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test my avator


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OMG I just wandered into this sport and it looks great! And by conincidence both the first Cache report I read about and the last post on the first forum I accessed were by the same person,

EL Diablo.


And that person is only a few miles from me as the crow flies.........


Coincidences like these must have some reason that is "beyond the ken of normal men" (pardon me Shakespear). Will we become fast allies or arch nemesi? In either case, good luck to you and your Evil Horde.


I plan to put out a couple of caches for you and seek a couple you have planted.


Pardon me for being slightly off topic on this thread but it just fit too dadgum well.


Now, how duz ya turn dis thingee on and what is uh Avitar and how much was tea in China yesterday.....


"For the captain had quitted the long drawn strife

And in far Simoree had taken a wife." ( R. Kipling)

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