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  1. Since I upgraded to an Oregon 600 I am selling my Oregon 300. It is in good working order and includes an sd card with Garmin Discoverer maps.It's only defect is that it brings up an error message on switching on saying no maps but when this is tapped the message disappears. I'll be putting it on Fleabay at the end of next week if I don't receive any offers of at least £70.
  2. Don't worry, it has taken me six months to find out how to use mine properly. I found this site to be very helpful.
  3. I am back to the grey screen with cache icons. Is there a permanent fix or do I have to keep putting in the code? The GME tools are still showing and the map selector screen shows a screen of tiled ticked squares. Manage maps has unticked squares.
  4. The same happened with me.I am using the latest version of Chrome. I managed to get the maps back using the code supplied then two days later the maps had done and when I tried to select them from top right of the screen an Undefined message popped up.I put the code in again and so far it works OK.
  5. Mine are suddenly undefined in the space of 5 minutes! I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  6. Thank you!! Yes it did work. i'll email you the output if i can get it. I'm on the road at the moment so can't test this out properly myself. However, you can try the following: navigate to the geocaching.com then in the same window, open the Chrome console (Ctrl-Shift-J) and type this in the console pane: localStorage.GME_parameters_bak = localStorage.GME_parameters localStorage.GME_custom_bak = localStorage.GME_custom delete localStorage.GME_parameters delete localStorage.GME_custom That should reset your current GME configuration (keeping a backup), after which the new version should work when once you reload the page. To help me stop this kind of thing again, it would help if you could give me a bit more detail so I can track down why you had a problem. Do you mean you can see GME's icons, or the geocache icons, but no map underneath? Also, how does the "undefined" message appear? Is it an alert message, or does it come up where the list of maps would normally be? If the fix above works, it would also be helpful if you could go back to the Chrome console and email me the output of the following commands through my profile: localStorage.GME_parameters_bak localStorage.GME_custom_bak That should give me a copy of the dodgy configuration that was causing the problem. If resetting the configuration doesn't help, I'll have to have a play with the script once I get back to a computer with Chrome and Tampermonkey installed...
  7. Geocaching maps were showing as normal yesterday but when i looked this morning I got icons on a white background. I tried to install the latest version (I use Chrome and Tampermonkey)but it made no difference. When I click on the layers icon at the top right of the map it says "Undefined". Please help!
  8. Hi Nick, great to hear you are back on the trail again. Caching has changed a lot in the last couple of years with the availability of phone apps for caching - there are so many now but the quality is still there if you look for it. I remember you coming to see me with a couple of EA geocoins you didn't need. They are still in circulation!
  9. Last week I went on a caching holiday to Dorset/Wiltshire which is an excellent area for caching. However at one cache I picked up a TB, just a dogtag with nothing attached, hoping to place it in Suffolk. However I have lost it! It must have fallen out of my rucksack. What is the best way to make this up to the owner who has not yet been informed? I am happy to buy a new TB, but could it continue on the same mission?
  10. I am using Chrome and only get a strip across the top. I don't have any other browser installed. Is this going to be resolved any time soon?
  11. Is anyone else having problems printing the OS maps? Two of my friends asked for help and when I tried to print mine all I got was a fragment of the map at the top of the print preview page. Before the GC upgrade it printed fine.
  12. CONGRATULATIONS ESSCAFE AND DR SOLLY I'll let you take the lead for now......
  13. I have installed the map enhancements successfully on my laptop and on friend's computers. However I have also installed it on my netbook with Windows 7 starter edition using Chrome. I followed the procedure exactly as on the others but the leaflets icon only appears for a split second then disappears so I cannot select Ordnance Survey. Any ideas please?
  14. Thanks, but I have already bought Martin's - it sounds perfect for what I need.
  15. I checked a cross section of the logsheets today and surprise surprise neither of them have signed the logsheets. We checked back a few months - it's a popular series so the logs are changed quite frequently. So do I bother to delete the logs? Or ignore the whole episode as I suppose no harm has been done. I am still at a loss as to why anyone would want to spend all that time logging caches they probably haven't visited - and using a phone to do the whole lot!
  16. I have an Oregon - would I be able to copy the maps to my Oregon itself or would it be better to buy a new micro sd card? i have no doubt I will be calling on you for help, Bernard.
  17. Thank you! I shall have to work out how to do it as it looks a bit more complicated than putting in a new sd card!
  18. We are off to Andalucia in a couple of weeks and there is a relatively new cache series all along the GR7 which is close to where we are staying.Please does anyone know where I can get topo maps just for that part of Spain (La Taha in the Alpujarras? I don't want to pay lots of cash out as that is the only part of Spain we visit regularly.
  19. Thank you very much for all your hard work! It certainly makes it easier for me as I now rarely bother to export caches to Memory Map, especially since the cache names are now displayed. I have managed to set my preferences but I cannot find how to draw a route on the map. Where is Measure Route please?
  20. I've just seen that there is a second person with 42 finds altogether, all logged today. It is possible that he could have found them all as there are only a few miles between each set of caches but I am doubtful. People using phones only to log into gc.com certainly cloud the issue and I think there should be a radical reform of the system to ensure they log on at least once and validate their email accounts. I shall be checking those log books asap!
  21. Today I had a set of logs from one of our cache series. As the finder claimed to have had "quick" finds on each of the caches, even the one that experienced cachers find difficult I looked up the profile. Apparently he/she joined today and logged 98 finds all from today. Under "status" on the Profile page is Not Validated Member. In that case how can caches be logged and I am more than suspicious that 98 were logged as today's finds over a wide geographical area! I suppose he/she could be a cacher who has changed caching name and is relogging everything but ignoring the original dates.
  22. i have had this discussion many times and it seems different strokes for different folks. I personally have always used north up both on paper maps. memory map and Garmin discovery mapping on my Oregon. However I couldn't do that with the sat nav, it has to be direction up so I can follow the road ahead whatever its orientation. My husband on the other hand always has direction up. One of my caching friends (female) prefers direction up on her Oregon. The screen seems to move around all the time and her batteries run down much quicker than mine.
  23. Thank you for being so helpful. I have now installed the macro which makes it much easier!
  24. I have always exported my GSAK databases to my Oregon by using export GPX/LOC file either from the file menu or the shortcut icon. A friend uses the GPS menu to send waypoints to her Oregon. Which is the correct way or do they send the same information? I am asking as she is having problems with caches not appearing in her gps. Maybe i should be asking on the GSAK forum but I hope someone here can help me.
  25. Yes, I can see the labels now. Thank you! I look forward to having names on at some point if you have time.
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