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  1. I ended up buying it. I went out and found a few. It brought me within two feet of the first find. It works great! It does all that I need without the premium membership.
  2. I just got an iPhone and I am thinking of built the geocaching app. If I do do I need to be a premium member or can I do just about everything from the app? For the people that use the app, how do you like it?
  3. This has to be the best thread, as side from the CCC thread. Awesome pics!
  4. Boy maybe I should have read up before updating a few days ago.
  5. How many caches can I load into the 60 CSX? I have a 2 gig card with the entire US loaded from the City Nav. DVD. I know a PQ has upto 500.
  6. I have been using teleflip.com for about 9 months and it works great
  7. I went to walmart and asked them for a bunch of film container. They gave me a big bag full for FREE.
  8. I have the 60csx, so I a can't speak for the other. When I go past a turn and it has to recalculate, it is only a matter of 1 or 2 seconds before it updates.
  9. I will be going to the Riviera Maya in October. I was wondering how I can find some caches in the area? Is there a zip code I can type in? Some one please help me. Also I am debating whether or not to bring my GPSr because I don't want it lost or stolen. I have a Garmin 60CSX and love it, so I don't want to buy another because of the price. Any suggestions on whether or not to take it? thanks
  10. Does anyone cache with the Garmin Nuvi 350? How good does it work it you do? Do you take it in the bush?
  11. I want to place a cache in a cemetary because it is such a beautiful area in our town. But, I don't want to disrespect the people that are buried there. There are tons of trees and other places to hide. I am also afraid of the MN approver.
  12. I get my lock n lock boxes at Walmart. But lately I have been saving sevaral caches for a major hide. I have been getting move of them at the dollar store. I have one of them already hid and haven't had any problems.
  13. Bought a couple and velcroed them to my dash for a cheap dash mount. Then I bought a Ram Mount (it looks a little better)
  14. I agree, I have City Nav. and it works great. However, some newer streets aren't loaded. I live in a faily new area in town (about 2 years old) and my street isn't in it. But other than that I haven't had any problem with it. I would also recommend GSAK. It takes a little work to get used to, but stick with it and read some of the forums on GSAK and you might like it. It has grown on me.
  15. I think this is pretty bold of some one to do. Just today, I went back to a cache for the 4th time and still didn't find it. Frustrating? Yes, but I will go back.
  16. I use it this same way and haven't ever had any problems.
  17. It could be the above answer or check your backlighting.
  18. In addition to this, does anyone know where I could sent POI's to be added?
  19. You just go the the geocach icon after hitting the find button will have only the geocaches.
  20. I use the invisashield. it works great
  21. I have the Garmin 60 CSx. I live in a rambler house and I am able to lock on to the sats. In a think forest I am still able to keep a 16 ft accuracy, and normally have a 12 ft accuracy while driving and outside.
  22. I have the Garmin 60 CSx with a 2 gig card. I have the entire US City Nav. DVD saved onto the card and still a ton of room for caches. At one time I had over 1,000 caches saved in the GPSr.
  23. What I mean by "new ones" is caches that haven't been found yet. I would like to create a filter that will only have new caches (that haven't been found yet).
  24. Thanks for all the help. I tried this one but it still didn't work. Any other suggestions?
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