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So What Do You Take With You While Your Out Caching?

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I just started this new fun hobby last week and was wondering what some of you take with you while your out caching; e.g. equipment & gear.


Jeans, hiking shoes, walking stick, long sleeve shirt, Mrs. Team Cotati, The Cache Mobile, GPSr, Palm m505, water. ;):D;)


I knew that I left something out, spare batteries. They're in the fanny pack by default, no problemo. ;)


P.S. you're

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Take those extra batteries! Nothing more frustrating than getting about 65 feet from the cache after walking in about a mile and batteries go out - happened to me!!! I also have gloves (for reaching into picky evergreens), kleenex, bug spray/wipes, cell phone for emergencies and the clues in case I need 'em.

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I usually take my husband, the dogs, and depending on location maybe my horse. I also bring along a pen in case writing utensil has gone missing from cache, I bring along a ziploc bag in case the logbook is damp so I can better protect it from the weather, and I usually bring a digital camera with me. This is all about having fun and enjoying finding caches with others, whether they by human or animal.

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Always carry 2 pocket knives, caching or not


GPS (Magellan 210 on lanyard)

PDA (Palm M105 with hardcover)

PCS phone (Blackberry 7100t)

Digital camera

Magnifier in my wallet



Urban geocaching


(wear a small beige fanny pack)

small compass


small MagLite


telescoping inspection mirror

telescoping magnet

small double screwdriver

one jersey glove

pencil & paper

small SPF 50 sunblock

x4 fresh AAA batteries

x2 fresh AA batteries

2 sandwich bags (to help salvage leaky caches)


Large aluminum clipboard with maps, printouts, etc. makes me look like I'm -supposed- to be there


trade goods stuffed in pockets





Urban pack above plus:


Long-sleeve shirt - tucked in

Shorts (you can feel ticks and get them off before they bite) or jeans with the cuffs taped or wrapped with velcro strips)


(mesh photographer's vest - pockets!)

small first aid kit


small can insect repellent

small razor


antiseptic wipes


anti-itch stuff

travel pack moist towelettes

thin leather gloves

mosquito netting headcover

black nylon zip ties

cloth hat

hickory walking stick wrapped with 30' parachute cord

trash bag (for CITO)

trade goods

9mm pistol (yes I have a permit - 16 years)

wearing waterproof hiking boots



Deep woods or any woods with other people:


All the above plus a larger fanny pack or small backpack with:

Bottled water and/or Gatorade

extra compass

extra lighter

extra whistle


trade goods

duct tape

Pop-tarts and nuts

sheath knife

21" machete (maybe, it depends)

space blanket

medium Channel lock pliers

spare socks & underwear

arthritis medication (anti-inflammatory)


I keep almost all this in the trunk of my car so I can select whatever I need when I need it.

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GPS Unit

Printed-Out Cache listing or PDA with listing

Backpack with

Extra Bateries

Containers to place (mainly film containers and small containers)

Swag of varying levels

Camera (if I remeber to get it out of my truck)


Paper to leave a log or replace a wet/damaged log

Sense of humor


Just added a long stick to poke in holes or brush to check for rattlers

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Items that are with me at all times:





Leatherman Micra mulit-tool (scissors, knife, etc)

Gerber clip knife (4" blade, half serrated) Clips to pocket, can be retrieved, opened, used, closed & stowed with one hand (an essential feature in my book)


Add GPS and Leatherman Pulse multi-tool for all caching trips, maybe some swag items into pockets.


Depending on season and/or cache area, the following may or may not get added:

Ruger 10/22 rifle

Ruger Blackhawk .357 revolver

(both of these are rare, but sometimes I do like carrying them along--one or the other)

Buck fixed-blade knife w/leather sheath--again, half serrated and one-handed usable.

Small backpack with:



-Trail markers


-Another knife

-Small saw


-Duck Tape

-Survey ribbon




-Other items depending on season (hunting)

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i like to carry. my



Blackberry w/ mobie pocket

spare batteries


pocket knife.

20" machette

camo tape

survay tape

bug hat


2 flashlights, 1 big maglite for general searching, and 1 led for easy access to lok into trees and stuff

head lamp, for writing in log books and stuff

toys for trades

geo coin in pocket

extral log books and pens / pencils

zip loc baggies

cables for my gps incase i need to up load quarries on the go


and i keep it all in a camo pack day pak 2L


I'd like to add


a gun (not really legal in canada)

bear / dog / muggle repelent

first aid kit

rain wear


compass ( even thought i dont know how to use one)



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I have an x army pouch on my belt in the front.






-2 Pens


-Small flashlight


-Travel bugs


-Wheres George notes


-Stickers, for micros


-Band aids


-Poker Chips (My Sig item)


-Cell Phone


Good Friends <_<:lol:

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