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Foley, but I also spend time in SW Minnesota with family. Only been caching for about a month now and I don't have a lot of find under my belt yet. So far I am addicted and now my boyfriend, parents, brother, sister-in-law, niece & nephews are too! :rolleyes:

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Eagan here.


Just got back into caching. Took a few years off. After going out and doing a few again, I got hooked. I also got inspired by another cacher to see how many days in a row I can log at least one cache. That is, at least until my first child is born in January. I don't think that would go over too well to be out caching during baby duties (or doodies). So I have a few months to try at least.

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I've been caching since May of 2008 with my husband (VikingNav). We have cached in about 29 states (as of Jan 2011) and also in Canada. In the year 2010 I found 1,019 caches total. My best year yet! Hope to increase that amount this year!

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Kerana5 from Mora, MN Out Caching with my brother BigVicLopez (also from Mora) or ScubaSteve6879 (from Isanti).

Kerana5 (that's me!) and ScubSteve6879 lived in Braham, MN as teens.


I'm planning on geocaching all over the state. East Central Minnesota will get hit first, but I'd like to get to as much of Minnesota as possible before moving on to another state. ScubaSteve would like us to hit the Grand Canyon area as he is originally from that area and in December we will be going to Paraguay, South America for our first International Cache search!!!

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Brand new, to Geo Caching...found 3 with smart phone. Don't think it is very accurate. Bought e Trex 10 new from someone online, but am struggling with figureing it out. wondering if there is a smartphone program that is better or a gps that is mid priced but easy to use. Think i would get addicted very easily. Looking for other in my area to learn this with.


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