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I personally like power trails along State bike Trails. That Way I bike the whole thing and then cache my way back. Its not to run up numbers. The frequent stops make the hardest half much easier. I also like micros magneted to to the outside of light poles. That way I dont have to lift up the skirt. If it gets muggled, thats ok. hahaha. Anywho.

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I personally dis-like power trails along State bike Trails. :grin::)

just kidding....


I love the clever caches that cause me to gasp with surprise.

That's not the scary surprise, but the 'Clever' surprise.

The ones that make me say "Wow, I never knew this place was here....awesome".


I also love the Urban caches hidden right in plain sight.... not to give any away, but here's a few....

A doorbell in a very busy doorway, a blank power plate, a reflector boxdot in the street, or even a remotely controlled cache (press a button and find where the bell is at).


You can try one of every type and see which ones get you the HappY Logs....then hide more of those.


We have areas where kids hike, so we hide ammo cans with lots of toys....and fake animals.

We have a shopping mall where dads get bored, so we hide many lampost skirt hides.

We have a park where a 5 stage multi worked best.


Good luck and have fun ! B)

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I love a cache that takes to a place that i may not have seen otherwise. My 8 year old son hit it on the head the otherday. I was bemoaning the fact that we were logging our third DNF of the day and he said, "But Dad, I doesn't really matter if we get to keep seeing new places." A cache that draws that reaction is best in my book.

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I've been pumpin out ideas for caches lately and was wondering

what makes the best cache.

not necessarily the hardest

just the ones you have the most fun finding

opinions all accepted.


Time and chance happen to all caches. If I have one of those days that just happens...the worst cache in the world will be the best.


Mostly it's really not any one cache or any one thing about any one cache. It's the day around it for me. Some days are better caching days than others. Sometimes it's not the cache it's that a Crane was perfectly sillouheted against the sun, or that a flock of a thousand geese were just taking off from the water or two fawns.


Sometimes it is the cache as I find a brilliant hide that had eluded me or I come upon a scene that the cache location frames perfectly and whch I would have missed without it. These don't have to be scenic. A hidden homless camp inspires as much wonder from me as a hidden spring.


The capacity to enjoy a cache is actully only limited by your own ability to enjoy the world and people around you. In other words, you get out of this what you bring to it.

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All I can ask is that you lead me to a location. Any location that is scenic, historic, out-of the way, little known, colorful, with a story attached to it, a place of fond memories or special to you. Tell me why I am there.


The cache is a bonus.


Ooh. Ooh! I need you to talk to my quality control department! Usually, we put out caches in pretty places. :grin: But... There was an historical problem that perplexed me for quite a while. How did that canal get up that hill? Lock? Inclined plane? I finally found the answer. I went around the hill! And, so, I have found (what I think) is an interesting, but little known section of the canal. You should have seen my eyes light up, when I saw the towpath! But it isn't pretty. Swampy area, behind some houses, with a bit of garbage. QC put two paws down on it because it is a rather ugly area. But I think that it's historically significant, and interesting. So, talk to my QC department. Please.

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Echo the comments about favorites being those that lead me to a fun location that I probably would never have found otherwise.


This cache container however is my favorite find so far. It is artificial but looks exactly like the real thing - except for being out of place in the scrub lands in a Florida marsh near the ocean.



<img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2123/2186060110_66a4849ce1.jpg">


Clearly I do not know how to post images at this site.


Thanks to sbell111 I figured out the very simple icon to use to post an image - thanks:





<img src=" 77259277_294afd05b1.jpg?v=0 /></a>


<a href=" Merry christmas src="http://static.flickr.com/38/77259277_294afd05b1.jpg" width="360" height="231" alt="Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" /></a>


The link part below seems to work to take you to the linked image


<img src=' http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2340/218606...d8b749ba5_b.jpg ' border='0' alt='user posted image' />



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I like caches that are in areas that I would like to visit even if there was no cache there.

Ditto, and to add that I love a creative container or excellent camo.

Same here. My general rule is to hide a cache where a DNF would still be enjoyable. Take me somewhere interesting! :) The exception to that rule is awesome camo or a fun puzzle. :D
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