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  1. I'll add a vote for "ignore caches by CO xxxxx". We have a couple of COs in my area who have a fetish for holly bushes, guard rails and lamp posts. I would gladly risk missing any interesting caches they may ever do (unlikely as it seems) in order to not have their time wasters show up. (I just added a couple of Curmudgeon points to my Karma score, I know.)
  2. I'd like to see a tick box on whether to email results or not, or maybe add "no email" on the "email to" drop-down at the bottom of the PQ config page. I use DeLorme's Cache Register to load caches in my GPSrs which downloads them from the site, don't need the files emailed to me. Being a long-time networking geek, I hate to see wasted resources!
  3. Thank you for the insight. I was using triangulation units in the late 80's in the Marines and they were off by around 100 yards. I found your statements to be accurate. Just started this geocaching with a friend in the last month and use a Explorist 210, it was cheap and works good for the money. any other insights on the 210? I used a e210 for a couple of years, found about 350 caches with it. By far it's weakest point is the data cable. It WILL go bad, so I recommend just going ahead and buying a spare so you won't be sidelined when it happens. I went through 4 of them, the last 3 being treated ever-so-gently. That's actually the main reason I bought my current DeLorme and gave the e210 to a friend. That and the annoying screw-in mount for the data cable. Oy! I found accuracy to be very good - usually. There are so many variables that pretty much any civilian-recreational-use GPSr is going to have good days and bad days. Hope this helps!
  4. I have the same issue - just noticed that on the queries page there's now a tab that says "Pocket Queries Ready For Download". Don't remember seeing THAT before. I've been able to DL them from there, but it would have been nice to be notified that the system was changing. I've been using Geobeagle for some time, recieveing PQs via email on my android phone and importing them into geobeagle. This puts an unexpected monkey wrench in the works.
  5. "A Pubber At Hart" went missing a year ago next week. A new geocacher took it on their second day geocaching, their last visit to the site was 10 days later. Never responded to emails. Voodoo has been ineffective, it's hard to make a doll that resembles "Proteus325".
  6. Well, I can't see myself making a mistake on this one...
  7. I just received a PQ that I created days ago - but the name is backwards! I created a query of webcam caches in my area - just got it in the mail labeled "sehcac macbew". In addition the one query I use every week (created the day I joined) named "home" is gone from my PQ list. What's up with that?
  8. I have been using a T-Mobile MDA running Smache on WM5 for over a year. I like Smache pretty well but it's a huge memory hog, loads very slowly, and cannot seem to coexist with Word (I use my MDA as a book reader a LOT).
  9. My first bug "A Pubber At Hart" made it 1173 miles and 18 cachers before being picked up by someone who had just joined the day before and has never logged any caches, not even the one they found my bug in. They last logged into the web site 11 days after they joined. They've not responded to any emails at all, even though I was offering to pay postage. I think I'll send out the copy and hope it does better.
  10. Maybe I'm missing something here, but... I've started using Google Maps mobile and MSN Live Search with my PDA and bluetooth GPS. I'd REALLY like to find a way to get geocaches to appear to appear on the moving maps. Is there a way to do this? If not, can there be? (BTW, Google Maps keeps losing connection with the GPS but Live Search just worked continuously on an 8-hour trip with no problems.) Thanks! DconBlueZ
  11. I'm using a Holux 1000 with my MDA. Works fine. Tried running Google Maps & Smache simultaneously but the contention for the COM port was too much. Still trying to figure out a way to get caches to show up on the google maps mobile.
  12. Been playing with Smache for a few weeks, I like it a LOT but would like to have the map oriented such that my direction of travel is "up". Looked through the help files and wasn't able to find anything on this. Thanks for the cool app. I can see this becoming the new standard by which other apps are judged. DconBlueZ
  13. I have an old Palm M105 & cradle I used for paperless caching for a year or so. (Got a new smartphone through work, using that now.) Preloaded with CacheMate. It's monochrome, and it has a chronic problem with battery drainage (common in the Palm M100-series) but I found it tolerable. Email me if you want it. Mike
  14. I often leave my eXplorist 210 plugged in and turned on in my car for days at a time. I have the 210 set up with a custom display showing current speed, top speed (since last power up), and average speed. One day last week I got in the car and noticed that the 210 showed a top speed of 387 MPH. I drive a sports car, but I don't think it went that fast sitting in my garage... I took a picture of it but can't find it at the moment or I'd post it . DconBlueZ
  15. The trekking pole might be useful in teaching your son the inadvisability of mocking a short person by exposing a sensitive armpit to them... :-) Poke, poke! DconBlueZ
  16. I recently did a multi where I found Stage 1 about 25 ft SSW of where my GFPSr said Ground Zero was. When I went to Stage 2 I started off about 25' SSW of GZ and found it almost immediately. Wanna guess where I found Stage 3? Yep, 25' SSW of GZ. Next time I go after one of that hiders caches I think I'll look around GZ real quick then move 25' SSW... DconBlueZ
  17. Cool! I have a H&R Topper 20 gauge from 1977, did you test fire it? Mike
  18. Just out of curiosity, did you know that when that "globe screen" shows up you're then supposed to press the "enter" button and it'll continue powering up? (Oops, NOW I see that someone else already mentioned this. Nevermind... :-)
  19. FWIW I got my $30 check about 3 weeks ago. Maybe I was just lucky?
  20. Gee, what a wonderful idea. Effectively you're advocating punishing in a most disgusting way the people who go looking for caches. Your intended "mark" would be warned and would be the LEAST likely person to find whatever you left. You need to read up on Hayduke.
  21. I've seen that happen with mine one time. You didn't say what you might have tried to diagnose/correct the problem. What I did was unplug it, turn it off, turn it on, rebooted PC and plugged in again. No problems since. I think the driver just got confused. You could try calling Magellan tech support. Rumor has it that the best time to call them is very early in their day. Keep us posted.
  22. My $.02 - Any group of people is gong to have some super-kind people and some real jerks and everything in between. If your chosen cache location turns out to have some unpleasant qualities you didn't plan, it's not a big deal, just archive it and find a better spot. If some of the cachers looking for your caches turn out to be unpleasant, just ignore them. There are a lot of children in this sport, and some of them are even under legal age. As for the complaints about the coords being off, your check against someone else's GPSr was within the accepted margin of error, I believe. When you place a cache you might want to let your GPSr simmer for a while and average the readings, if that's not what you're doing already. GPSr measurements can be somewhat fickle. Mine bounces around at least as much as the variation you saw with your friend.
  23. I can't imagine caring about racking up "paper" mileage on a TB, either mine or even less someone else's. Some people cheat at Solitaire. Others would squawk at seeing it happen. Why should either of them do the things they're doing? Ask a psychiatrist. I'm gonna go out and find a couple more caches tomorrow instead.
  24. My first 9 finds were done using Google Earth. It was OK, but the paper printouts I carried were a pain.
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