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I've mentioned before on this forum about trying not to look too suspicious when looking for urban caches.....usually micros.


There are a couple of caches near us that we DNF'd because we just looked too suspicious hunting for these micros with hundreds of muggles passing. So what I do now is either take an SLR camera and pretend to take pictures OR I use a clip board so it looks like I'm inspecting something but I still attract some strange looks!


I was inspired by a log on one of my caches written by bones1. The cache that bones1 logged was placed near a roundabout in the summer and concealed by trees but now it's Winter the leaves have gone and anyone hunting for the cache would look really suspicious. Anyway, bones1 logged that he wore a Hi Visibility jacket so it looked like he was a council worker..............I thought that was a brilliant idea, who takes any notice of people in HiVi jackets mooching about. :D


I'll wear a HiVi when I go back for the 2 DNF's. Obviously wearing one in the middle of a forest would look a little odd! :D


Anyone else got any 'How to not look suspicious tips'?

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Something that people still don't believe me when I tell them is that criminals have been using Hi Vis jackets for years. One of the best places that they use them is in car parks, even when they break car windows, people just have a glance and keep on walking. It's only if the actual owner* sees them that they get caught.


*Security are now fairly clued up to, they generally shouldn't ignore someone just because they are wearing Hi Vis!


I like the Hi Vis vest with the GC logo, do you know if you can get them anywhere?

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