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Erik - our 'cache Reviewer

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Once again, I stumbled apon this while surfing.


There was a competition whereby 'cachers were to vote for the Best Reviewer.


Guess who won ?


I wasn't going to do this until ion the morning, but my wife reminded me that I have a doctors appointment in the morning that may take awhile. Also it looks like all the nominees are in.


I wish I could give a staff to every Reviewer out there. Everyone of you deserve to win. You have all seen the public posts here, but you haven't seen the emails that I've received trying to sway me into giving the staff to their well deserving Reviewer. Those emails numbered into the dozens. I hope this thread has relayed from all of us our appreciation for what you do, and how well you are all thought of.


I let my wife do the drawing so there would be no bias on my part



The winner is!!!



Congratulations to erik88l-r! He is a Reviewer from GA, and is one of the very first people to take on this responsibility. I've had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of years ago. As you can tell from the posts made here he is very well thought of and covers a lot of territory. When my wife handed me the slip of paper with his name on it I knew the staff went to a very deserving person.


Thanks everyone for making this one of the nicest threads in recent history.

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For some time I thought Erik was Globalrat's alter-alter-ego! :mad:


His knowledge of SA made me think this, but turns out he used to listen to SABC radio programs on short-wave radio years ago when he lived in Hawaii (I think). What a class act for having such local knowledge of the area that you review, I applaud it.


Keep it up my fellow American... You are helping to disperse the myth that all Americans are geographically and culturally illiterate. :) Thanks. We appreciate your contributions down here in this part of the blue marble.

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Hi folks,


Thanks for all the kind words. They're truly appreciated. By the way, I said something nice about you guys yesterday, not knowing this forum thread was in existance. Must be a subliminal thing....


Anyway, reviewing European and Asian caches about one in five European caches are erroniously submitted with a West Longitude, and about 1 in 10 Asian caches have West in place of East. It's no big deal for me to edit them, but it's indicative of the seriousness (if that's the right word) of ZA cachers that I don't think I've even had to make those kind of corrections on your cache submissions.


And you poor saps have to change both the default N and W to S and E when entering coords. :unsure:


Thanks again!



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Thought I will get this thread up again after reading other threads on how long it takes for some guys in the USA to get their caches approved.

I don't think we can thank Erik enough for all the hard work he does to approve our caches in record time!

Even now over the holiday period we had caches approved on a daily basis.

Well done Erik and thanks for all you hard work!

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