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How many active cachers are there in the UK?

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Anyone got any idea approximately how many active cachers there are in the UK at the moment? I'm writing a newspaper article and thought it might be interesting to include the figure. I believe it used to be on the Geocaching:UK site but that is still down (I realise that it also included cachers from abroad who had cached in this country).

No idea!


I think the easiest <_< way to find out is to ask whoever admins the web site to do a count on unique UK members who have logged on (last visit) in the past 12, 6, 3 and 1 months then work out the average and you should be somewhere near.


I'm not sure if GSAK can help I don't know enough about it.........I've only just started using it.



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Don't forget those 5000 are 5000 cachers AND caching teams. With lots of couples and families playing, the real number is probably closer to 8000 individuals.


But a lot of them aren't particularly active... they just amble along at a snails pace, do drive by caches and "don't do hills"... eh, Mandy <_<

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