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The Bi-annual Best Cache Awards

Team Fido

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What do you guys think about this idea?


The Bi-Annual Best Cache Awards


The basic idea being that everyone gets a vote; You vote for one cache in your province and someone (I'm volunteering) collates all the votes and lets everyone know who the winner is. No prizes except the glory of knowing you rock the sock... (Unless someone feels super-generous and wants to donate a Garmin 60Cx or something :laughing:


I guess it would make sense for all votes to be in by the end of June (2 months from now) to take advantage of the bi-annual thing.


Thoughts, ideas, hate-mail?




ps. By "Best" I mean however you interpret best... To you "best" may be the most beautiful scenery or maybe it's the most challenging, most muddy, most frustrating etc etc etc... I'll leave that part up to you guys.

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Sweeet, cool idea... will have to go through the list of caches we found and think long and hard which deserves our vote, let us know if you need any help technologically (is that even a word?) but I'm sure you can handle it! Charlie from QFC.


PS: Let us know what the plan is in terms of how we vote.

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Sounds Great!


I definetly think QFC might use some of their mighty talent here and design an online voting system that is controlled by usernames (cos they already have all the info in place), and that system can just colllect the votes and sort into the respective provinces/ categories (which I must add is also a great idea Goofster)....


another quick thought... and I know other geocachers are already doing it.... if you feel that your cache is up to the challenge, maybe we can design a link/button for the cache descriptions pages that will make it quick and easy for cachers to rate?




Team Farmers


P.S. What about if we also create this idea into a bi-annual event cache where the results are released? awesome way to meet fellow cachers!

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Great stuff!!

I like Goofsters categorys, and maybe how about Best cache container?


the only trouble with a voting system of this type is provincial numbers. Areas with fewer cachers dont have much of a chance of winning, even if the caches are brilliant, and really difficult caches (such as Stoddards demise) wont get too many votes because not many people can find it!


Any ideas?

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This is a great idea!


But could be difficult to rate! Because one would feel that you may only vote for a cache if you have been there? No voting for caches just by hearing that they're great?


Maybe then percentages? Tough call!

If 5 people have visited a certain cache, and all 5 give that cache thier vote, then should that beat a cache that has obtained 10 votes but has been visited by 30 people?




We'll have to rack our brains for this one!


Perhaps once the categories are finalised, then folks can nominate caches for those categories. We will then have a list (with links to the cache page?) of caches submitted for each category. Its then up to folks to visit those caches if they want to.

Then each team gets one vote per category, thereby selecting the winner.


As suggested, this would be great to have on QFC's page? They could take the nominations, post the lists and put a voting system in place thereby monitoring that everyone only has one vote?


This would be a challenge, but would it be possible QFC?


If so, you guys would be heros!

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Do I smell a national cache event? :rolleyes: hint....hint.... <_<


It would have to be some place central, that everyone could get to without having to drive too far. Gariep Dam, perhaps? Of course, the KZN cachers would have to detour around Lesotho but it's still reachable.

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What fun - we'd definitely make the trip even though we've just been there. Wolkynou has already placed another five caches near by that we haven't done (and we did nine or ten a day when we were there!) and am sure there will be plenty more by the time we get this organised - hey, Wolkynou?

Gariep Dam has super camping facilities and chalets too, for those who don't fancy camping and is big enough to cope with LOTS of geocachers, so sounds like an excellent venue.



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It would be great to meet some of the cachers from other parts of the country. (not that I'm bored of you Capetonians! :mad: ) A central location is a good idea, one with lots of unfound caches for everyone to enjoy!


and chalets might work best for me, with my life changing at the end of the year and all. <_<

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Hey all,


Sorry, What, QFC is going to write more code... For Free!?!?! (well that is what my bos would say <_<).


Sounds like a challenge, and the site needs a new purpose, what with the upcomming name and domain change ... (I let it slip...)


Let us know what you would like:

- A category submit area where SA geocacher can submit categories

- A voting area to vote on and select submitted categories


- A vote section where one can vote on/ submit caches


- A link to Garmins web site should they sponsor

- A link to any sponsor


- A news section for the bi-annual meet

- A follow up section for the aftermarth of the bi-annual meet?


Let us know...


(Part 2) QFC

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Some more thoughts on the topic: since people would be more likely to vote for caches in their immediate area, the ones they are most familiar with, how about awarding prizes for the best caches in each province? And do we exclude caches placed by players who are no longer active? I also think it should be annual as opposed to bi-annual, so we could tie in the awards with an annual national event cache.


Any comments? ;)

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Wolkynou has already placed another five caches near by ... there will be plenty more by the time we get this organised - hey, Wolkynou?

Gariep Dam has super camping facilities and chalets too, for those who don't fancy camping and is big enough to cope with LOTS of geocachers, so sounds like an excellent venue.




AAA HAAA!!! <_< Eventually I'll get you here in my neck of the woods ... will do what I can to make it worthwhile for all of you!!! Sorry can't sponsor the nests for the event ... BUT will surely join in... just a reminder: I'm a pastoral engineer ... on a Sunday have some engineering to do!!! But the rest of the week end I'll be there!!! <_<

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:laughing: When can we start to vote for these awards? Would dearly like to do this before we leave on our trip next week.

Would also like to see the awards ceremony taking place quite soon as we don't think anybody would like to have to fight for bookings anywhere at the high season times of the year!

Come on Fido tell us when!!

We think ALL the Western Cape cachers are really looking forward to a National get together.

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By next week! :laughing:


Haven't had time to even think of the voting the site (maybe it will have to be on paper... :laughing:). We wil try and get something up. But am currenly sleep deprived enough at the mo such that I havent been able to get my own program off the ground. Maybe Part 3 will have more luck....


Will keep you informed.....


Part 2

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Ok, Here goes...


Like I said right in the begining, I think we should just keep this very simple to start with... Every team votes for one cache and one cache only. It doesn't matter if it's in your province or not...


We can use the national event both as a prize giving and as a planning meeting to discuss categories, rules etc for the next competition.


I've created an email address for voting: SAGeocacheAwards@gmail.com so mail me asap.


When voting, be sure to include why you're voting for that cache.


over and out,


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Gosh, talk about laying down the law!!

I'll send my vote when i know which I like best.

Are you sure we cant vote for 2 or 3 maybe. That might create more excitement and fairness with more votes to tally?


Yeah, two or three is cool...


Sorry about the *law*... it's the business analyst in me...



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Hello All

Just a quick note re the event.


I spoke to Garmin Ad reps today (Charlene to be precise) who tells me that Garmin is very interested in sponsoring the event.


What I need to know from you, the geocacher, is how do you feel about the event being run by Garmin???


They are going to discuss it and come back to me with a few ideas but so far it looks very promising.


I told them that Gariep Dam was probably the place it would happen and they were happy with that.


Charlene even mentioned that they may consider holding the event anually depending on the result and would look to source further sponsors on our behalf should Garmin give them the go-ahead.


I personally think that letting a company like Garmin take ownership of the event is the way to go. We let them take care of the logistics and organising and we can get back to what we do best, caching!!


(I'm actually thinking of the brand new 60 CSx I'm gonna win hehehe)


Any thoughts on this would be welcomed.


Happy caching.... :(


Ps. I have a few Sawyer Snake Bite first aid kits that I'll put up as prizes myself.

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This just keep getting better and better! Good on you Tramper! ...and good on you Wolkynou for making the area an attractove (caching) destination!


Somebody needs to take responsibility for setting it up though (exact date and times). I nominate Wolkynou as chairman of the "fees komitee" :laughing: , Team Fido and Tramper as members of the exco! :laughing:

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They make good GPSr's, let's see what they have up their sleeves for us! :(


Seriously, I can help where needed, and no, my ego will not be hurt if they take the lead. I just want to go and meet more SA cachers!!!!!


Let's do this fellows.....


P.S. I use Garmin, so my vote might count extra?! :rolleyes:

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To answer Bats question , the event will be arranged by Garmins Advertising Agency, who are from a journalism background. They have already indicated that they would like to invite publicity in the form of newspapers and magazines. If the headline reads something along the lines of " Garmin hosts National Geocaching Event" who are we to complain :(


They have also indicated the possibility of getting a few Garmin clients such as Cape Union Mart on board as far as prizes go.


Two goals have to be achieved : Prizes for the event and secondly to advertise Geocaching.


If Garmin can make a buck on the side as far as advertising etc is concerned, fantastic, because then we may have a fixed event sponsored annually.


We are going to work in conjunction with Garmin and indicate to them what we are looking for.


A suggestion I had which Garmin havent fully considered yet, was to have two or three teams from the north (Gauteng) and the same from the south (WC) who would travel to places Garmin might be interested in obtaining a bit advertising in to do some sponsored geocaching. This is, at this stage, purely a proposal.


Lets see what they say and I will keep you all posted as it unfolds.


Happy Caching :(

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