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I'm with CD...where do you even begin to make your own coin?? and is there a link to a mint or what. I'm fascinated!

For mine, it went like this:


The wife and I noodled around with several sketches, until we came upon the design idea we liked. This took forever, as we had to determine what elements we wanted to put in the coin.


Then, I searched for coin manufacturers. I wound up going with KV Coins in Texas


We sent the design to them, and started a month-long round of phone calls and e-mails. There were some problems with their interpertation of the drawings we sent them.


Once that was ironed out, we reviewed the digital art they sent, approved it, and ordered the proof cooin. This was 2 weeks ago.


If the proof is good when it arrives, we'll order the coins.


Time involved: Probably gonna be 3-4 months when it's finished and I have my coins in hand.

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I would like one of your coins as well. I cache in your area and will be attending the cache event on June 4th, if you will be there we can exchange then........


I have to have one of yours seeing my husband works at Lockheed and builds the plane on the front of your coin.




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My daughter (12) has just recently started collecting Geocoins and has a limited selection to trade but is looking to see what is available.


If you see anything you like please e-mail me and see what we can do.


Inventory for trade:


2005 USA

2004 Washington

2005 Texas

2005 Canadian

2005 Calgary Cachers


Joy of Geocaching

2005 Michigan

2005 North Carolina

2005 Idaho

2005 Alaska (on order)

2005 Silvermarc (on order)


Also on order GeoWoodstock III due early June.

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I ended up getting 150 made just so I would have enough to put in caches and trade them. Numbering ended up FAB001 - FAB150. So, if you live in Texas you would have the best chance of finding one. Mostly as FTF for my caches. I may place a few in other states I usually visit as well (most likely Missouri, Arkansas, Utah, Nevada).



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