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  1. Tough question. At one point or another I released at least 30 since I began caching. Rarely have I had any last more than a year. Occasionally I re-release proxy's but they go missing within a couple months or so. Maybe 3-5 are actually still traveling.
  2. My grandma and her sisters are Canadian. We took a roadtrip to British Columbia to visit her sister last year. Of course we found a few geocaches there, Eh!
  3. We bought a Garmin Oregon 450T this year and love it. It's accurate, can keep pretty much a death grip on the signal, and has colored maps and a touchscreen. We were using an etrex legend before, so we were just happy having a gps that didn't loose signal when we were within 500 feet of the woods.
  4. The first geocoin I owned was an Army Man 4 geocoin. The original coin was stolen, but I have sent out the code as something else. At least when I ordered it I ordered two so I still have his brother at home with me.
  5. I have a tb called Fairytail Endings. It is a small notebook with a tag. The mission is to write the next chapter and (if possible) type it up online. By the end, I hoped to have a story. It may be missing now though.
  6. Today I decided to go through my active travel bugs, tags, and geocoins to see which of them are still traveling. Over 3/4 of my active tbs are now gone or have been in the hands of the same cacher for well over 4 months (a year and a half in the worst case.) I decided to politely send emails to the 20 or so cachers who have had my tbs for over 3 months, not to be mean or point fingers, just to give them a little nudge to put the tb back out. I can understand a cache going missing, an emergency that prevents people from caching, or even losing a tb, but if the tb is lost, I just want to know about it. The occasions that frustrated me most, however, were the occasions where the tb holder has cached many times since they grabbed my tb oh, say 6 months ago, and have yet to re-release it. Oh well, I took the risk to release tbs, got my handful of smiles out of each one, and now have lots of travel codes to recycle. Rant over!
  7. What NOSNOW said. The state park caches are great cache most of the time and are fun to find. They run a program to introduce people to caching and they change their caches out every couple years or so. This program is great for introducing, but tbs disappear from those caches like crazy because of the new cachers. It is always sad to see a travel bug go missing, but that is one of the risks taken when putting a tb into the wild. As for contacting the CO, that probably won't be much of help. The parks would have retrieved the containers from the safari and from there, I don't know what is done with tbs left in caches after retrieval. My best guess is that tbs are put into the new state park caches. Contacting the CO wouldn't help because each state park puts out and maintains their own cache. One final thing you can check, look at the date that your tb was put into the cache. If it was put in right before archival, there is a chance that the parks have it. Sorry for the loss, and best of luck on your tb returning.
  8. One more option, but I don't know how many park systems do this. I know that our state and county parks systems do rent-a-gps programs for geocaching in their parks. They usually are old extrex legend style gps's, but they can be a great alternative to buying gps's or using a smartphone.
  9. How I see it, chirp caches are a less complicated Wherigo. Only available to those with the right gps/smartphone (in Wherigo's case) and could be hidden as a multicache if stages were put out. However, I like wherigos since they can be far more in depth and offer a very unique experience. I like chirps as well, though they are quite expensive for the lifespan that an owner can get out of them.
  10. Oh, and one other thing to check: Does geocaching.com tell you that the code is not in the system or that it is unativated. If it says unactivated, the owner did not activate it. If it says that it is not in the system, the code does not exist.
  11. We just finished building and publishing our first Wherigo using the online tool earwigo. Does the "block the player from being played in emulator" work and if so what exactly does it do? The reason I ask is that there is a really smart computer program guy in our area. He takes great joy in hacking puzzles and wherigos and takes a running tab on those he finds through his methods. He used a alternative Java program to run the Wherigo that plays similar to emulator. Now I don't have a huge problem with him hacking it, but for the future I want to make this cartridge as hard to hack as I can. Is there any way of doing this through the Lua code?
  12. No. Jholly's answer is pretty much the conclusion I was making too after looking through the help books. I was trying to make a pocket query of another user's finds, but it doesn't seem I can do it. Maybe in GSAK there is something, but I haven't taught myself how to use that yet. Thanks for the responses.
  13. Now I know that I am not a premium member with this user name. Our family name is a premium account. I was wondering if it is possible to make a pocket query of all of the finds of another user of geocaching.com? If not a pocket query, is it possible to make a gpx file of all of the finds of another user? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  14. Nope, no response. I sent him an email within ten minutes of the OP too...
  15. Zoom in a bunch and click on it.
  16. Yes, same problem for me. The thing that usually works for me is zooming in as far as it will go and usually it lets you click on it then. I don't know why it doesn't work, but I guess it is something I can live with.
  17. Awsome. Knock out job on the very meaningful coin.
  18. SALVATION Hidden by a pastor. He came up to us at an event he was hosting and asked "have you guys found salvation." The cache is right in front of his church.
  19. My guess for today: Purple Passion Flower: Passiflora incarnata Thanks for the cointest!
  20. Oh yah, and I forgot about one more of our caches. The park crew did some trimming and took our cache. Then, just to rub some salt in it, a tornado came through and leveled the whole woods. We are not getting that spot back!
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