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5 hours ago, speakers-corner said:

Thanks for the ding there.

Staying with comedians, In which town was Benny Hill born and in which town did he die?

I think he died  in Teddington but haven't a clue where he was born unless that was also Teddington.

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23 hours ago, speakers-corner said:

Thats half a ding, see if you can get the rest.

I have probably read it somewhere but there's no way I can remember. I'll guess and say India. The only reason I remembered Teddington is because I have a friend who lives there.

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On 13/05/2018 at 4:17 PM, colleda said:

I have probably read it somewhere but there's no way I can remember. I'll guess and say India. The only reason I remembered Teddington is because I have a friend who lives there.

Would that be Two Ton Ted from Teddington (he drove the baker's van ... ) ?

Tragic how I recall lines from a terrible novelty single from decades ago, but for the life of me can't remember my own mobile number ...

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That's a ding as the question was what country. The most recognised, officially, was an Australian Lewis gunner named Buie. However, there is another contender, an Australian named Popov with a possibly better claim. It was established, without doubt when Richthoffen's plane and wound were  examined after he crashed, that the single bullet that killed him came from ground fire. See


Over 2 u Me N  u

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OK, all I know about either of the 2 I can identify makes them different, not similar - Lewis , obtrusively Christian , Huxley atheist, Lewis unreadable, Huxley readable, Lewis an inkling , Huxley not , Lewis prissy, Huxley keen on mind altering substances ...

I know Huxley had a grandfather (TH Huxley, a strong supporter of that controversial upstart C. Darwin) who was a famous biologist , so did Lewis and author I don't know of both have famous grandparents too ?

I'm grasping at straws here !

Edited by hal-an-tow
I said Huxley when I meant Lewis. I'm confused.
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Well I think I've stumped you on this one, so I'll give you the answer, which is that the authors (CS Lewis, Aldous Huxley and John F Kennedy) all died on the same day - 22 November 1963. I'll give the ding to hal-an-tow for identifying two of the authors.


I wasn't expecting anyone to identify JFK as the author of the third book, but I thought that the coincidence of their deaths was a fairly well-known bit of pub quiz trivia, so I thought people might work it out by connecting Lewis and Huxley. However it's always difficult to judge what other people know, so if I made it too hard I apologise!


Over to hal-an-tow...

Edited by Optimist on the run
John F Kennedy, not John F Huxley!
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13 hours ago, hal-an-tow said:

Not him,  sorry.

Hintage : I've used (approximate) translations into english, or definitions of. the character's actual names.

And as with the JFK question, the third one on the list is probably the easiest way to the answer ...


Given the hint ref translation, and the fact that Niemand (German) translates to no one or 'Nobody ', I'm guessing they are Mister Men created by Roger Hargreaves

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Interesting, but no,  the author I'm after wrote books with a higher reading age ... and the 'no-one' is not translated from German ...


Further clues: the first two characters were travel companions in the same book , 'no-one ' was a villan in a different book, both books have been filmed ( probably several times ).

The author died when Huxley and Lewis were still schoolboys ...

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22 hours ago, Optimist on the run said:

I'm getting my authors confused - Philleas Fogg was Jules Verne.


I seem to remember that Phineas Fogg's manservant was called PassePartout, the French for a masterkey.  If that completes the puzzle give the "Ding" to Optimist please, he did all the hard work :lol:

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Optimist gets the ding for Jules Verne , honourable mention to dodgydaved for adding another 33% of the answer .

Yep, from  'Round the World in 80 days ' (and more recently, expensive crisps) Phileas Fogg, his servant Passepartout ( French for goes all places, also a word for a passkey/masterkey )  and the third one was Captain Nemo from 20000 Leagues under the Sea : nemo is Latin for no one.


As often happens the bit I though was the giveaway folk would get first (nemo) turned out to be nothing of the kind !

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4 hours ago, Optimist on the run said:

Hope no-one objects if I give this thread a reboot. A really tricky one - which team won the World Cup in 1966? (Googling allowed!)


 So many world cups to choose from, according to google they include  :

Athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, chess, cricket, show jumping, rugby league, gymnastics, hockey (field ) , hockey (ice)  tennis,  triathlon, canoe slalom, diving,  water polo, synchronised swimming, skiing, archery, boxing,  fencing,  kabaddi,  netball, orienteering, lacrosse, wrestling tae kwan do ...


Have I missed anything out ? :D Yes, I'm joking ...

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