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  1. Since we are so pleased with our brass & silver Alaska Geocoins I'll let Mr. Walkietalkie know about the Gold Leaf version in the morning. As soon as he coughs up the money I'll let you know. Thanks for the heads up Daddy!
  2. Hey Daddy Mountain Goat ! Chena Dome Cache! I'm impressed! Great pics, too. Thanks for sharing. I love that. I'm so glad you've got your eye on GCC. The earliest I've hiked that trail is Memorial Day. The city maintains it part of the way but where that avanlanche drop off is theres nothing you really can do as its wiped out every year. There are alder tree roots that make great repelling ropes. Its a fun part of the hike. You could kayak out there if you are into that. Thats why I hid the cache a mile or so off the beach so even the boaters had to get out and walk. We checked the trailhead today and still snow/muddy.
  3. If no cacher finds my GCT cache this summer it will be 2 years w/o a FTF. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...02-a6746e33785e Right now I'm at the point that I checked it last fall while picking huge blueberries and its still there. Geocaching is catching on around here and I'm sure it will be found this summer. I won't hide another one til GCT is found. I've been kicking around a few places in the last couple of years...
  4. What do you want now? Money changes everything except for geocaching coins cash is in the mail and heres a thanks to you ,and your ladybugkids enthusiasm, for the love of geocaching!
  5. You don't go out hiding a cache somewhere that you don't know the terrain & all circumstances involved. I thought caches would be more thought than this. Maybe theres a reason why no caches were hidden there already. Go ahead call the cops on this guy. Do your civic duty if it makes you feel better. Takes all the fun out of geocaching when confronted by an irate property owner protecting his sewer pipe. Who would want to hide a cache where you either had to straddle a sewer pipe or walk up a creek with no paddle? I'm glad you got out okay and your daughters aren't traumitized the rest of their lives.
  6. Hey, I was Honorably Discharged pregnant. Got to pick the day. Did you tell your family yet Cav?
  7. Remember how geocaching was born. Before 2001? the military kept it off the mark for the masses. The satellites were put up in a joint effort with other countries. Oddly enough the US sub-contracts it s high-tech security out to a French conglomerant. Thales. The next thing is the HAARP project. GPS satellite navigation is passe' compared to low frenquency radio waves. They now know how to shoot electricity to the middle of nowhere. Along with communications in real time, let alone pinpointing a cache on the map. your right sax, this doesn't need to be discussed here.
  8. I was an Army brat when dad spent his first tour of VN. By his third I was serving in the AF. I know what getting orders are as a dependent and as active service. Being a daughter I never served in combat but as support. I remember when I got out they wanted me to sign up in the guard. My dad told me to be ready to go anywhere as after the Vietnam conflict they started building up the guard. Their reasoning was let the guard go first instead of the guard staying home within their local unit area. boy, did that come true. I'm a geocaching war veteran and a nice site your mom, dad, brothers & family might be interested in is a blog by a family in Mosul. http://iraqblogcount.blogspot.com/ Also with todays emails and such you can keeo in contact with them. A long ways from the Watts line I used to talk to my dad on. God speed soldier.
  9. Hi up there in Frbks, I was just up there a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, didn't have time to go geocaching. BUt, we did stumble upon a Catholic Thrift Store off of Wells St. across from the RR depot, back in that industrail area. They have Ammo cans fairly cheap. Check them out. Lots of good stuff there actually! Have fun with your new cache.
  10. I thought the sun rose in my eyes.... New comers to the game of gps's like me. Summers here to stay for a while. First time un-announced hiker/bikers found my cache and logged on thanks to the directions on the cache. I've hidden 3 in my area of importance. This is a significant find not only because I hid it, maybe they'll get hooked and after finding all mine they'll hide some gchs. The log http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...26-f402487c599e How cool is that?
  11. walkietalkie


    Alaskas' a big state. I'm on PWS. Where are you? Sounds like fun!
  12. I got a few lonely caches here with a thick blanket of snow on them hunkering down for the winter. One not found yet! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...02-a6746e33785e
  13. Its fun chatting about geocaching. Talking to folks that have the same interest whenever you want is cool. I drop into clayjars once in a while. I'm the one whose there when everyones sleeping and by the time they get up I know I've been up too late.
  14. Geocachers do it any where you can shake a stick at. I like that one "geocachers do it in the house then hide it in the woods somewhere". Crack me up! Missed you guys
  15. I don't have a quick reply but I'm the first one not to answer your query!
  16. I was going to say if you did 20 years in the AF you'd be 38, if you went in at 18. Course, that means a run for your money let alone caches. Have good times in your new found career. Be a geocaching veteran at their best.
  17. I wondered the same thing. I'd placed a cache and watching the finds I saw a traded item I would like. I let it go.
  18. I built a fake waterfall last fall. It was a fun project. I collected rocks and washed them off with a hose. Dried them naturally, then hot glued them to a deadspace cover of a downhill stairwell. Made it look like rocks stuck to a cascading waterfall. after that was all said and done i took different color oops paint blues and greens and poured them from the top at intervals. The effect worked good and I named the falls. I'll send you the coords and picture of "fake falls".
  19. Never ask a benchmark its age. Face to face Do you mean downright finding in chronicaligcol order is utterly impossible! I'd sue you if I was that insane.
  20. Get a PDR or go to your local Library and Get a Look if your that interested. Its amazing how many pills that are out there and even more amazing that some don't know where the flush goes. If you live near a big city chances are you have water treatment plants so its okay to flush them. Pee on the person that left them as a trade item in a geocache. ~Radio talks, GPSr's walk the talk.
  21. Wow Good question! The caches I've hidden here will become 10/10's on the Groundspeak scale here pretty soon. Average snowfall is 30 plus feet. I just put on the description un-accessible nov-late april. Snow puts a damper on things. And like you this will be my first winter after discovering geocaching. I think I'm heading for being an armchair geocaching voyeur this winter. Unless I can give geocaching a shot in the arm around here this winter. Certainly snow is both a hinderance and an advantage to both the hider and the finder. Snowmachiners, snowboarders, cross-country skiers, and snow shoe-ers need a common ground. And I think geocaching is the ticket. Comptenplating placeing winter caches in Dec and archive them come spring. To encourage outdoor winter enthusiates who carry gps'rs to come play a fun game. Then theres my other hair-brained idea of getting us geocachers on a group flight to the Hawaiian Isles with a stopover in LA and enough time to go down to the Bob Barker studios. If you go as a group in readymade (geo)t-shirts your guarenteed to get in. Chances are one of us will be called to come on down. I got "caching in the snow" in my head to the tune of "singing in the rain". Let the stormy clouds chase everyone from the place ~Radio talks, GPSr's walk the talk.
  22. And I got proof. The other day a friend was picking me up for work. About 20 minutes before she arrived I decided since I wasn't driving I would play around with my new Garmin Legend. I thought I'd do some tracking. I set my gps outside on a chair to lock in some sats. Then promptly forgot about it. The next day at lunch SO brings it in to me soaking wet! I wiped it off and set it down thinking how stupid I was but didn't have time to shed tears as it was time to head back to work again. Got home 10 hrs later in the pouring rain and switched the Legend on for old times sake. Worked! Took it out the next day benchmark hunting and when I found what I was looking for it said dead battery. Popped a couple double A's in the chamber and it was good to go! Lucked out! ~Radio talks, GPSr's walk the talk.
  23. I own a 69 thats been sitting in my back yard for years waiting for a garage to restore it in. My first was a 1971 red convertable. Drove that for 5 years and traded it for a 1971 camper bus that I drove up here in 1980. Sold it a couple years later at a weak moment when it had a blown engine and in need of a tranny. The friend who bought it for $500 put a new engine and tranny in it and drove it all the way to Costa Rica and back! Now I'm looking to buy it back after all these years! It will be great for summer geocaching. ~Radio talks, GPSr's walk the talk.
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