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Trashed Caches

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I was unfortunately the one who visited a cache yesterday to find the box and contents strewn around the ground.


So my log on the webpage stated


Left Nothing, Took logbook, Box and contents !!!


Luckily this cache will be dried out, repaired and replaced in the next couple of days.


How many times has this happened, any other stories........

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Having spoken to you a couple of times on the 'phone yesterday, I know the cache to which you refer. :D


I found one of The Wombles caches up at the Uffington White Horse muggled. They had taken the very nice, large ammo box, put the contents into a white, plastic carrier bag back and stuffed it back into the hedge. :rolleyes::rolleyes::D


I had gone to the cache to retrieve a TB which I had left there a few weeks earlier and ended up taking the whole cache home with me instead! :)


It has now been relocated nearby by the owner and remains a very popular cache. :D


(Maybe when you come caching down this way, it will be one of the ones you will find :) )


Edited to add...


A couple of weeks later, I went to do a maintenance check on one of my caches and found that it had suffered the same fate... ammo box stolen, cache contents stuffed into the hedge!

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I used to pass by a local cache on a regular basis, and I often found it to be exposed in broad daylight. I would re-hide it well only to find that it had been uncovered again a few days later, with no logged visits. In the cache was a sparkly smelly pen and I believe it was the scent from the pen that was attracting dogs/badges or foxes to drag the cache out in the open. Even the scent from someone who has recently been eating their sandwiches would rub of on a cache and attract attention to it. As TDW has said children finding an ammo box hidden in the woods would be delighted, I am only surprised the contents has been left behind. What we need are special stealth cache boxes which can only be seen if your wearing geocaching specs. :rolleyes: Like these.←

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The problem is when a cache has been stolen, vandalised etc, if its replaced will the muggles responsible come back for another attack? :unsure:



I think so. One of mine has been found in the open a few times. It used to be in a neat container, but part of this was nicked, leaving just the inner tupperware. Ultimately I am going to replace it with something else in the vicinity (but not exact spot) and re-use my original idea elsewhere.


Found a cache at the weekend which had been found by kids. They had signed the logs, taken nothing and returned later with something to swap. That was very nice to see. Hope they don't tell too many of their friends about it!

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A nearby cache had been muggled a few times by local youths who actually signed the log and put the cache back!


Of course, this situation was never going to last and eventually it was trashed. I found the log book and returned it to the owner who obviously (and probably wisely) decided not to replace it and it's now archived.


I think once a cache has been compromised it is only a matter of time before it disappears. :unsure:

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Our (few) caches are always in boxes that have been camouflage painted and have an additional identity painted on them. It makes the boxes pretty valueless, and perhaps less interesting.


But caches are as ephemeral as anything else - which is why we are always trying to find new locations for new caches.

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