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It's the time of year when children start to hint at what Santa might be bringing in a few weeks. So, for your next question .....

The prototype was made in 1974.

The main launch was 1980 with the first main craze starting in 1981. 

Since then there have been many varieties made including a 25th birthday edition. 

There are competitions and even a World Championship.

Another variety became popular in 2017 and is still on the Santa list this year.

What is this best seller which I now have to buy to put in the kids' stockings?






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1 hour ago, Optimist on the run said:

Presumably from the Middle East then. I believe there was a Roman version of tic-tac-toe or nine mans morris, but whther they invented it or imported in from further east I don't know.


Its not one of those games, but your getting there,.It isnt Roman, but the Romans were in the country where this game comes from. 5 letters beginning with "S". So no more hints

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I had three games in mind , my first choice would have been go, third mancala , but your hint confirms you want the Ancient Egyptian senet .


I'm surprised people still play senet, I've only come across it in a historical context whilst the other two are still popular. Plus I suspect as the age of these games must rely on archaeological evidence I bet the  Chinese would  say go (which is of course how you start a pudding race) was the oldest, ditto Africa and mancala

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