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East Angular!

Mr Nibbler

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Right folks, after last year's East Anglia Cache Event (GCT1WF) I was pressed to make it an annual thing. I am therefore proposing 21st April in St Ives (I have in mind a suitable venue). Any comments/commitments to come/offers to lay the best ever cache to go live on the morning/abuse etc? I know it is pretty far West for East Anglia but it could draw in the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire etc crews.


Once again Mrs N is offering to host the anti-caching partners of us focussed out-doorsy types (ok, addicts to tupperware hunting) should it be necessary, unlike last year when she got to spend an entire day shopping on her own.


After taking grief on this thread for a bit I intend to submit it next weekend. Over to you.

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Thanks for the comments folks - we hope to have a couple more going live to add to the cluster. And Nellie's Knackers - nice to see you guys again and, yes, The Dolphin was exactly what I had in mind - once I've spoken to them (hopefully this weekend) I'll put the cache page together.


As for timing I've avoided Easter weekend as Bedford have had an event then for the last couple of years and I don't want to clash.

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