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  1. I'm going to ask a moderator to delete all my posts on here. I never directed the comment in my first topic towards anyone that was in here and I'm sorry it was heard that way, and yes I jumped the gun on the second post and that was uncalled for but so was taking my own post and belittling me with it when I didn't even realize what the original poster was talking about. Thanks for totally ruining this forum for me people. Just freaking drop what I said and at least grant me the dignity of not having my name bashed when I'm not here because I'm done posting in this forum. And for the record no, this is not how things are done in Michigan, we don't jump down people's throats just because they make a mistake in a post on a message board, you guys take this way too seriously. And lastly for the record I'm a HE NOT A SHE!
  2. exactly, when are people gonna get it through their thick skulls? MICROS/NANOS ARE A CACHE SIZE NOT A CACHE TYPE! Well, before you completely come unglued over this, go back and re-read the thread. Nowhere does anyone in this thread (so far) claim that micro is a cache type, and not a size. Who's skull is thick? edit - Whoops, I found one. But that doesn't seem to justify the name calling and the screaming. yeah thanks for totally insulting me when it was never meant as an insult to the original poster or anyone else to begin with, but simply my way of stating how this comes up CONSTANTLY. Show me where I specifically directed my original comment toward anyone in this topic. It especially doesn't help that I had no idea that the oringal poster was talking about a new size category, they made it sound like they wanted a new type for nanos.
  3. exactly, when are people gonna get it through their thick skulls? MICROS/NANOS ARE A CACHE SIZE NOT A CACHE TYPE!
  4. Ha! I just went through some old GSAK files where I had saved the trip to Jones, and found it. I just now logged my DNF. Not to worry, seems the hider will not be bothering you SW MI cachers any more. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...68-1fe104ed90e8 ah yes, I drove past that cache because I couldn't find a parking place when I remembered it needed maintenance I decided to wait, glad I did!
  5. Indeed, that's why I like hiding more than finding. Getting that first log on a cache you've worked hard on is so rewarding.
  6. Ditto, I've only traded a single time. I can't remember the last time I looked through a cache's swag or even travel bugs, I usually sign and go.
  7. Well, there is something magical about a number of the urban caches in SW Michigan, and by "magical", I unfortunately mean "bizarre"! On my last visit to Kalamazoo, I went caching with a friend, hunting for each of 17 urban caches in Kalamazoo which Sue had picked for me and had downloaded to the GPSr; and this is AFTER I had pre-approved the caches on the list (had read the cache listing pages and okayed each cache based upon the contents of the cache listing page.) Well, of the 17 caches on the list, we simply turned around in disgust and left after arriving at the hide sites of about half of them, as the hides ranged from blatantly illegal to downright stupid. One example: who in their right mind would hide an urban micro in the bushes in a landscaped garden just under the hospital office windows on the grounds of a hospital? On the other hand, we also found some very fine hides as well during my stay in Kalamazoo, some urban and some in wooded areas. hmmm sorry to hear you felt that way about SW MI I know of no cache hidden in the way you described. Next time you are in the area lemme know, I can point you to some of the best ones in the area, if you do come back to this part of Michigan head south of Kalamazoo, we've got some great hiders down this way. I've got several good caches south of Decatur that almost never get any visitors because Kzoo cachers never seem to come down this way. Recently I noticed a decline in the quality of hides around Kzoo. Some newer cachers have done some crappy parking lot hides/etc that I refuse to hunt. We don't all hide like that in this area!
  8. well, that should be a cache I've heard of then, Jones isn't too far from home for me.
  9. living in SW MI, I'm curious which cache this was and who the hider was
  10. Just looking at the logs the location looked awesome though....
  11. We don't have any dangerous animals here in SW MI. If it's deer season I might hit a cache or two with my shotgun or muzzleloader in the truck but I've never carried it to a cache or felt the need to do so. I don't own any handguns, just shotguns and muzzleloaders. If we had bears around here it'd probably be a different story.
  12. btw that cache is so pitiful looking it's hilarious
  13. Wow I feel lucky after reading this thread. I've seen a lot of different cache containers but nothing as weird as some of the stuff mentioned in this thread, a plastic bag wrapped in camo tape?! What is wrong with people? I think I found a plastic bag once, but that was because someone took the container but left all the swag in the bag.
  14. I used to be more into trying to get FTFs. I had one morning where I got 3 in a row in the middle of a snowstorm. Don't really do that anymore, I've lost track of how many I have exactly. Nowadays I just go find em when I've got the time. Nowadays the ones I get usually happen when by chance I'm fist to a cache that may have been sitting for some time or on the rare occasion when a bunch of new caches pop up right as I'm getting ready to head out caching for the day.
  15. Here's one that I found a few months ago. The container was damaged and the owner had to archive it, the latch worked just like a real full size ammo can.
  16. Is it just me or is camo tape not very effective? I can think of maybe 2 or 3 times off the top of my head that camo tape worked effectively at hiding a cache. The rest of the time it seems to be a giveaway especially if it's the kind that's more reflective.
  17. I wish, I've still not seen a wild bear. Whenever I drive to Michigan's UP or any other area that's supposed to be bear country I constantly look but so far have not seen one.
  18. The week of the 4th I took a trip up to Michigan's Upper Penninsula, while I was there I found the cache: Lost Town of Fiborn This cache was located out in the middle of nowhere down an unmarked dirt road in a ghost town in an abandoned quarry. I would have NEVER known about or seen this place if not for caching. An awesome place to visit and I have caching to thank for showing me it.
  19. those look great, I agree with you about the camo tape. I used to use it a lot, but since I started painting my caches I'll never use tape again, paint just looks better. Not only that but I've found I really love painting camo, I dunno why but it's a lot of fun. BTW here's some of my latest paint jobs, the can in the middle has since been redone to a maple/oak leaf pattern, I wasn't happy with the last paint job I did on it.
  20. in my experience as someone who goes out into the woods specifically to find antlers that are dropped, critters either find them or they don't. I've seen antlers that had been laying out in the elements for a long time with no damages and others that had been eaten up immediately. I guess it all depends on placement.
  21. I could care less about the hide, I don't care if it's a 120 mm ammo can in a fake light pole. Wal-marts are not interesting, I don't cache to find Wal-Mart. You said a Wal-Mart cache is better than no cache, I can't disagree more on that one. I could care less about the hide, if it's at a Wal-Mart, it's laziness and it's crappy. That's just the way I feel about them.
  22. just don't worry about it and it'll happen, I don't even know how many FTFs I have. Last one I had it had been sitting for almost a week and I had no idea no one else had been to it until I opened it up and found a blank log.
  23. When that feature first came up I used it a lot but after a while, it was just too darn tedius for me to write down the tracking numbers of every trackable I saw but didn't take. I haven't had too many discoveries on my bugs, I have a coin and my truck as a travel bug that are meant to have discoveries logged, but my bugs that are out and about, yes it is a bit frustrating, especially when they haven't moved in a while.
  24. if you lived in my area and your first hide was a Wal-Mart hide, I'd not only turn around without finding it, I'd automatically put all your future hides on my ignore list. I've noticed they are starting to pop up in my area and I refuse to search for any hidden like that, anyone can find Wal-mart, show me somewhere cool. Aren't most Wal-mart hides done without any permission whatsoever anyway from what I've heard? ?
  25. I really don't get the whole "OH GOD A SNAKE!" thing..... What is so gosh darned scary about a snake? A snake is always more scared of you. It's basically a lizard with no legs, what's the big deal?
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