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Where to buy Lock-n-Lock containers?

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I doubt you'll find real Lock-n-Locks at a dollar store, and I wouldn't trust knock-offs to be waterproof.


I'm going to have to agree with you here. If it's in the Dollar Store, it's not Lock & Lock. The names are proprietary and trademarked. It's a little annoying ot lookfor Tupperware, only to find that it's a Chinese food container, or disposable Glad-Ware. Lock & Locks, and Tupperware make good containers. Fold&Lock and Glad-Ware are terrible containers.

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Both Target, and Walmart for me. Ironic, If you have Ocean State Job-Lot (a fairly big excess inventory reseller type store) they have a knock-off on sale (8 X 6 X 2), same silicone seal, (green instead of blue), the side tabs a re a little different. (no holes through.)


The local Walmart has actually been running low on Lock-N-Lock's. I was lucky, to find a 6 X 6 X 2 sandwich box for my last cache. (Dam! Missed Again! Another Dam Cache (GC151D4)).


Mine have been getting a little comment on the unique camouflage.. Nothing like a little Rustolium Stone-Touch paint to make the sucker look heavier, and more native to the surroundings.


Stephen (gelfling6)

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I have found real Lock-n-Locks at the "99cents Only" stores in SoCalif. This is a large chain of stores. Mostly, they have ClicknSeal. It is a similar quality container, with a good seal. I have tested them, and have one in the field as a cache container doing very well. A good value at 2 for 0.99.

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I get mine from Target. I recently went on a trip to the Texas Hill Country and found a lot of nice containers that survived being submerged in floodwaters. A majority of these containers were the Lock-n-Lock type (the others were bison tubes) In my area I've been finding a lot of wet logs lately and those caches haven't seen nearly as much rain as the ones I found down South. If everybody used nice, watertight containers we would be much better off.

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I mentioned in our local forum that I've seen HUGE Lock-n-Lock containers at an Asian Market in Champaign, Illinois. These were every bit as big as an ammo can and some even bigger. I've never seen them that large at Wal-mart or anywhere else.


I can't promise that every market like this one would have them, but you might want to give it a shot.


Just make sure they don't smell like Kimchi! :huh:

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Just make sure they don't smell like Kimchi! :)


LOL! Thank you, for stopping me from making a cache from the 5-gallon pails

our garage mechanic gets for the buses... He gets them through his wife, who

works for a school program, and they discard the pails which used to have

Dill Pickles in them. :) But, they don't always clean them.. :D

and the new buses go from the new car smell, to DELI. :D:):D


Stephen (gelfling6)


(Just bought a 16-cup Lock-N-Lock from walmart, (the big baby!) painting it blue, and

turning it into a TARDIS, for a new concept cache. "Doctor Who" )

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