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Have You Got Bitten During Search Around Cache

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Hello People

Im From Australia.

I just wondering How many people Bitten from Snake, Spider and Bull Ant during your seach cache.

I got Bitten once on my finger. i think it was a Bull Ant. it was a Shape Pain at the time.

at the time I put my right hand under the small rock and I was Very luckly i didnt see the my Doctor Because my finger is allright atfer 4 hour of the event

From Joshula_2001


Btw sorry i got poor english Skill

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I've been lucky while living here in Arizona, home of 11 different species of rattlers and 60 other types of snakes...never been bitten, ever. (Now I will probably get a bite tomorrow, just jinxed myself talking about it)


Rule #1: kick that rock over before picking it up.


A hiking stick is your friend!

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While looking for cache Antler's Spring in oklahoma was attacked by fire ants--didn't think much of it at the time, but they were fast and there were so many of them- it was hard to get them all off.....legs were on fire the rest of the day....by the way had to leave before cache was found...went back later when all others were found in the area -- found cache quickly wearing husband's rubber boots. :ph34r:

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Hiking stick is your #1 friend!! Here in Iowa, not too many posion snakes, but you never know. We always carry one.


The only time I've ever gotten bitten from an animal was in Florida and the cache was on a hill of red ants! Those suckers got my hands and ankles, ugg!


Non animal bits, include PLENTY of thorns all over the body!

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Just before taking my first geocaching trip to Australia, I turned on the TV every night only to find some show on about all the creatures down under that can kill you. By the time I got there I was totally paranoid about snakes and spiders.


Armed with a stick I safely made my way through a number of bushwalking, caching adventures and was starting to calm down. Just about then, while walking through some tall bush, zeroing in on a cache, I felt a sudden sharp pain under my arm. Convinced I had been bitten by one of those nasty spiders I heard about, my mind raced.... Can Spa Susi get me to a hospital before I die? Is there an antivenom for this spider or am I doomed? Suddenly I felt another jab then another, then another. I ran down the hill, still convinced it was a spider and that I would soon be unconscious. I started screaming for my caching buddy, Spa Susi to come help me. She started down and then suddenly screamed WASPS!!!!! and started running down the hill. Her last leap onto the road was a mistake and she went sprawling on the blacktop, cracking a couple of ribs along the way. Not fun, but at least not deadly.

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I was caching in San Diego, looking for my first multi, which I was having A LOT of problems with. I don't remember actually getting bitten, but I am convinced that it happened sometime during that day. The day I was leaving San Diego to come back to Tucson, I noticed two small pinkish, raised bumps that I assumed was something like a mosquito bite or something. A couple days later, I got this odd, tiny little bumps around them.. and slowly over a period of a week, a rash developed, starting at those bumps and spreading out. It eventually spread out all over my forearm and thumb/part of my hand. It was SOOOOO itchy and of course it was the middle of summer here in Arizona so the heat made it far more itchy. I finally went into the doc and they gave me something strong to made it go away, but it sucked cuz I needed to take something to knock me out at night, cuz the itching kept me up. And going to class was difficult cuz I couldn't sit for more than 10 minutes without it bothering me. The teacher finally took pity on me and got me some ice from the chem labs. At least if I numbed my arm from ice, it wouldn't itch :lol:

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Never have. The closes was on a Sharman Tank. They have an storage bay on the rear. Some of them have the cover open and wasps like to build nests there. I didn't know that yet and reached in with my hand, patted down a yellow jacket nest, and having done that before and suffered this time before I knew it, I was 20' away and still moving. It took that long for me to figure out why I was moving so fast.


The next week Night Stalker tried the same trick on the same tank. He wasn't as lucky. I could swear I warned him...but maybe not.

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Have been stung and bit by several different species of insects and spiders and bit by dogs, cats and a raccoon (family pet). Wasn't geocaching but almost got bit by a black widow the other day hooking up my RV. Went to lift the power outlet cover to plug in electricity and some movement caught my eye darting up into the top where I couldn't see it. Looked closer and there was a black widow in there.


Another time was riding my motorcycle on some back roads. Saw a lot of rustling in the grass along side the road ahead. Slowed down and about that time a hawk took off with a snake in its grasp. I got the hawk by surprise and it dropped the snake barely missing me by a few inches. Didn't stop to see what kind of snake it was. Not sure how I could explain to my insurance company.


Agent "So you had a wreck. How did it happen?"

Me "Well I was riding along about 60 mph when this hawk jumped up in front of me and..."

Agent :) "So the hawk spooked you causing the accident!"

Me "Well no, the accident was caused by the snake biting me."

Agent "I thought a hawk flew up in front of you?"

Me "Well it did. But I saw it and slowed down."

Agent "So where does the snake fit in?"

Me "Well the Hawk was going to eat the snake."

Agent :D "WHAT??????????"

Me "Well you see, the hawk was going to eat the snake and this made the snake mad."

Agent :D "Never mind! There is no way you could have made this up. Claim approved"

Me " :antenna: "


Doesn't count as a wild animal unless you consider how some people play golf as being pretty wild. Got hit in the helmet by a golf ball riding past a golf course. Glad I had a helmet on.

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Fire ants, fire ants, oh the fire ants in Texas. You have to be careful where you stand, step, grab, scrape, or reach. then theres the mosquittos, and snakes...... lol

Speaking of snakes, one actually helped me find a cache the other day: I was in thick overhead cover and my gps wasn't providing much help in finding the cache that I was searching for, so.. I went straight for the tree that I was convinced that it was in and started searching. I reached for a branch then noticed it had 2 eyes and a forked tongue!! I got the heck away from that tree in a hurry and ended up at the correct tree for the cache 20 ft away. Logged and left!

Tool Man

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Fire ants lots of times, but I am somehow magnetically attracted to fire ant mounds. I got bit by a carpenter ant (right after being told by a friend - "Oh, those ants don't bite") also. That one wouldn't have been so bad as they don't really have venom, but it chomped down right on my knuckle, and that guy stung for the rest of the day. I've never even SEEN a snake while caching, which probably means I'm too clueless to spot them, or make too much noise on the way in. Either way, I hope it continues. My worse bite was when I found a cache that was about 20 ft from a honey bee nest. It wasn't supposed to be 20 ft - I think that's where the last cacher tossed it back to while running. I looked up and saw maybe 500 bees standing on top of one another in a crack in this tree. I start moving slowly away, not really even scared - it was pretty cool to see. Suddenly I hear a sound like a jet engine revving up, and I start to move a little faster - then one single bee shot out of the mass of bees like they had shot him from a gun, and I ducked just in time to get the bee trapped in my hair instead of taking one on the nose. He stung me good right on my scalp as I run and jump around out in the open field next to the woods trying to get the mad bee out - I'm thinking the whole time "are bees the insects that can only sting you once?" Let me tell you - a bee sting on your scalp will stay with you for a long time.

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Just today I made this log for a cache in Sarasota, FL:


:anicute: Let me start by saying I waited until I got to the truck to take them off, but now I know the true meaning of having "ants in your pants" :anicute:


I've lived in FL long enough to know better...........but I found the cache!!! :laughing::anicute:

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I'm thinking the whole time "are bees the insects that can only sting you once?"


Depends what type of bee. Honeybees have barbs in their stinger -- their stinger embeds into your skin and is then removed from their body along with the venom sac.


Bumblebees, for example, have smooth stingers, they are able to sting multiple times because it stays attached to their body.

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:laughing: ..I was cachin' in the Orlando area a couple of years back and had given up on find the geocache after looking for quite awhile but I noticed some cool fungal growth on some of the fallen trees in the area so I stopped to take some pictures. I didn't realize that I was standing over an anthill until lI started feeling something..lots of them little fellows made there way up my pantlegs and bit..I felt that for days..
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Not yet, though I have lost track of how many rattlesnakes I have almost been struck by.


Somebodies watching over me, I almost stepped right on one once. If I hadn't looked down for where my next step was to be on the trail (Garden of the Gods) I would of stepped directly on top of it.




After an all girls caching trip this weekend had to add another reply--- this guy was waiting for me on a cache on the talimena drive in Oklahoma.... I stepped off the trail to search for a cache-- first place I looked there sat this snake and I FROZE!! Luckily the other girls were more experienced after snapping a pic she used a stick to get it on it's way--- Then we logged the cache--But I was sure to more more careful the rest of the day!!

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