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  1. there is only one thing you need to note "There are no rules" you can put as much or nothing as each of us like too.. thanks {content removed by mod} .
  2. I had a new cache published and a local got FTF all is well, the next finder smashed the caches to sign the log and then complained to the geocaching.com as I had deleted there find log. they did not find the cache in the way it was intended to be found but smashed it just to sign the log and then complain to me that it was too hard to get out. the cache is here if you want to see who smashed it as I am not allowed to delete there log so you can see who done it... http://coord.info/GC2EWG0
  3. I think you are looking for a vial you will find them on e bay hope that helps...
  4. Just got one of these Chirp thinges and it took two hours to get the info I wanted to put in it, In it. so May be someone can right a program to access them quicker, and them may be we all get them. I wanted to put a Travel bug number in it to be logged by all who may find, it but alas only the chosen few...! it may take off, 7/10
  5. . We found this one about six weeks after http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b1-37722f02e67e
  6. Dose it matter drop it on the last day after all it moving and that what counts. TTFN Dee
  7. We have one cacher here all he puts is "Found it" is that enough I think so more would be nice but why???
  8. Have you been out and taken the cache away or is just missing and not been and check on as we had one that no one could find and it got arcived but it was still in place and no one wanted to keep an eye on it???
  9. It would also help speed things up if all reviewers worked form the same book of guidelines. as some want this and others don't so I stopped adding caches now as the rules are never the same for all.. good hunting
  10. I have a MIO 350 very good But a bit slow it about 30 sections bhind me!!!
  11. Covering up after you have found!! I have been to 7 or 8 cachers this week, 2 new ones (well covered as the owner wanted) and the others old some very old. But have found 4 in open view now come on if we dont want them to go missing Please Cover them up after you have found them. thats not too much to ask..... Thanks Dee
  12. I up loaded the photos to be looked at by the U.K. team on one of my archived caches and was told it was being looked in too. But I was asked to remove them and did so but please have a look; GC****:. Just to clarify one point, the bird box as I hope all such which are used to hide a cache. Is a false one with no access hole of any sort for birds [rodents and woodlice are a different matter]. So there is no risk of any bird nesting on top of the container. If anyone comes across any hide which they feel is inappropriate, please post a SBA log to it. Which will bring it to the attention of the Reviewers, who will review each case on it's merits. Please provide as much information as possible, and not just something like "container is in a bird box". Describe the container and location if possible with photographs and the reason why it is inappropriate. If you do not wish to post a public SBA log please contact one of us directly with the above requested information. Edit: Cache number removed by Lactodorum to prevent disclosure of confidential information
  13. You have still got to get too close to the bird box to see even if it's fake!!
  14. Should a bird box be used as a place to hide a cache in a Country Park that has protected areas for nestting birds and bird boxes in its trees ? ?
  15. I second that it a game and how you want to play is up to you, so let her have the FTF. To be honest do what you want to; it's your cache, there is nothing in the 'rules' about set conduct. If you have taken the trouble to set a cache it is your choice, if anyone takes issue they can choose not to search for it if they wish.
  16. name/ date/ weather/ took/ left/ bug/ coin/ These are a must but stickers ok Calling card NO WAY tate up space and litter the cache up to be blowe away when opened,,,
  17. Hi Team skully, I done the cache, and Thanks for not telling me more. When I first arrived I done the First part with the workers in there van out side the ?? and thay did not see any thing, as I spock to them latter, on to part two found it as I walked up to it. The last part had a covering of leaves but I found (4) roses and yours latter, when I left I cleared a ring and put 4 on it so it did not stand out. I would like to thank you again and look forward to your next one D
  18. It's sad to see so much litter in the outdoors I have always removed Litter form around Cache sites when out and about. I also dont like the ider of calling cards as these do litter and are not needed as a LOG BOOK should be in every box and that is the only thing that must be ther so why do we need calling cards at all.. Kiss kiss
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