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No-one had bid on my GPS when there was about 18 hours or so to go so I put up a message to say that it was being watched by 10 people and that if anyone wanted it they should not leave it too late!!


I had a bid for the Buy it Now price within 45 minutes!

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Very true, snipeing is a major problem with ebay, I too have been known to snipe bargins on ebay, and frankly, there is no other way I would bid on ebay these days, since my idea of a bargain price is apparantly a lot lower that 99% of people, who aparantly are prepared to bid well in excess of what the article is actually worth, and if you do bid slightly above this then there are aways people who will bid higher!

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I bid with about 5 minutes to go with the highest amount that I am willing to pay.

Example: I bid £50 on an item but I got it for £35.

i bid in the odd numbers like £3:48 as a maximum bid. It can put your bid 1p above the last bid sometimes. Also i bid late as well.

NB my old palm iiix is up for sale at the moment.

Yup i usually watch to find out how much something sold for when i want to bid i do the above without watching the item.

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