little coin, of which only a tiny number (5 to be exact) were minted. It is indeed a Kuntry Kashin', but it is SATIN GOLD with a BLACK as night Moon.


I'm thinking I'm gonna send it out to the first person who can correctly inform all of us here in the forums about something somewhat unique to the Kuntry kashin' coin project.

I'm the final judge... so even if you ARE indeed correct about the uniqueness of your particular posting, but if it ain't what I'm thinkin', well, tough noogies.

lessee... oh, fine print:

limit your guesses to once every quarter hour. For you first-borners out there, that means you can guess once when the big hand is between 12 and 3, again after 3 but before it reaches the 6... again after the 6 but before the 9... and one more time before it gets back to 12 again. Yes, you may guess at XX:59 AND XX:01.

I can add to, delete, or change the rules if I feel like it... or even if I don't feel like it.

I reserve the right to substitute prizes of equal value... so don't sue me if you end up with an acorn in your mailbox.

Be nice.

Don't run with scissors.

If this cointest lasts longer than four hours, don't call me. I'm not your doctor. I'll probably be asleep by then and check this thing in the morning.

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It is unique because it is right up your alley and your patient's plumbing because you are a urologist and require certain samples in your work which are usually obtained in a toilet. The other unique thing is that it was the first or one of the first that the community had input on sayings on the coin.

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Hello!!! Well I do not know if I can participate in this cointest!

Do you want to tell the story behing this coin?


At first it was the V1, but it was not accepted because The language was not propper for the owner of the cache that had the coin!

The inscription for the first version, was "this cache is not worth a s..."

It was just an inspiration from a similar funny moto, the designer had seen! Just because the language was not accepted a second version was created and there was a cointest, I think, for what inscriptions the coin would have on the back! the winners saw their inscriptions on the coin! All were related to geocaching and to...what the coin shows, in a very funny way!!! I love them!!!!

The designer had some artistic designs kept too! These are probable slightly different and I think the price of this cointest is one of them!


Is that what you wanted or shall I try latter?

*** Sorry for my spelling mistakes!!!

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Hello!!! Well I do not know if I can participate in this cointest!


The inscription for the first version, was "this cache is not worth a s..."


Is that what you wanted or shall I try latter?

*** Sorry for my spelling mistakes!!!


yes, GATOULIS, you are most welcome to participate. :(

the ORIGINAL graffiti on the back was: "This kash ain't worth a ..." ... and I was thinking "Kr@&"

just for anyone interested. <_<


NEW RULE: anyone is allowed as many misspellingz as they want.

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Oh, Thank you!!!

Hmmm...Do you really want something unique in these coins?


I will post some to choose!


My English is not the best, but the spelling in the coin is... :(


Second is that the door, even if it has 2 different door holders (one up & one down), it actually will not close correct becauce it seems smaller that the door oppening!


Third: No (Jesus! I do not know the word!!) The water can that is above the toilet so when you finish you can drop water to clean it...


About this prize coin:


1) It is for sure a shiny and clean toilet!! This is unique for a country toilet!!!

2) The moon is something like a window! When it glows it is like someone is inside or someone left the electricity open! With black moon....the toilet do not have electricity or someone stole / broke the lamp!!! <_<

Just kiding!!! I have no idea is these have electric lamps

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It is probably the only toilet with fire place!!! There is a chimney...for what??? :(

So it is unigue bacause it has heating....even if iti s dangerous to have a fire place in a wooden toilet full of methane!!! <_<


Oh! And the sign it has saying "Track on geocaching.com" is actually an "out of order" sign!!! The Cache is full, and needs maintence!!! :unsure:


Now, itis unighe because of the mintage and because nobody have it exept you! If there are only 5, the winner will have 1 and you 4 so...it is the only one in others hands!

Also, it may be the artistic one but...the version 1!!!!! So unigue!!!!

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hahaha As you understood, we do not have these things here in Greece....I think! :(


Well, I had to try!


When you were out to find your first cache, this was close ot it, or this saved your pants! <_< Kiding!!!!


Of course, it maybe a memory of your childhood, when you were playing in the fields! Most probably there toilets are not so popular anymore, and you wanted to make something so they will never be forgoten!

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It is the only coin that shows a cache, even if it is a.....


Ok, but to reality!


I will just guess! There was a mistake that covered real good, in the "Track on geocaching.com" The "t" was actually an "f", or the "k" was actually an "R"


I know I sound stupid!!!

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The door, had to be thinner! In the midle of the door, where the toilet is, they had to stop the line of the door, so the toilet design will not be ruined!!! By that way, the door is open and the door is out, but actually with this mistake it seems that the door is in!!! So the door has a mistake in the holders!


Just a guess!!! :(

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