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  1. I have a friend who has a Road Angel GPS, with speed cameras, full postcode search etc... Either the 6000 or 7000 model I think. He reckons he can download Mem Map into it using the sd card slot, and get it to run real time. Anybody else have one of these & can do this ???
  2. Without wishing to sound sarcastic are you sure you have the correct map datums set WGS84 & hddd mm.mmm & also the time set to london for this country. or OSGB & British Grid ??
  3. Could try wiggle.co.uk I've bought loads from them, + they have loads of other outdoor kit as well now, fast & reliable
  4. Which GPS systems will this be compatible with, if/once launched ??? How would for instance a Garmin/Magellan differentiate between current satellites & the new ones ???
  5. No, due to our friends at Ord Survey, licencing restrictions do not allow you to do this. You can use V5 files in the 2004 Viewer, but not 2004 files in the V5 viewer, if that makes sense. Not Mem Maps fault, blame the Crown !!!
  6. Hi all, spotted on Wiggle, new Garmin unit launching soon, Venture Cx, in principle is the same as a Legend Cx but is sold without the Micro SD, & at a budget price. Also pre programmed micro SD'S by region, for those who don't want the hassle of changing map portions, & just want to swap cards. Venture Cx Gekocacher
  7. Don't forget it's this Fri & weekend, see you there, i'll be working there incognito, can you spot me ??
  8. Well my first gps was a Geko 201, sure you can suss the rest ;-0 thing is I use a 60cx now so im a bit stuffed ??? Gekocacher
  9. Think he's spotting what trousers you are wearing ??? I'd be worried if I were you !!! These Paramo/Nikwax lot are a strange breed. :-o
  10. That looks like a mini for caching in ??? Good wheels which i'm sure most have had worthy service from !! Gekocacher
  11. Maybe geocachers might have the answer ???? Instead of searching for encrypted text it could all be a series of elaborate grid references to find the cache of all caches ???
  12. Perplex City: Found this hunt & solve a virtual world puzzle game involving, 256 card puzzles using cards, web, tv, forums, public events & if you find the location of the cube you could win £10,000. Couldn't help thinking there could be a geocaching link in here somewhere ??? Perplex City Gekocacher
  13. Mem Map sell a product called selections where you can customise maps to your own spec within a area of 2,500sq hectare. Equiv of Lakes Nat Prk nearly. You can select upto a maximum of 3 seperate areas. Avail here
  14. Got mine too, many thanks to all who put the effort in !!! Lets get releasing !!! Gekocacher
  15. Both the units you mention are near identical, they both perform exactly the same, it is just the forming of the case shape which difers, the 76 is a more traditional marine line, whereas the 60 series is more outdoor specific. There are a few differences in the antenna type a quad helix on the 60 series giving 360 deg coverage whereas on the 76 it has a patch antenna limiting visibilty of the satelites, that said the sirfstar III chipset should counteract that. I also think that the 76 floats if dropped in water giving it more marine application ??? Don't quote me on that !
  16. You need to go upto the "x" series to get the sirfstar III chipset, which will virtually give you a signal indoors !!! Although not always, but through thin roofs , thick woodland, against big cliffs this is the fella !!!
  17. All you need is the Topo V2 this has the autorouting built into it, so you don't need the auto kit & the full topo maps of the UK. Try www.wiggle.co.uk (Garmin Topo V2) This will run on the csx, also avail at both as well.
  18. Hello I hope that you do not notice me, with you in connection sitting down. Do you know the cacher called Mariendorfer? I try to set me with them in connection as they mean TB took up however it to a secret camp did not log. If you know it, can you ask them for it? German Ain't that rusty Gekocacher
  19. Found the cheapest topo so far on the web + unit info. Can't wait to get this running. Topo here
  20. Spoken to Garmin today, & I have managed to officially confirm that the new V2 Great Britain will be compatible with all mapping model Garmin units, colour & black & white versions. The quality is poorer on black & white versions of Legend, venture & vista & will run slower, due to them being older models. You will be limited to the units internal memory size, as to how much you can download in to it. You will need the new 60Cx & CSx, to get the best viewing as these models will have extended resolution built into them. All future new models will also incorporate extended resolution also. There is also the Legend Cx & Vista Cx The mapping will also incorporate road data which you will be able to perform autorouting with, model dependant. Topo here Gekocacher
  21. Cheers Guys, will try, wanted to start a thread, have loads of images of my new 60cx & v2 ord survey maps. Gekocacher
  22. Hi, want to post a image on a thread, can only see how to do this from a URL, how can I do this from my documents on my computer ? Gekocacher
  23. Hi, the topo V2 Great Britain, has not been delivered to any dealers for distribution yet, we expect delivery 1st week Feb, if all goes to plan, then straight out to dealers. The topo will only operate in the new "X" series models, as far as Garmin officially says, but I will trial as soon as is released. Topo Here Gekocacher
  24. Garmin has recently announced that it will immediately begin to make its line of GPS and mobile electronics devices compatible with Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger." This makes Garmin the first major GPS designer and manufacturer to announce direct support for Mac OS X. Mac Garmin Link Thought this may be of interest to other peeps. Gekocacher.
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