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  1. My dogs would be insulted if I didn't take them along...they couldn't care less about caches, but they love the outing...besides..there's bears around here!!!
  2. ...or a Terracaching.com cache
  3. I love my Lowrance iFinder Explorer...very accurate, tough, many features...you will want to get a screen shield, though. I dropped mine in the Arkansas River while fly fishing & it never lost lock!!!
  4. Another place to look for swag is your local Goodwill...ours has thousands of neat lapel/hat pins for sale cheap
  5. I was using GPS with my fly fishing long before I ever heard of Geocaching. Now, I try to associate the two...look for geocaches that are near where I am going. The fishing still seems to be the highest priority, though.
  6. I've got an iFinder Explorer & I love it...easy to use, great support. great maps
  7. I love my iFinder explorer...has more features than I'll probably ever use & it was very reasonable. Seems pretty tough, too....I dropped in Arkansas River while fly fishing & it never skipped a beat!!
  8. I think it's a great idea...in fact (if you don't mind), I'm going to start leaving them in all the caches I find. Great little survival kit item.
  9. Just got mine today....wow...they are bootiful!!!!!!
  10. Look at the Lowrance iFinder H20 or Explorer
  11. I just bought a Lowrance Ifinder Explorer Plus from Tigergps yesterday...I'll let you know how the service was when I get it.
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