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  1. Depending on where I am going I have a selection of things. When out alone I like to take Ace, When there is a group or I have to travel a long way Big Max works good, And for those hard to get to places there is always Little Max.
  2. Is this what you are looking for? http://www.skysite.com/
  3. Are you sure the log wasn't wound up inside that metal thingy?
  4. Been up on Capulin a couple of times, back before I knew about Geocaching. The view is awesome. Planning on doing 'Stingray City' this summer when the wife and I go a cruise for our 20th. Hillside Cache near Silverton, CO is beautiful. But again, it was before I knew about Geocaching. Other than that, I haven't done a virtual with any wow factor. Historical significance yes but no wow factor.
  5. Personally I am assuming the police followed procedure and contacted everyone they needed to and if there was any "reasonable doubt" they did the right thing. But following some of the logic above as part of the Homeland Security stuff our city set up an emergency responce team made up of people from various departments, including the streets department. All of them carry cell phones or pagers. The police have all of that information so yes all it takes is a phone call. Following the logic that it might be a bomb so lets be safe and blow it up doesn't carry a lot of weight either. Following that logic they would need to start blowing up all the traffic counters, just in case. What about that mailbox on the corner? The half full coke bottle by the bench, might be nitro glycerin. Or that half full trash can? Or all those cars!?!? Car bombs are popular!!! Oh wait a minute, suicide bombers. Lets blow up all the people because they might be suicide bombers!
  6. I got my first pocket knife when I was six years old from my Dad. It was a gift for passing first grade. I have carried one in my pocket ever since. Current rules of NO sharp objects on planes just makes it easier for hijackers. Now they have fewer things to worry about from the passengers. As far as somebody using a knife they found in a cache for harming somebody else or using it in a crime, they are probably going to do it anyway. The knife only becomes a weapon when the wielder uses it that way. The rules say don't put knives in caches so I don't, but I wouldn't cringe if I found one. So if you are going to leave one I prefer Old Timer for a pocket knife and a mini SwissTech plier/screwdrivers as my daily carriers and Buck for my folding sheath knife. Oh, and a Leatherman as a multitool when out and about. Don't much care for the Swiss Army Brand, too big, bulky and overpriced; but if that is all you have I won't refuse it.
  7. All it would have taken is a phone call to find out what that box was. Looking at the box even I thought it was one of those traffic counters. Another thing the dang thing should have been marked in some way.
  8. Cell phones can be tracked too. I have that option on my daughter's cell phone. Not so much to know her where abouts but because she is directionally challenged. The girl gets lost going from home to church. We have lived in the same house and attended the same church every Sunday since she was born 16 years ago. And it is only 2 miles. I will probably be buying her a GPS for her car in the near future.
  9. They closed several of the stores around here because they weren't doing enough business. And here we thought we were the only onles to have a Krispy Kreme close up their doors. Had one in a town near us close. Ours is still in business though. Personally I feel like I am just eating icing, no body to the donut.
  10. Already been done! Getting it out was a booger though!
  11. I give weight to anybody that agrees with me. Anybody that doesn't agree with me doesn't know what they are talking about!
  12. I thought about this a lot before I did my first cemetery cache. Seemed sacriligious at first. But than I thought about it from the standpoint of if it was me buried there. I would much rather have people coming by having fun playing games than doing 'research' on me or crying over my grave. Plus, most of these graves haven't had any relative visit them in years. The only visitors they are getting are geocachers or researchers (and very few of those). Like others I always have respect and straighten things up when possible. And before I did my first cemetery cache I never thought about what these peoples lives must have been like and how tough they must have been to bring civilization to our area.
  13. First Class Scout. My parents moved about the same time they changed the reguirements for advancement. I was going to have to go back and redo a bunch of stuff in a new troop to keep advancing so ended up just dropping out. Also was a Cubmaster for a couple of years and I didn't even have any boys.
  14. The last I heard extortion is illegal. See if you can file charges against the culprit.
  15. One of the best things about this game is you can play it any way you want. If you want to go do the earthcache go do it just don't expect the cache owner to play the game the way you want to play it and let you log it. It is his choice who he lets log it. You have a choice to be a regular or premium member. If you choose not to anty up and be a premium member than don't whine about not getting premium member benefits. By the way, have you bothered to ask him/her if they would allow you to log it? There are ways to do it.
  16. Prime Reviewer is definitely the most deserving.
  17. Instead of talking about which battery you use and how long it lasts what about say cost/hr. Not doubt Lithium batteries last longest but at what cost? According to Energizer's website the Lithium is awesome in digital cameras but in continuous draw devices such as a GPSr they will only last about 25% longer then the Energizer alkaline. I can buy; 4 AA 2500 mah rechargeables with charger for $18 8 AA Energizers for $6 or 20 for $9 8 AA Lithium for $17. 24 AA Store Brand Alkaline for $5 To me I think the best bang for the buck would be the rechargeables with a batch of the cheap store brands for emergencies. Now if money wasn't important or the battteries were critical to survival, such as spelunking, or for a digital camera, yeah than I would probably opt for the Lithiums.
  18. ?????????????????????????????
  19. Welcome Little Monster. Have fun and enjoy geocaching your way.
  20. Just count it both ways then you can have cake twice!
  21. Dang, I actually am going to disagree with Briansnat. Normally I would say the same thing he is, but since you are having a competition then I would think the whole team should be there. But then I guess that is one of the rules you should have worked out beforehand. Plus if it is the only way she has to log it then I guess she should get to log it. Dang, I guess I ended up agreeing with Briansnat after all.
  22. That isn't any worse than trying to drive with my wife and two daughters in the car with me. I can block it all out and all I hear is "Wa, Wa, Wa, Wa, Wa, Wa".
  23. I'd go ahead and spend the money to get at least the 31. You'll be a lot happier in the long run with the card slot. Personally, I haven't been impressed with any of the color screens I've seen. They wash out in the sunlight, but the expansion slot would be great. I upgraded from the M125 to the E2 and have been pretty happy with it, except the color screen being hard to read outside.
  24. Me personally, I'd prefer to stay on Daylight Saving. Have a little more time with sunshine to get things done.
  25. Once again I am in agreement with Brainsnat. Heck there are dogs with their own accounts so a 10 yo can do it. But Mom and Dad should be looking over his shoulder. My kids don't get near the Internet without one of us keeping an eye on them and they are 12 and 14. The computer with Internet access is located in a corner of the family room where we can see it without being obtrusive. I would suggest the reviewer start keeping a close eye on the kid's caches since the parents won't.
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