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  1. I suspect you have Kaspersky anti virus and a recent update is causing this. For more information see this link
  2. OK, then officially consider that I (GSAK) am lobbying for this change! - Thanks.
  3. Yes, this was on purpose. Although the new 600/650 models theoretically can hold millions of Geocaches the waypoint limit is still 2000. It doesn't take long to go over that limit when you send down a respectable number of Geocaches. By sending the additional waypoints as POIs, we get around the 2000 waypoint limit.
  4. That works, too, unless you always open GSAK in full-screen mode as I do. --Larry In that case, just drag the GPX file to the icon in your task bar (that will then show the GSAK screen and you can then drop)
  5. Just thought I would post here to report that corrected coordinates via the api seem to be still broken. I have reported the issue through the recommend channels (email to api help) but sadly I have not as yet (now over two weeks) had any response. I notice that Moun10bike has replied in this thread so I am hoping he (or someone at Groundspeak) will see this post and help clarify (I will also be making the same post in the api Developer forum) Firstly some background. When corrected coordinates were introduced and provided by the api, there were ambiguity issues (for more information see this discussion). About two months ago we noticed a change in the Schema for the SearchForGeocaches api call and a new element was now being returned by this call (for more information see this discussion): <a:IsCorrectedCoordinate>true</a:IsCorrectedCoordinate> This new element went a log way to clearing up the ambiguity issues and in effect made the corrected coordinates "useable" However, without notice, about two weeks ago this element suddenly disappeared and we no longer see it returned by the api call. For more information see this discussion Can this be fixed please?
  6. That forum is no help. That's why so many people ask here so often, out of frustration. It's fine to send them back there anyway. Really? I have found that the forums on Gsak.net are the most helpful of any forum I have ever visited. Within an hour at most my questions are answered and if something is broken within a day Clyde has a patch for it. All the GSAK posts around here demonstrate I'm right. But you have never made a post asking for help on the GSAK forum (I just did a search and couldn't find any posts by you), so I am baffled as to how you come to such a conclusion.
  7. Yea, there was a glitch with the dedicated server Should be back up and running now
  8. That seems like a very "glass is half empty" view to me. Personally, I think it is a great addition.
  9. I have also created as stand alone utility (does not require GSAK to be installed) that will strip out the BOM. For more information and download see this post
  10. Not true. If you Pay for a version 7 registration now, you will get a free upgrade to V8. For more information see this link
  11. Windows 7 (and Vista ) does not allow you to store application data in "c:\program files" Only static installation files can be stored in "c:\program files". All data that GSAK creates/updates must be outside of this folder. It appears that you have changed this default folder in GSAK (perhaps you restored some old settings from an XP machine that does allow this) so that you now have your application data in "c:\program files" The quickest fix would be to install GSAK again, but to a different folder. So instead of "c:\program files\gsak" try "c:\program files\gsak7" Installing to a different folder will set up the correct default locations for your [application data]
  12. Did they ever get around to telling you what their brain damage with the site was to begin with? I find it's very rare that they'll fess up to their own errors. No, I still have no idea what their problem was, and I didn't change anything on the site. Quite a few users also asked for the site to be reclassified so perhaps that was the catalyst that finally got them to change it.
  13. .... OK, looks like they have got it right now. The latest check now reports the site as safe.
  14. Ditto I (as the site owner) have also left feedback with them asking them to tell me specifically what files or pages are the problem. The main issue for GSAK users on this one is that it can prevent the showing of Google maps in the split screen. If you can't access google maps because of this then go into your settings and add http://gsak.net as a trusted web site. If you are using GSAK in a corporate environment (surely no one would play with GSAK on work time ) and are not authorized to override your security software then you can can configure GSAK to use a different server for Google maps. Go to "Tools=>Options=>HTML" and select http://gsak.info
  15. If you are running Windows 7 or Vista you can't just copy files in the [program files] folder (or sub folder within) as these operation systems have special "protection" and end up doing some trickery in the virtual file store. Form more information see this post
  16. One thing I will mention that I do find rather inconsistent - the container in the Loc file is just a number, where as the in the GPX file it is the more common text version. Other than trial and error I can't find a "legend" to map the number to the corresponding description.
  17. Just a short note for GSAK users. I plan to fully support the Explorist GC via GPS=>Send, "adding value" to the process. The latest GSAK build sees the start of this support. For more information please see this post
  18. Just a short note for GSAK users. I plan to fully support the Explorist GC via GPS=>Send, "adding value" to the process. The latest GSAK build sees the start of this support. For more information please see this post
  19. I have had discussions on using the API. Good news is that I haven't been officially refused as yet, but the Status Quo at the moment is "they will get back to me".
  20. Robertlipe did 95% of the work for this. I would suggest thanking him, even though (AFAIK) he doesn't see a cent of your money. It would be nice if you could research your facts before jumping in with such comments. The main contributor to the implementation of the delbin support in GPSBabel is actually "Paul Cornett". This being acknowledged in the GSAK forums here It is no secret that GSAK uses GPSBabel for much of it's GPSr communication. I am very thankful for the help provided by Robert Lipe as cheif babel head, and the GPSBabel logo features prominently on the home page of GSAK and also in the "Help=>About" screen of GSAK. I also put my money where my mouth is. I have long been a financial supporter of the GPSBabel project, making regular donations since GPSBabel was first included with GSAK (which can be confirmed by Robert Lipe if in doubt) which now amount to over thousands of dollars. In fact, I only just recently made an extra large donation in recognition of getting the Delorme GPSr support off the ground. Edit: added forum link
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