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Loads Of Spaces.......

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come on folks there are loads of spaces left on my online calendar :D


all you have to do is to add your name and caching teams name next to your birthday, email me to say you have done it, and i will email you back with the TB number


easy as that


easiest bug you will ever get :unsure:


the mission is just to fill every date of the calendar with a cachers birthday :huh:


Mandys Birthday Bug page

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Oh yeah, forgot the famous people stuff!!


10th June

Born: James, Prince of Wales, commonly called 'the Pretender,' 1688, London; John Dollond, eminent optician, 1706, Spitalfields; James Short, maker of reflecting telescopes, 1710, Edinburgh.


Died: Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, 1190, Cilicia; Thomas Hearne, antiquary, 1735, Oxford; James Smith, promoter of subsoil ploughing, 1850, Kinzeancleuch, Aprshire.


6th January


Maybe just the ultimate one!! In Armenia anyway!!


Throughout my ministry as an Armenian Orthodox priest, many have asked the question; "If Jesus was born on December 25th, then why do we celebrate on January 6th?" For some, today, the date is December 25th, others January 7th, others January 6th and again for others January 19th. So, are there 4 dates for the celebration of Christmas?

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I love this idea – good excuse for messin’ on t’internet when I should be working!


My b-day – June 22 – I added Meryl Streep, Billy Wilder, Kris Kristofferson & Puccini to the calendar but also noted Jimmy Somerville of the Communards and Tommy Cunningham of Wet Wet Wet, both of whom I was a fan of in my hey day! Sad….yes.


Also, Judy Garland died the same day I was born – 1969.


Events – 1941 – In his offensive known as Operation Barbarossa, Hitler invades Russia breaking the non-agression pact signed in 1939 – Russians later foiled the German advance with their ‘scorched earth’ tactic to deprive Germans of supplies.


1981 – Mark Chapman pleads guilty to the murder of John Lennon. He says he heard voices in his head telling him to kill Lennon and later pled guilty because God told him to. :(

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