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Hi ;) ,

For two days now I havent been able to get on to the site and log any of my finds. I have managed to get onto here though. Today I managed one of my finds then it went saying server down or website cant be found. Im paying for this service, I hope its just a temporary thing.


Is everyone else ok with logging. :(



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You are not alone. I've not been trying to log finds, just read some cache details but getting the old server too busy - can't be bothered message.


PQs still arrive from time to time though.


I fear the technology they use may be reaching a limit. How many concurrent users can it cope with? I wonder how many people are logging/searching etc at any particular time.


The forums are on a different server and not affected by the spasms of the cache database system.


We've just been through a similar trauma on a large educational system that has 1.5 million users and it struggled if we had 20k users on at the same time. It needed a complete change of the hardware, the database design and in fact the language the whole thing was based on and now it's responding again.


I was one of the chosen few to receive 'the survey' discussed in another thread. I wasn't going to bother but I took the opportunity to use the 'any other comments' section to suggest that they sort the server out.

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I'm gonna set the cat amongst the pidgeons :(


Only allow the premium members to have access at the weekends. Then rather than thousands of people who pay for the upkeep of the server waiting until the Monday and so on to log their finds. All the non paying members have to wait, allowing us access.


I don't say this to upset the basic members, but the paying members in my opinion should have precedence on getting access, and although it is restricted the basic member will still have access to the site.

It may also encourage more to pay for their membership, although I find this would be doubtfull that the money would be used to upgrade the servers.


This is only my opinion and I am not looking for getting into a heated discussion over it.

As I am about to run and hide :unsure:


I also mentioned on the survey about the servers being upgraded.

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It seems to be running better for the time being. There have been plenty of suggestions similar to HH's but hopefully the changes mentioned by Jeremy yesterday and today will have helped and such drastic action will be unecessary. IMO, new geocachers would be put off the site altogether if they couldn't log at weekends and will never become paying members. In fact they'd probably return to muggledom pretty quick.


I tend to get better response than the average from the looks of it, but I was still getting occasional "server too busy" situations even on Monday to Wednesday.



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One big problem with having people delay logging finds is that it holds up others when logging TBs and coins or makes a mess of the logs, not to mention when maintenance is needed. I think a better way of dealing with this if you want to give premium members a benefit would be to have a premium member server that can run at full speed and a public server that has it's bandwidth limited and hence will impact less of the back end database.

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I'm gonna set the cat amongst the pidgeons :unsure:


Only allow the premium members to have access at the weekends. Then rather than thousands of people who pay for the upkeep of the server waiting until the Monday and so on to log their finds. All the non paying members have to wait, allowing us access.

That is not a fix, but a cludge just to alleviate/delay the underlying problem.

I'm not a paying member (yet), but have considered it, and probably will soon. If I do contribute, I want my contribution going towards better front/back end servers and bandwidth etc. not other pointless services.

So what then... I (along with many other hesitant payers) pay up, as well as new 'members' from the natural expansion of the hobby/game/sport and then the server is bogged down again - this time by people who have paid up, so there's more people with an even more genuine complaint?

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It's back - I was just trying to log my finds today and I'm getting 'Server Too Busy' messages. Gurrr.


Here's a suggestion - rather than let people who've paid for extra features and benefits getting preferential treatment on the servers, why not reward the cache setters who make the game possible in the first place by giving them preference? :D


And an observation: Most users of these UK forums are premium members, based on the number of red crosses I see on the main page. Perhaps that means most UK users are PMs? Maybe servers are being overrun by foreign freeloaders? Maybe there's been chronic underinvestment in the technology supporting the site? Perhaps the millions of dollars* Groundspeak earn each year isn't being spent on the GC site. Maybe it's been spent on setting up a GPS database of locations which may have commercial value -unlike caches, which aren't of so much interest...


*This is a guess. I can't find data for Premium Member numbers anywhere.

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Server Application Unavailable

The web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable. Please hit the "Refresh" button in your web browser to retry your request.


Administrator Note: An error message detailing the cause of this specific request failure can be found in the application event log of the web server. Please review this log entry to discover what caused this error to occur.

/end quote.



Trying to log todays caches... No go! :D

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I'm a premium member but I agree with Andy the Rocketeer. The root problem needs to be addressed - if the hardware is creaking then its should be upgraded. I had problems tonight just browsing the search engine for caches in Cyprus. I had to leave it 30 mins before trying again. :D

Having the problems we are currently experiencing could well put non-members off from joining and Grounspeak lose out on additional funding.


Buy a shiny new one guys....

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