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  1. I found a bison tube lodged in a small block of wood on the back of a wooden sign next to a river. I had trouble getting the cache out of the block, so I smacked it against my hand. The cache flew out and into the river. I wasn't totally sure of what to do. I notified the CO and he just laughed.
  2. I would be interested in having an owner D/T rating and a finder D/T rating on each cache page. When I post a found it log, it would be nice to list what I thought the D/T should be. Then it could average that over many finders and potentially give a more accurate measure of the actual D/T based on many cachers rather than just the owner. I know this might not bode well for the Grid Fillers, but I like seeking out high terrain caches and am often disappointed when I find an overrated cache. I feel like I didn't "earn" the stars. Similarly, caches that are underrated I feel like I "earned" more stars than I got. Of course they are just numbers, but I use these numbers to help guide my caching experiences.
  3. I would just log it as a find on the cache page like you normally would. Its the owners fault for not picking up the container. If the owner thought it was missing, then your find log would tell them that it is indeed there. My dad found a cache like that once. He had old coordinates in his GPSr, found the cache, but couldn't find it online. He eventually tracked it down and saw that it was not only archived, but DNFed by some very good cachers in the area. There is another cacher who enjoys going to find archived caches. There was one that he found that was archived for 2 years, but the container was actually still there. Not sure how he knows if there is a reasonable chance of them still being there, but nonetheless, log the smiley
  4. I am not missing an eye, but I do know a cacher that is: Oneied Cooky He has thousands of finds, so I don't think he has many issues. He has glasses with camo duct tape over the missing eye!
  5. Bragging rights. Isn't a smiley enough of a prize?
  6. 1. School property is generally owned by the school district, so it isn't city property that is for free use by its citizens. Schools are a place for children, parks are a place for all. 2. You don't need to look for or find every cache. Maybe look early morning before anyone is there. 3. You may look suspicious looking for it, but the cacher who brings their kid to the park would. It would provide a cache that a parent could find without loosing sight of their child playing. Also, I work at a day care and the kids love to look for caches with me. 4. Anyone snooping anywhere is suspicious. Historic cemeteries at 10pm on Friday the 13th (2 cops in one night), a couple walking into the woods for a cache and exiting to find 3 squad cars around mine, I've had my share, and I am a fairly innocent looking college student.
  7. I've read through this, but after restarting my unit several times, I still can't get it to work. When I reconnect my receiver to my computer, I get a message that says "There might be a problem with some files on this device or disc. This can happen if you remove the device or disc before all files have been written to it." followed by an option to "Scan and Fix" This only happens after I've saved the startup.txt file
  8. How do I go about adding the customizable text to the startup screen? I found the notepad file, but I'm not sure what it should look like formatting wise. Screenshots of what people have done would be nice. Also, is there a purpose to the Man Overboard aplication?
  9. I feel like its been done before Find Me Abomination
  10. This issue has returned for me
  11. He made her cache in the rain!?!?!?!?!? (I've done that to my girl too ) I had a cache muggle early once. Placed in the morning, published in the afternoon, DNFed in the evening. I checked the next day and it was indeed gone. Inside was a newly released Geocoin that I had gotten after a FTF on a 4.5/5 cache I had recently gotten.
  12. These are the PQ results for unfound caches within 100 miles of school. I can't even figure out how they are sorted:
  13. I would agree to an extent. There seem to be a lot more scouts getting their Eagle at the age of 15. I personally think that a Eagle Scout should be at least 16 if not older. I made emergency packs for every classroom in a local school. I wouldn't call it an extremely difficult project, but it was a lot of work putting them all together. To top it off, they have been used on 2 separate occasions already. But back to the question, I don't think a CITO event would be a very good project. Similar to what others have said, you could host a seminar at a grade school, church, community center, etc and teach about GPS, geocaching, orienteering, etc. Maybe ending with a cache hunt you set up for kids and even whole families.
  14. I have called the owner of a few caches while I was looking for them because I feared that it may be gone or have bad coordinates based on where my GZ is. I have also called my dad to double check coordinates, hints, sizes, etc. that I may have forgotten to take with. I did called a previous finder on a terrain 4 cache once to make sure I didn't do anything too stupid in retrival (it was near a very steep gourge/cliff).
  15. Wow, these make me feel a lot better (Seriously). Most of my caches are puzzles, but I have placed a few traditionals in some pretty neat places and, was surprised that more people went for them (though I should have expected it). Maybe I should give an example of one of mine. I placed a puzzle that I wanted to be tougher. But it wasn't tough in that sense that it was a creative method of disguising coordinates, but rather the method was tedious. You first had to decrypt a string of letters. Then with the decryted string, break them into pairs to get state abbreviations. From there you just use clues on the page to get the coords. I talked to a few of the infamous puzzlers from the area (they are very hardcore about difficult puzzles) to discuss it and they agreed that it was a little to out there. So I reworked the puzzle to just have a map of the necessary states. It still stumps people, but it isnt quite as obscure.
  16. I have a few puzzle caches that I have published where it seems like a great idea on paper, but once it is live, it seems rediculous and unappealing. To many twists or ideas that just don't work long term that force me change the puzzle around. Has anyone ever had one of their own puzzles backfire on them?
  17. There is a cacher in Minnesota, pfalstad, who has logged, as of this post, 1012 unkown/mystery/puzzle caches out of 2720 total finds. This guy is so good at puzzles that cachers are actually trying to place puzzles with the intent of stumping him. I was wondering if anyone knew of any other cachers with a rediculously high puzzle find count.
  18. I got a Garmin etrex Legend for 80 bucks including mapsource and such. I've had it over a year and it turns out I find caches just like those with $400 units. The unit I have is falling apart, so I plan on upgrading soon to the exact same GPSr that is just in better shape.
  19. Mine seems to be working now too. Thanks to whoever was working to fix this.
  20. One thing is for sure...There really can't be any dispute as to whether or not you found it if your genetic code is soaked into the log. Sure It would take some very expensive tests for an owner to verify actual finders...
  21. Though reviewers have lives outside of caching (or so I hear), they can sometimes process such a request. You yourself can also send it in at a time such that it would get posted that time anyways. Your best bet is to contact your reviewer and see what can be worked out.
  22. This is by no means a new facet of caching. If you go to the right place (which is almost everywhere) you will find a lot of boating caches. You are of course not responsible for the safety (or possible lack of) of others. You dont make anyone go after any caches. There is another thread that deals with caching and boating as well. Note: This also doesn't seem like the right forum Edit added note
  23. I use Vista, and even though it has its issues, I will still take it over any thing with an Apple on it anytime. I have had very little problems running GSAK and other caching programs on it
  24. I would personally like to see all three caches combined into a multicache. With a difficult hide and maybe a puzzle, this could be a true 5/5 (something that seems much more common than it really is)
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