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Introducing the Whale Trail Geocoin


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Available on May 24th, at the Caching Place, is my Native American inspired design called the "Whale Trail" geocoin. Check out the link for all the details, including a neat photo and explanation behind the design! I hope you enjoy the design as much as I enjoyed drawing it and watching it come to life in the form of a trackable coin.




A HUGE 'Thank You' goes out to Georgia and Sharon who were gracious and confident enough in my design to take my hand drawing and make a geocoin out of it. Most of you know that the Native American lifestyle/worldview is a huge part of my life, a part of who I am, and one of my majors in school. I'm happy to see one of my small dreams come true.


It's trackable with it's own icon (icon can be seen in the picture)

1.5" in BN

Colors are blue and green translucents


*AE will be done in gold with a slightly darker blue and green (25)


tsun ;)

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Very nice, high 5!! And here I thought I'd give my credit card some time to heal only to find that the mints are producing coins faster than I can repair the damage. I'm definitely gonna hafta get a couple of those, or more.

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Steph those are beautiful! I probably haven't mentioned it before but I have two Indian tribes in my heritage and I love many tribal designs! I also love sea life so this coin will go into my collection rather than Bella's. Perhaps we can arrange an AE trade! Thanks for adding such beauty to the geocoin world!

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I believe there are some left :P So bumping the thread.


Anyone interested in trading for the AE version, drop me an email. I'm willing to trade out a few when they are in hand. (Mine are shiny gold w/ a darker blue and darker green...sorry no pic yet of them).


tsun :anicute:


Quit teasing me tsun! I'm broke until the 1st :tired: Might have to trade for one of these beauties!

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