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  1. I found the same problem using Firefox 65.0(64 bit) on macOS Mojave; except it is now permanently broken for me. I tried doing a search for events and that worked nicely; then cleared that filter and wanted to see more caches as default, so I clicked Settings icon on the map, and selected 1000. That was the last I was able to do. Restarted the browser; that did not help. Now I see a white screen no matter what I do and the settings icon is not showing where I selected 1000 (so I cannot revert).
  2. It would be great if geocaching.com and the app provided a built-in checker for every puzzle cache. I would also like to see it integrated with the feature to where if you checker has the coordinates within 12 ft of the solution, that one could click a button to fill this in automatically into the corrected coordinates field
  3. I believe this has been the way it has worked for several years now. Most of the time the simplification works OK. When it does not, then you need to create the trajectory so that it has fewer nodes than its own simplification would generate. I forgot what that number of nodes is; certainly less than 100. You might try the following: go to the route at geocaching.com which does not have the key details that you need, save the route to a gpx file on your computer; open that up with Google Earth and edit the relevant detail in, but for each node you add, remove one that is not as necessary. Save that as kml and upload it to a new geocaching.com route. My experience with this approach is that you can get pretty close to what you want.
  4. Whatever change has been made to the logging system at the website leaves my unable to create a log to show that a cache needs maintenance or archiving. In case it matters, this is for a cache that I have found before so I know where it is and what it is supposed to look like. If that disqualifies me from reporting that then I would be curious as to why that would be the case. I did notice that there is a relatively new link for "reporting a problem" but selecting the choices there still does not result in a post of the type I wish to place.
  5. Please provide a way for us to customize our geocaching.com dashboard. I would suggest the following design: create a rectangular area similar to the way you designed/placed "Recently Viewed" and "Recent Activity", but call this new one "Favorite Actions". Provide a drop-down list of possible items to put there. The following are items I would like to be able to select from such a list: Show local map of geocaches near home Show most recently viewed map view Create a route for a route PQ Show PQ results which are ready for download Show my profile's "About" tab Go to my most recent viewed Forum thread Others would probably have other actions at geocaching.com that they would prefer streamlined. Please also include all the links that you have across the top of the classic dashboard (quick links) so we can chose which we would want to have us staring in the face when we get to the dashboard.
  6. Is there a particular reason why the icon is pointing is up when when the list is up, and shown pointing down when the list is already down? They are reversed from what I would expect since they are functional icons, they should indicate what you get when you click there. You do have the other down indicators set up correctly. Just these appear opposite of what you would want.
  7. Very nice feature. I like it a lot. Did you guys experiment with making the blue frowny transparent and let the actual icon sit behind it? The toggle could then either switch the position of these icons (front to back) or toggle the frowny on/off.
  8. Hi ChrisDen, when you created your avatar, you used some source material (my avatar) without realizing that it completely spells my geocaching name. It is there, hidden in plain sight (like so many geocaches). I am guessing you wanted a different one; perhaps the one I used as inspiration many years ago. (I did create mine from scratch). So maybe you should be zooming in like the rest of us, to see what you are missing? Hynr. PS. In case you think I am upset: I am not. I am flattered. You are welcome to use your avatar as you have it.
  9. I appreciate you asking what we use the page for because it seems to me you are either trying to make it into something other than a "dashboard" or you have lost sight of something very basic. I want to use it as my dashboard and have the old version linked in my favorite browser on the bookmark bar. I click this link, quickly scan the dashboard and then click through to where I want to go. Now all the links are missing that take me to the pages that I visit most frequently. I mean these: Efficiently in one or two lines. Please do NOT make it "prettier"; Your notion of pretty is opposite of my notion (and with all the complaints about you wasting our display space, I see many agree with me on this). I also frequently use the map icon that shows me my local area; I also sometimes scroll down a bit further to the link that sends me to the Build PQs page. That's it. All the other links are either never used by me or only very rarely (so I am OK with having them further down). So I would really appreciate the new page if it actually could be my dashboard and have all this links so I do not have to scroll to find them. I do note that there are links on the new page, but they are ones I do not use. If you are going to make me scroll for what I want then I will not be using this page as my dashboard. Can we agree that the links to the most used pages should be seen without scrolling? If so, go look at your web page analytics and it will tell you which URLs need to be in view without scrolling and which should be further down the page. I have simply defriended all the friends I had selected at this website as my friends, so I am now not seeing their logs cluttering up my display. I used to think the interpretation as to who my friends are was my interpretation to make, but since you obviously won’t respect that, I will not be using your friends feature at all except where my interpretation coincides with your definition. So if that is what you want then you have achieved it. You should expect that this will be how other users will react. As for viewing logs, on the old page I generally glanced at the list to see that I had not forgotten to log some recent cache finds, and to see if caches I had marked a needing maintenance had been been seen by the cache owner. I cannot think of ever having used it for any other purpose. Again, I want to use anything on the "dashboard" quickly and at a glance. I never expect to spend time there. If this is not the basic design criterion, then call this new page something else but leave the old page as a dashboard.
  10. What I am seeing is a new "Old Lists" page but not a page for new lists. I am looking at this page: https://www.geocaching.com/account/lists which does claim to be the new List page. I see no way to make a new list on this page.
  11. I would post this in the Release notes for Dec 5 2017 but that thread appears to be locked now. With that release the geocaching icons on the maps at geocaching.com changed to be similar or identical to the icons that were being used in the mobile phone app. I felt, at the time that while I did not particularly like or dislike the new icons, that on the whole the change was not particularly problematic for me. With many feature changes I find that sitting back and getting used to them just takes a little time. With regard to the geocaching icons, however, I am feeling more and more that the change made in the December release was counterproductive. Getting the icons to be the same on web pages and in the app certainly makes sense, but what should have been changed is that the icons in the app should have been changed to be similar to the icons that were used at the web site. The current icons relegate geocaches to the collection of obscure locations which others considers to be “of interest” (ie. POIs which do not interest me). The old geocaching map icons elevated geocaches to be things of interest, and the current ones seem to me to do the opposite.
  12. Hynr

    Map suggestions

    With a recent release of the website we saw changes in the map display. One thing that I would recommend to the developers would be to would be to add a slider control in the navigation pane, to give transparency control to the user over the entire icon layer. I know this is feasible because the map tiles and icons are not fused; so they are separate graphical entities over which there is transparency control. In my area the icons at many zoom levels completely cover the map so I cannot see the streets or other important map features. If I could adjust the transparency entire icon layer by moving a slider back and forth, then I would find that very useful.
  13. My own reaction to the change is that it is a very minor change for me. I feel that the new icons are “plainer” than what was there before. The previous icon images were distinctively Geocaching; the new icons look like generic POIs. Maybe the marketing folks can give some insight as to whether being less distinctive is good for the company. I personally don't think it matters much. Sometimes we hide geocaches in plain sight; and that is what I see with these icons. They do not stick out as well as they did before. But I don’t have a problem with that. For members giving up geocaching because they don’t like things hidden in plain sight, well, really?!?!
  14. I have the impression that some folks are not aware that there are two separate zoom control features. If you are having issues with icon size, then try this with the geocaching map displaying in your favorite browser: (First) move the mouse pointer into the map in a spot where there is no cache icon. Click to give the map focus. Now with the keyboard use Ctrl + (with macOS: Command +) and Ctrl – (Command -) to zoom in and out and note how the map zooms. (Second) Now move the mouse pointer to click anywhere in that large green block containing the white Geocaching logo and your geocaching name. Now with the map pointer over the green bar, try Ctrl + (with macOS: Command +) and Ctrl – (Command -) to zoom in and out and note that the entire browser window (not just the map frame) zooms as do all the graphical elements including the icons hovering over the map. This is not new; it worked this way with the old icons also and earlier browsers. (In case someone is not seeing this behavior, I verified this with Safari 10.0 and Firefox 50.1 under OS X 10.11.6, as well as with Firefox 45.6 and Internet Explorer 11.0 under Windows 8.1) I mention this because for some of the comments being made the observations are different depending on how the browser as a whole is zoomed in concert with various zoom levels of the map.
  15. This topic has been raised at various times since Virtuals were discontinued (as has been pointed out). But something has changed over the year. There will always be persons who will prefer one type of cache over another. (No change there). So there will always be some who have no interest in virtuals. I am in the category of those who prefer to see something interesting at a geocache location, and the majority of film canisters (Traditionals, Multis, etc) are not at such a location; some virtuals are also not particularly interesting, but the majority are. So if we are going to ban a type for not being interesting (or "wow") then shouldn't we ban LPCs or anything in a big-box store parking lot? But my preference would be not to ban anything that is not causing a problem for the clients. Diversity in geocaching is core to its survival and staying-power. So decreasing that is not good for geocaching; increasing diversity is. Virtuals were a problem for reviewers, not for the clients. It is a matter of lack of competence to create a set of criteria to follow. If it is still the feeling that one cannot create feasible guidelines, then we are stuck. It is however important to note that the clients as a whole do like virtuals even if some here proclaim that they don't. And the numbers are very big in favor of virtuals. One thing that has changed since Virtuals were discontinued is that we now have Favorite Points being registered by clients to indicate what they like. On my recent trip to GW14 in Denver nearly every virtual cache had more favorite points than any of the physical containers. Of all the virtual caches I have in my current database (includes the GW14 trip between California and Colorado) I have 207 virtuals with more than 10 favorite points out of 243 (85%). For Traditionals and multis, I have 1825 with more than 10 favorite points out of 31005 of those types of caches (6%). The clients have spoken! It is about as loud and clear as can be. How can this not be compelling to the organization?
  16. I am seeing the same problem. IE version 11.0.9600.18350 under Windows 8.1. Viewing pages hangs the browser for a long time until one finally sees a dialog where one can stop the script. Thanks, Kunarion, for the tip; that is helpful, but only when manually browsing to pages. It does not help when other apps (e.g. GSAK) use the Windows browser component to show the goecaching.com cache pages. These don't show the URL, and have no obvious way to exit the script. Even right- or left-clicking on the page does nothing. Cannot even pull the scroll bar at those times. Work-around there (for some things) is to not use geocaching.com or plan to wait a long time at each cache page. Viewing pages with Firefox 42.2.0 works OK.
  17. It seems to me that the thread is about exif information embedded in photos on logs of puzzle caches. The log is the property and responsibility of the log's author. Generally logging a puzzle cache has the expectation that the puzzle solution is not revealed. Clearly the geocaching.com site must not transmit puzzle solutions; either knowingly or unknowingly. The log with exif in a photo is placed by the author who either (A.) knows that the exif information is there and is posting the information knowingly, or (B.) is not aware of the exif information and posts it without knowing it. There are no other possibilities. In case B., stripping the exif information is consistent with what the log author intends. In case A, the log author either (A.1) has malicious intent to compromise the puzzle or (A.2) does not have malicious intent. In case of A.2. stripping the exif takes nothing away from the log author because the log author can post coordinates explicitly, either in the log text or as a feature of the log or both. This is out in the open where any cache owner can deal with it. In case A.1 stripping the exif makes good sense for sake of the game. In fact, failure to strip in case A.1 makes the website a facilitator of the malicious intent, because they actually delivering it to persons who should not have it. It is relevant that exif can contain much more than just coordinates and I would say that all exif should be stripped. It is relevant also that stripping does not have to happen during upload (which was presented as the solution). What is necessary is that stripping happen when the log photo is delivered to anyone other than the log author or cache owner. It makes sense to us that having it happen during upload is a lot simpler than doing it every time a photo is delivered. But there are many examples here where this sort of logic is not used.
  18. I used to pay. I stopped once the OSM maps got pretty good (which they generally are). I think you can find many sources for free Garmin maps here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download I have a Montana 650 and all the routable streetmaps that I have tried from the various sites there have worked fine. Some are a little "klutzy" - you'll know what I mean - but all are better than just the basemap. The key to topo maps is to find ones that are transparent so you can have them over the streetmaps. So this is something that you need to be aware of: if you load a street map and it does not show even though you enabled it in the settings, then you might need to check that another map is not hiding it. There are settings in the Map Setup that let you control this.
  19. I like the new format. A little less white space just above each horizontal rule would perhaps be a little more pleasant, but I like it. I do like the horizontal rule better than the alternating background colors. As for broken html and bb rendering, it is not too prevalent; but it is definitely present on many caches; it is ugly; seems unprofessional; but I understand that that's how you want your product to look from now on.
  20. I have never heard of a geocaching event that spanned more than one day. Officially at geocaching.com only one date is provided as the event date, not a range of dates. Of the 159 events that I have attended there were a few that involved several days, but the actual event to be logged was one particular date not several. I have, in fact attended geocaching camping event but, again, only one date was on the cache page. I would argue that your very obscure case would actually benefit from my suggestion. If every event is automatically set to disabled the day after the event, then when you look at event icons that are greyed out, you know they are in the past. Then the organizer of a multi-day event could change the placed date on each subsequent day to highlight that it is actually still going on. The way it is now, there is no way to accentuate such an obscure situation.
  21. It would make perfect sense to me if the status of an event were to change from Available to Temporarily Unavailable the day after the event, preferably at midnight in the time zone where the event is being held. It is after-all exactly that.
  22. Absolutely! But is this really good advice in this thread? Should I consider you to be a person that I know? I have no clue what your name is or where you live. You are unknown to me. Even your geocaching persona is hidden from me. Should I consider links you send me to be safe? How about vice-versa. I am sure you have seen my name around over the past 10 years, but am I not to you an "unknown user"? So go ahead an click on the link I showed in my previous message (trust me, it is really, really safe, and surely you can tell because I am showing you the link) and tell us how safe you feel clicking the link. Did you follow your advice and not click on it? So how then do you heed your advice on this subject? Keystone, I am not trying to attack you. I have read many of your posts over the years and I know that I see things very much like you; I am posing this as a rhetorical question because we tend to think we know the person at the other end, but within geocaching it actually is rarely the case.
  23. To clarify: I am not an expert on security issues and as such "malware" to me is anything that is undesirable, but not merely "unsolicited email message" (which I would term "junk email" or "spam"). I consider "Phishing" to be a security risk that I do not want on my phone (nor on my computer). My computer is managed by IT professionals who see phishing as part of their job and if I show them my computer next week, they will want an explanation on why I am affiliated with an organization that does not give me the option to prevent receiving them. Indeed we all know that the user must participate and I am certainly doing my part by not clicking on suspicious links (and have not clicked on any). But every geocacher has an obscured identity, so geocaching is a world of hidden identities and this makes phishing an especially dangerous issue for us. I am particularly prone because I am known internationally for my geocaching activities. I did just now notice that I can uncheck the message center email messages from being delivered via my email at: www.geocaching.com/account/settings/emailpreferences I had not seen that as a possibility before. I did receive a message in the message center today and did not see this pushed through the android app (yet?) while I did see it in my email (before I unchecked that option). So perhaps the problem is not as serious as I thought. I would like to know why I did see messages coming via the app before. Was this a anomaly? Has this been fixed? I do however see those message (including blocked ones) in the app itself. So the app is indeed pulling the messages from the message center. While at this point does not seem to be forcing those into my phone's messaging stream, I do find it very disturbing that I have followed all the directions to block messages but those very messages are still available to be opened in the app. In fact that this moment the app is showing 9 messages as waiting, while the website message center only shows 1; 5 of those 9 "waiting" messages are potentially phishing schemes. I want them gone completely off my phone!!!! I do find it somewhat disheartening that those at geocaching.com responsible for security don't see any urgency to respond to client's concern for security. I posted a concern some time ago (also regarding the Message Center) and saw no response from an employee. At the same time they are referencing some obscure security concern (where phishing is centrally positioned as a security concern) to justify actions that are fairly theoretical and perhaps with little basis (eg justification to stop supporting BBcode in logs).
  24. I am finding that all message (including recent phishing) in the message center are penetrating though to my mobile phone. I consider this a security issue which I need addressed and I am posting it here because I expect that others are also concerned. The pathway that seems to be allowing the malware to penetrate to my Android phone appears to be the free Android Geocaching App. I see no way to turn messaging off in the app. I also can find no way to deactivate the message center which is active on my laptop whenever I log into geocaching.com. I also have the impression that this malware transmission system is active on my phone even when I am not using the app (I rarely use it, yet see every message). It seems that when I installed the app to try it out, I ended up installing a malware transmission system that I cannot turn off even when I reboot the phone and don't start up the app. I am not sure about that (and would be interested if others reading this have had a chance to notice this). What this means is that I have the impression that the combination of the geocaching app and the geocaching.com website are infecting my computer and phone with things I definitely do not want to see. If you cannot provide a mechanism for me to not get messages via the messaging facility (I have all notifications turned off already) then please advise whether I have any other recourse other than to stop being a premium member at geocaching.com. Also, please advise if uninstalling the Android app will rid my phone of this security issue.
  25. Then why, do you suppose the website has the scroll down feature in the logs where you can scroll down to the very first log posted to that cache? If somehow malware entered the system (heaven forbid) to where every such defective rendering where happen on logs (with html or BB codes) at the website today, it would be treated as a security breach and the display system would be repaired. It would NOT be treated as "so few persons will see it that it does not matter". What is being proposed to prevent such problems seems worse. It seems to me that the “medicine” is not going to prevent the “disease” (broken display) but will actually cause the very “disease” it aims to prevent. I am trying to figure out how the author of a log might pose a security risk by using the same subset of html code currently being used on the descriptions, where doing the same thing with Markdown is not possible? Phishing is just as easy with Markdown so that would not be an example. I would submit that if the webpage is currently secure in this regard for the descriptions, then it can be secured this way for the logs. If it is not secure, then adding Markdown will be a nice addition but will accomplish little for security.
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