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GSAK Down?

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Sorry for the inconvenience.


I currently have a ticket open to try and find out why the account has been suspended.


I did change plans just recently (needed more disk space and bandwidth), so perhaps there was a mix up with the account.

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Crud :smile:


I just upgraded my account this morning, but didn't want to download until I was at home on my desktop.


Will you post here when you get everything straightened out? I'm dying to try out the upgrade!





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Uh oh! I thought it MY account that was suspended! I checked here, nothing. Sent an email to Clyde asking (begging?) him to reconsider. Thought I'd check here again and here's this thread. Oh well. Sorry Clyde, just ignore the whine

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Update: Closer, but it must be the night shift over there (it is day time here in Australia). Looks like I need someone with more juice to sort this out.


Hello there,


Thanks for contacting PolurNET Communications Support Services.


Looks like a mix-up in the billing, so I guess they'll have to work it out with an administrator. Don't worry - Anand, our admin, will update you on the status of this ticket. If there's been a misunderstanding, I sincerely apologize on behalf of PolurNET, and we'll be promptly fixing it for you ASAP.


If we could be of further assistance to you, please let us know, and we'll gladly help you! Take care.



Vasiliy Blagodarskiy

First-Level Sales and Support Department

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Well I hope this gets straigtend out soon. I have just bought a PDA to go paperless and I am looking forward to downloading GSAK and trying to use it for paperless.


As a temporary measure I have set up a skeleton of the GSAK main page, so you download the latest version here

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I have also set up a temporary board that you can use here

sweet - thanks Clyde - I was going to download the new version (still a v6 user) last night and couldn't get in :-(

I'd have thought from that email that they would have fixed the problem by now though. Not a good advert for customer service for the hosting company!

thanks for YOUR support though.

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My userid does not work at the temporary forum site; do we need to set up "new" accounts until the everything is back to normal?



Yes, you have to setup a new account.. a simple proceduer but will keep spammers out!


And, this is only a temporary forum..

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