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  1. download c.geo on the phone. seems more user friendly
  2. I hate to say it, but you may not be able to. But I will try and walk you through it just in case you are. (or how it works with my 60csx). First go to the Megellan website and download POI loader. think this might be it: http://magellan-roadmate-poi-manager.software.informer.com/ After that, plug you gps into the puter, don't remember if it needs to be off or anything. Trial and error I guess. After you get it pluged in, open up POI manager on puter. And "clear all POI or Custom POI" this shouldn't take very long. Now go to your GSAK (geocaching Swiss army knife) Hope you know how to work this one.... This is where you may have to a bit of looking into. I think you need to download an Megellen roadmap "macro" thats the key word. Look for your modle number. (((Do a serch for the macro on the website.))) Download...... After you have a bunch of caches on the GSAK up on the page, click "RUN" I think.... been a long time... Upper task bar. Drag down to Macro or Manange Macro. Click your Megellen thing you downloaded and let her run. Should take a few min. I think it took me like 3 min. to do this. NO YOUR NOT DONE>...... You now have to save this in a place you will remember.... After all that, close or minimize GSAK and run that POI manager again and tell it to load THAT macro save thing. Should only take about 30 sec. PLEASE READ THIS:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: If You are more lost after reading all of this, check the geocaching swiss army knife forums. Thats where I had to go to get this all figured out. After you do it once, it will be much easier. Just that first time sucks. Good luck. And I hope I was able to help you a little.
  3. gps_junky


    Usted debe tratar de hacer esto en Inglés. No está seguro de lo que están pidiendo, pero si utilizar el traductor de Google y copiar y pegar es posible que podamos para ayudar.
  4. Not sure about the app thing for android. I use c.geo and that gives you different maps. Lets see, it gives you: Google, Map Google, Satellite, OSM: mapnik OSM: Cyclemap OSM: offline. (this is grayed out on my phone) Don't know if this will help ya. This app is free. Try it and see how it works for ya.
  5. I hate to say it, but I have been having a major problem finding any puzzle caches.... I know that its the fun of the cache to figure out the puzzle, but I have NO WAY of FIGURING OUT WHAT OR WHERE TO START... I would like for someone to try and tell me what I need to do to AT LEAST start trying to figure them out... I.E.>>>>>>> MEMEBER ONLY CACHE> http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=41d16900-d679-4c9d-a2ae-096086257c98 I have been on the net for hours doing different google searches for this cache or info given. Where do I start or what do you make out of this? I was going to ask someone who had allready found it but I figured I would start here..... Thanks
  6. I say it's up to the finder. If they want to cheat, let them. I myself is one that will log a find if I was able to touch the cache. I live in the North and have found caches that incased in a big Ice Ball (not the owners intention) I had no way of getting inside of it. But I did log that I made the find. I WOULD NOT LOG A FIND: if the cache, say, Has a lock of some kind on it and I am unable to figure it out. OR its a MULTI and I have not found the last stage. But all in all I say its up to the Finder. The only person that they are trully cheating is themselves. To some people, its all about the #'s. To me its about the adventure.
  7. What kind of Garmin? I use a 60csx and GSAK with the Macro for it. Not sure if that will help you, but I have had similar problems. The GSAK with Macro of corse Sends the caches to gps but with the Macro it also: Tells me size Of the last 4 people that found it did they all find it or 1 didn't. (Looks like this FFDF) Which means the 2 last people found it and the one before didn't) Diff/Terain Last 4 logs (If you want them) If a TB is in it. Long and short Des. As you can see, it tells me all of that. Prob is, that the info is only updated when you run the pocket quaries. But it looks to me like you may need to do that if you are going out in the BFE. Hope it helps.
  8. Very interesting. Not sure what I would do with it. Make it a part of a puzzle cache where you have to find 4 nanos or somthing (which may give : A clue to the # or The # itself). With the 67 possible #'s It could be very tiring for a person to find. If you are just going to leave that in the woods, Make sure it is labled a puzzle cache and I would give it a 4 Star rating on Diff. If you are going to do as I sugested and make it a sort of puzzle it out thing, MULTI I would rate it 2.5 or 3. Looks like it could be a lot of fun. Good luck
  9. I wouldn't have even used that button (NEEDS MAT) I would have logged it as a find and put somthing in the description about a wet log. The NEEDS MAT. button is more for a cache that is broken, full of water, or so beat up that it looks like trash. I carry note books with me to put into peoples caches if they are water logged. It takes less time for me to do it then the owner.
  10. AND 1 more note: I put a hint that tells you EXACTLY where the cache is (West pine tree hanging in branch). I hate driving all the way to some caches and find there is no hint. I like people to only have to go to my caches one time. If they want to go back some day, good for them. \ What are they going to see the second time they haven't seen the first. Put a hint!!! And save some cachers some gas.... EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: A cache that is hanging in a tree 2 stories up and you have to find a fishing pole of string to let down the cache, Don't leave that in the hint. I would leave something like "Its a Rare Type of cache"
  11. I use a garmin map 76 (older one) and in the waypoint screen I have an extra spot to put 2 or 3 words in. And I load the caches by hand... I put the hint, somed up most of the time, on that spot (Just in case you have this unit, its where the DATE is on the waypoint page). I have so many caches in the unit that I am never able to remember which one is which. Just in case I cant find it then I check the hint. And Don't know if anyone else uses this system, but I have figured a way to remember what size is which by doing it this way; I put the name of the cache or most of it and for the very last spot for a letter I put a number. 1= Micro 2= Small 3= Regular 4= Large 5= Unknown or Mystery cache (I use 2 spots on the name on this one. 5? or 5X for whatever is on the size icon thing on the GC.com cache page. 6= Multi (I make 2 spots on the name for this one. The other would be size. i.e.. 63 which is a multi with a Regular sized cache at the end) 8= earth cache (for the hint spot, I put what I need i.e... Pic or guess on size etc...) It does help out a lot doing it this way. Funny, but now my family askes for size and I will say "Its a 1" instead of a micro...
  12. We have 7 members so far. Looking for more. We have posts all ready that are free map software for your gps...... Join us
  13. I would look 2 places 1 craigslist 2 gps garage sale here in the forums. After doing a search, look on Geocaching.com GPS REVIEWS. Look for that model and see what it runs like. A little bigger of a unit, but the Garmin GPS V is by far one of my favs. Cheap, Old, BW, but if you have map software in it, it will give you turn by turn. BAD SIDE. Most of the cheap units are Serial port to puter. So you have to manually enter cords, or look for a unit that comes with a USB. Good luck
  14. A New Forums page for is now up and running for the Minneapolis / St. Paul along with the surrounding areas Swing on by and set up an account www.northstarcachers.socialgo.com This will take the place of the old northstarcachers.org from the old days. Hope to see some familiar faces and names there.
  15. True and now a day's a 454 and the new 50 Smith are both bigger then that. I think the old 357 was the biggest for only 2 years.
  16. I hope you get a chance to read this, Being I am posting on so far to the bottom. I have an old Garmin GPS V (very cheap) and after you put the map sorce info on it, it will give you turn by turn directions then when you get close to the cache, you can use it as a hand held...
  17. I don't see anything wrong with it.... I have found many caches that people put their business card in. I wouldn't name the cache anything with a business name, well, I guess I really don't see nothing wrong with that too. TRY IT... The worst thing that could happen is the Moderator would say something about it so it won't be approved.
  18. Not quite sure what you are talking about.... Tell me what you are doing and where you run into problems..
  19. When you start looking for caches that are 1 of a kind or just right for you to find, ie. your horseback ones, I would recommend upgrading to a premium membership and start building pocket queries. There is a lot on the forums page on how to do this. but with them, you can add attributes to your search and stuff. Works real nice. I know of a few in Wisconsin that people do on horseback. Close to St. Croix Falls if you ever want to horse cache up there.
  20. I don't have one of these and don't think I ever will.... I use old gps's like the legend and V and a 76 map every once in a while. All with plain old compass that only work when you are moving. I see my buddy using his 76csx or what ever it is, and doing the turn around dance a bunch of times to calibrate it. Looks funny. Is there a way to turn off the compass? or stop using that screen and do the over head map view zoomed in. You should be able to tell what direction it is and as you walk to it, it should show you getting closer to it. Hope I helped a little.
  21. Hasting.... and St. Croix falls wi
  22. I am going to be teaching some cub scouts along with their parents on geocaching. I am looking for a few gps's we can use for the evening. Or come on down to learn somthing new..... Look here for future postings and time and place
  23. Anyone ever used the wap.geocaching.com page on your cell phone? Not sure if its a knock off of GC.com or what, but I am having a heck of a time putting cords into it! What setting do I put the gps on to convert them over to this web site? Any help would be appreciated! You can play with it on the puter too!!!
  24. I wish I could say that I was going on the trip with my parents to Sweden, but being a new father I am unable too. My parents have just learned to use my gps and want me to put in the cords for 2 places in Sweden. I is called Gillersklack (which is a ski resort in Kopparberg) and the 2nd is Arlanda Hotellby, Stockholm, Sweden (Which I believe is a Hotel) It would be very appreciated if someone could email me with these cords. gps_junky@yahoo.com
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