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How many DNF's before checking up on cache

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How many DNF's do you get on one of your own caches before you go check up on it or "maintenance" on it?


Generally if one of our caches has several DNF's by newbies (in my mind, thats someone with less than a 100 finds under their belt) I generally chalk it up to beginners luck (or lack thereof). I usually let those slide. If someone has over 500 or more finds logged and they cannot find one of our caches (most are less than a 3/3) I am more likely to check up on it.


Does anyone else do that or is it just me?


I brought this up because a cache of ours has two DNF's but cacher who each have 10 or less finds.

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Being the aformentioned newbie... I don't expect it to be checked if I posted a DNF. However, if I searched for it for like... an hour or two, and didn't find a thing... then I'll usually email the cache owner and ask for an additional hint if there wasn't one, or the one there was nigh-useless. Of the two times I've emailed the cache owner, one I didn't find because someone re-hid it in the wrong spot, and the other one I didn't have a GPS and google maps and mapquest where hella-far off :o

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It all depends. If it should be an easy find, one DNF will get my attention and a second will send me out to check on it. If its a more difficult hide, I'll probably wait until there is a third DNF before I check on it.


I also look at the experience of the logger. If he is an experienced geocacher any DNF might carry a bit more weight than someone with a handful of finds.

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It depends on the cache my cache GCY2Y0 is located near houses and a walking track, but i have lived near the cache for almost 5 years and i know that no one walks there often. but if i had a cache sitting right under the population's nose then 1 DNF would warrent a check. but for my cache, i check forghtnightly regardles to the number of DNF'S i get.

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Know your cache. Evaluate the logger as best you can from the log and their history. Make a decision. There is no magic number. Last night I got a DNF report from an unexperienced cacher that said the firetacks on a night cache of mine were gone and they would come back after I replaced them. It was raining, but I was bored and the start point is really close to here so I checked it out. In two minutes from this chair I had checked tacks #1 and #2.... I knew it was an unnecessry trip, but I figured I needed to make a note on the page assuring others that the cache was fine, so I checked it out.

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If I get a few DNFs ,and then a period of inactivity then I'll go out and check.I have dashed out to fix a cache more than once that needed no fix.

I have one out there right now that has two containers because the first one had "gone missing" and I replaced it only to find out it was moved to another location.

I got an email yesterday teling me that a group found both of them.

The only time I will run right out and check is, if someone that found it before is out with a newbie and lets me know its gone.

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I actually was "scolded" for not disabling my cache on the first DNF. I usually e-mail the person that posts a DNF and ask where they looked and what they found. Usually I will get something in return like "found velcro attachment and no cache" or "didn't find anything" and their description of where they looked was way off. In the later situation, I will give them a clue if they want.

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A lot depends on the cache and what kind of information I get from the cacher that did not find it. I usually email the DNFinder and ask for clarification, time spent searching, make sure they understood the hint etc to help me determine if I need to check on the cache. If it is one of my caches in Shawnee National Forest where we have had a problem with caches being stolen for the past 3 years I will usually disable the cache and check on it after one DNF. If it a cache close to my home that I drive by frequently I will check on it when I am by it next. Other caches that have been in place for years or caches with higher difficulties I will not run out at the first DNF but will check on it when I am near, or I receive 2+ DNFs.

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