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  1. Was just about to post this. Usually don't watch this but it started with an ammo box and a bomb disposal unit..and it just screamed CACHE!! Sad, but true.
  2. Ok, no takers then. Does anyone have a red one that wants something else? If not, I guess I can always paint my Jeep
  3. I am looking to do an even trade on a red THX4TC Jeep coin for a green one. I have a red Jeep Wrangler and I want to use its tracking number for it and hang the red coin on it for discovery as well. Any takers??
  4. No, I won't do that even if I perhaps at some point should. I hate rocking the boat, and I'd be more likely just to move mine. Many would go the same route just to keep from making waves, but there is nothing wrong with just logging a Needs Maintenance if it has that many DNFs. If the owner is around he will either fix it or archive it, if not the reviewer will archive it in time. As for how to check distance, load the surrounding caches into your gps before going out. When at the desired cache placement use the find option to go to the nearest cache, the gps will give distance to that cache. Be sure to give yourself about a 20-30' "or more" buffer for the error margin.
  5. Just leave yours in place and have the reviewer "hold" it until the other gets fixed (at which point you move yours) or gets archived.
  6. Sooo, you have a list of those CDs? Seriously though, I have people turn into my driveway all the time, and even had some pull in and start working on their car. It irritates me sometimes because of the frequency but I don't consider it so bad that I want to have people issued citations for it (legal or not). I think it has been concluded that the boots and towing were legal and well within their rights, but I also believe that it could of been handled much better than it was. Though the property is private perse, KFC should consider making those signs more easily seen. Though I am sure they don't target their patrons, I bet they get caught in that web as well and if so they probably will not be returning anytime soon.
  7. While KFC and the towing company were well within their LEGAL rights, they sure didn't do much for customer relations. If I were an event planner (I was/am in logistics for the Army) I would take these types of incidents into consideration next time I am looking for a site to host my event. As I can't control the actions or behavior of everyone, I minimize the risks by avoiding any and all foreseen problems the best I can. I am sure that now that this incident has come to light (I was there too) many will have second thoughts about stopping there to eat prior to going into any future event "just in case", and that probably includes some of you that support the action taken. I can't even begin to count the amount of times I have finished patronizing an establishment and have left my vehicle parked so I can get that nearby cache, or just stopped to chat with others for well over the few minutes it took to get booted. As they say "There but for the grace of (insert deity here) go I" I am not saying that they should not exercise their rights, but it sure seems that it was much more a money making scheme than a way to prevent it from happening in the first place. If you want to prevent it, you make sure the signs are large and clearly visible at all times even in the dark. And I think the Clarion should make this known to event planners so the word can be disseminated.
  8. Wow, not a cache in space but he did leave a TB at the Space Station. And he placed another in an extreme cache he also placed on the sea floor. Will have to keep an eye on these to see if they get found/recovered.
  9. If its anything like rite in the Rain it will run with inkjet printing. You have to use laser to keep it from running, that's why roller pens and pencils are best for the rite in the rain. Not sure about NGAP since I seen above someone mention pencils are not good for it but I bet the inkjet part is the same. Edit: Ok, I seen above (or in the link) how its not recommended for laser, that gets me wondering how inkjet can stay on it without running..hmmm. I guess if you already have it, it can't hurt to try it.
  10. Yes, it keeps track of your found caches. Then you filter for only the caches you want to send to the GPS. I have all the caches in a 50 mile radius (unfound) and every cache that I have found with corrected coordinates for multis and such as well as the ones I have placed. It's all about the filters I think.
  11. Yes, it can be used on practically any Garmin unit that can connect to a pc. I used to have it on mine before getting a tom-tom. Now I have the Garmin topo with the free ibycus maps for the roads overlayed on top.
  12. Congrats on finding this hobby, I suggest you head over to MAGC and PM me or one of our other members. I am sure one of our deployed members can help you get a cache while in country. No need to wait to get your first one, and I would hate to have you miss the opportunity to get another country knocked out (I know you don't want to return to get one ). OT: Yes this is a great father-son activity, as well as taking him out fishing, hunting and maybe see what his sport interest is. What ever you choose, remember its not the activity, its the company you keep.
  13. I would go with google maps. If you switch to satellite view you can see that there are houses in what appears to be a park in the PDF. Most likely the pdf map is outdated, pictures (Sats) don't lie. I say if you can drive in, drive in and save the hiking for the caches above. v/r O-Mega
  14. My bet would be that the six month permit has been up for quite a while, and each manger can issue a permit even in a Tennessee Natural Area, this policy has been in effect for three years Max Cacher Oh, I wish it was that simple. I called this morning and It seems that the land manager has decided to not allow any physical caches there at Dunbar Cave State Park (the Earthcache can stay). He has been advised by his people that the nature areas are being overused, he actually told me that too many people were visiting there. While he stated that he had nothing against geocaching per se, he said that it contributed to "pig trails" and it was detrimental to the area. Although there is an official trail to the cache, it was under a small wooden bridge and though you could reach it from above, it is more natural to go down into the runoff that runs under it. I am not sure I can convince him otherwise, but I will try and get a face to face with him and his people to see if there can be any compromise.
  15. Today I got this message: --------------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION: Dunbar Cave State Natural Area staff has removed this Geo-Cache (Billy Goat Gruff) per park regulations, which now state that Geocache's are not allowed in TN State Natural Areas. Please remove any other Geocache's from Dunbar Cave State Natural Area as soon as possible. Any further questions should be directed to the Park office (931) 648-5526. --------------------------------------------------------- Billy Goat's Gruff I promptly placed the cache in question on hold but since they are now closed I could not call to get more info (I will in the morning), but I was wondering if anyone else has had their caches likewise removed or put on notice. It would of been nice if someone would of put out that such regulations were forthcoming so we could at least state our case to them. O-Mega
  16. I know in the past the forums were hosted on different servers, it may just need time to migrate the settings over. Edit to add: I just noticed this from the link in the "My Controls" page; "Important! If you make any changes to your profile and they do not update in the forums, click on the "Register" link on the forums page and it will send you to a page to update those settings."
  17. Take a look at this link: "Customizing the 60CSX" that and GSAK can do all you ask and more.
  18. Hmmm, do you think the government will bailout the Jeep TB's? They seem to be bailing out every other industry so why not the Jeep TBs Seriously though, how about a homegrown Jeep TB bail out? Lets get a group of geocachers together to release a bunch of Jeeps and create a list to follow their travels.
  19. If its the engraved number on the tag, and it's on the cache page you can ask the cacher to edit his log or if that is unsuccessful, ask the cache owner to delete the log. If its on the Bugs page, again ask the cacher to edit or delete the log yourself (assuming its your bug).
  20. I would give it a couple of days before trying again to see if someone just hasn't "dropped" it in yet. But, you can search by the engraved number on the tag if its a GC number. Be sure you get the O/0, 8/B, I/1's correct when you type them in. Also be sure it is a GC travel bug, there are a couple of other tracking sites out there. You may also consider that it may be an unactivated traveler, placed either in error or as swag.
  21. It is probably listed on a letterbox site, not GC. It should be fine where it is.
  22. Here is the code I use, just replace the url for yours inside the ""s: <IMG src="http://www.world66.com/myworld66/visitedStates/statemap?visited=TNKYILMOKSCONCORFLAL">
  23. What he said is probably true, but you can get it cheaper at Hobby Lobby or other arts and crafts stores.
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