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Is it safe to go caching in hunting ares?

Da king

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It is nearly always hunting season for something.


Here are some interesting stats for PA for 2005.


Personally, I try to avoid gamelands and such during deer season, which is by far the most popular season around here, and the stats above seem to point out that would be the most dangerous time. I don't really let archery and muzzleloader deter me that much though, and I'm too busy being one of the hunters during rifle season to bother geocaching.


I wear orange when it's required, and I don't think too much of it. The biggest danger is probably pi$$ing off a hunter by scaring away the wildlife...also please note that purposely interfering with a legal hunt is a crime.


Anyways, is it safe? Depends what your definition of "safe" is. Is it less safe than other times of the year? Yes. Is it overly dangerous? No.


It's kindof like asking if it's safe to geocache in the summer, because bears are more active and the snakes are out. Take precautions and you'll (most likely) be fine.

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That's what Sundays are for! No hunting in Jersey on Sundays.


Of course, there was the time I was backpacking the AT in northern Virginia. Chilly and damp morning, so I was wearing my black rain gear. A couple of northbounders said: "I saw you from a distance, and thought you were a bear!" Hmmm... Had the same problem in Vermont. So, never wear black rain gear in states that start with the letter 'V'.

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I live in West Virginia. what if I don't have anything orange? The people here are serious hunters.


Orange flagging paint makes a good temporary solution. It also washes out better than standard spray paints. As a bonus if by some chance a WV hunter has it in for you, I'm sure they are a good enough shot to where you won't actually know something happened. Your ticket will just be up.

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I live in West Virginia. what if I don't have anything orange? The people here are serious hunters.


Okay, I'll play.

I live in West Virginia. I hunt in WV. I hide caches in WMA's in WV. I don't see a problem if one pays attention to the hunting seasons. The WVDNR has a very good site.


As far as not having orange, two super Wal-Marts opened recently in the Morgantown area. Go to one, plunk down two or three bucks and get a plastic orange vest. Or, as has previously been mentioned, seek the rural caches on Sundays.

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Well, I've been bear hunting all week and picking up caches along the way. I'll be deer hunting all next week and will be doing the same.


Hunters seeing other people (hunters) walking through the woods doesn't cause trouble, usually.


Hunters seeing one, two, three, etc.......people that don't look like hunters walking through the woods might cause dirty looks, name calling, etc.


I would not recommend going into the hunting areas, unless it was on a Sunday. There are other caches, other areas to try.

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