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Can you turn down logging FTF?


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Tomorrow my sister-in-law Laurinque is coming over to do some of my caches. One may published just before we go out. Clearly it is not really on finding a FTF when the setter is present and also some people may think I timed the publication to coincide with the visit (this is not true btw- there was an unforeseen delay in its publication). However we do want to do this cache so was wondering if it was possible to do it but not claim a FTF on it, leaving it open for the next cacher?

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Surely if you find it first you are FTF, whether you put that in your log or not.

Any subsequent finders would see that it had already been found so wouldn't be FTF.........???


There's nothing official about FTF - Grounspeak doesn't recognise it as a log type. so any FTF's you claim (or not) are purely for your own records anyway........

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Why on earth not?? We're in this for fun remember. We once told a friend where we were laying a cache so they could get san FTF. See nothing wrong in that at all.... no worse than people ringing around to get clues as to where caches are hidden (but something we don't subscribe to).

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Yeah - let them claim it. I was with Tynymynydd when they set a cache. On top of a mountain, Mynydd Bach, and for those who know their Welsh, it didn't feel like a Small Mountain! :rolleyes: I asked if I could claim the FTF, which I was. I was there, and the all important log book was there to sign. :ph34r: I feel it was a legitimate FTF and I think you should allow your sister-in-law claim theirs.

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I expect this question is academic because it's likely that someone else will beat your sister to the FTF, but if you're talking about being 'fair', then so long as you don't show her where the cache is, then she'll have found it without help and deserves to claim a FTF for it.

I agree with this to an extent, although most of the thing with a FTF is getting organised to move quickly when a cache is published. The visit had been planned for a week or so for today, although the caches were meant to come out on Monday (there was a delay in trying to get permission for one). In the end a second-to-find was logged, which was pleasing as the tricky situation didn't materialise

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I hate when i see a log book and the first log says:


FTF!!!!!!!! FTF!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!


Yay, you get a knuckle sandwich. :P I just dont see the point in even mentioning it, in the log or otherwise.

As far as the "otherwise" goes, I put "FTF" in my online logs so I can search for them for statistical purposes using "cachestats" so there is a point to doing that, though. Knuckle sandwich parried, methinks :D

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