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Was it Orford Ness? Or was that just where they did some of the initial nuclear testing?


I remember the episode of coast and it was somewhere with lots of mud flats/low dunes down in the south-east, but I thought it was north of the Thames estuary. However, my geography of East Angular and London is limited. :D Not even sure where Orford Ness is!

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Been there a couple of times. I've heard them referred to either as the Denge sound mirrors or the Lade sound mirrors as they are between the two places. The nearest "on-Sea" is Lydd-on-Sea.


The author of the book I have on the subject "Echos From the Sky" describes them as being at Denge.




Edit: having looked at the map, the already given answer of Greatstone-on-Sea is marginally closer than Lydd-on-Sea. They are here anyway: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c8-c1d88d92d5d3

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:) having finally found a legible map, I'm going to have one final shot at this and nominate Greatstone on Sea.
Ding! and because there's some other strong suggestions: here's a link to Streetmap.co.uk, showing where they are. As a bonus, here I am there in November 2000, before they stopped people getting close to them:


I know. Look at all that hair I had back then! :grin:

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Saturday night? It must be Doctor Who then....


Can you complete the titles of these adventures? Ding for the last one.


D------ of the Daleks

G------ of the Daleks

R---------- of the Daleks

R--------- of the Daleks

R----------- of the Daleks


Day of the Daleks

Geocache of the Daleks ?

Return of the Daleks

Revenge of the Daleks

Recycling of the Daleks

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remember it being in the news this week, some little country in the Himalayas:- not Tibet/Nepal, but can't remember the name!


Surely not Bhutan?


Well not sure to give you a ding since you state that it's NOT Bhutan.....


But I'm feeling generous, so DING !!!!!!


Bhutan has been a democracy since 24th March 2008 (see here).

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