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  1. thefabfive 1st edition - 150 (antique silver) thefabfive 2nd edition - 100 (gold and some slight corrections) http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=11...a7-62d60f5ef3c2 strongkid - 30 (Texas on front with SK stamp and nothing on back) http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=d7...61-b1c21488f631
  2. I will take 2 if any are left over. thanks!
  3. Hello, I was looking for a 2003 Oregon geocoin (unactivated). Anyone with one to trade or sell, please e-mail me. thanks!
  4. My boys would be all over them. One of them has been asking about making his own coin already. Keep us posted.
  5. Interested in trading for a couple (or possibly buy).
  6. I too lived in Kansas (Wichita) and agree with the Sunflower, but I like the idea of Dorothy and Toto being on it too!
  7. Got my CavScout coin today! Nice coin and thanks for the trade!
  8. I am looking for an Aucoima geocoin as well as, Indy Diver, Waypoint15, DHobby1 (1st edition), Geonap, Moun10bike (1st or 2nd edition). I have my personal coin to trade and many others. Will do a multiple coin swap for one of these.
  9. Wow, I didn't know anyone except me even knew Gun Barrel City existed!! I grew up in Athens and I have place 8 or so caches in Athens. That is only a few minutes from the Purtis Creek State Park caches.
  10. Marky, I ended up getting 150 made just so I would have enough to put in caches and trade them. Numbering ended up FAB001 - FAB150. So, if you live in Texas you would have the best chance of finding one. Mostly as FTF for my caches. I may place a few in other states I usually visit as well (most likely Missouri, Arkansas, Utah, Nevada). Cliff
  11. I have my personal coins and a few others to trade. I need the following coins: Indy Diver, Team Fisur, Aucomia, Dhobby1, Waypoint15, 2003 Texas, 2003 USA, Geonap. For many of these I will trade multiple coins to get them. I also need any 2003 or older coins. Just e-mail me.
  12. I paid for 3 Vacman coins back in March, still haven't got them. He was having more made and still doesn't have them.
  13. FYI, I know of a geocacher who got some samples from KV, and guess what??? ONe of them was an un-numbered geocoin from one of the active cachers that had his coin made there. This is sounding more like what may have also happened to Blazerfan... Here is some company info and links: Idaho coins were done by Aaron Charles, the names were laser etched on them, cost is about .45 each for the etching. The epoxy coating is .35 each. The die cost for the Idaho coin was not extra for the shape. Some places charge extra, others don't. Usually pretty fast. www.coinsandpins.com KVCoins has done a number of private coins and does good work as well (Facedances, Cojones). Seems to be slower than most. www.kvcoins.com Gary at Quality Lapel Pins is another place, he did CavScout's coins. You will have to ask him about speed and service. He said he was happy. www.qualitylapelpins.com Coins for anything is the company who made Georgia's. Jeff is a good contact for them. www.coinsforanything.com Crown Awards did the Texas coins, they were nothing fancy, but look fine. I got a couple of samples from them for some full color coins. There work looks fine. Talk to John Guido. Prices are cheap for higher volume, but they don't offer 3-D or epoxy coating. No frills company. (P.S. The cheapest coins are like fake money, not very good. Texas used the next step up, an alloy I believe). Orders take about 4-6 weeks after art approval. www.crownawards.com
  14. I did that, I wanted to turn the darn things off permanently! They are becoming too Garmin like!
  15. Does anyone know how to turn off the popup message on the explorist 100 that lets you know you are arriving or near the destination? It is like the garmin warning and it drives me nuts.
  16. Soooo, ThunderandRain, are you gonna let us Paypal you some money and pick one up for us??? For a small fee of course!
  17. This info is great. I will be interested to see how they perform in the trees with canopy cover and finding caches. Keep up the great posts!
  18. Would you like me to measure the Ky and Mo coins for you? Or, if you have a good trade for me, I can send you a Mo coin! Another place for air-tite cases on ebay (this is always available): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...403007&tc=photo They are .40 each. AirTites shipping: buy 1-25 $3.50s/h buy 26-50 $4.50s/h buy 51-100 $7.00s/h buy 101+ $10.00s/h
  19. Yes, Kudos to ND for a job well done!!!
  20. Ok, I am updating my coins needed list: 03 Texas with Star on the back, 03 Kentucky (is there such a coin or just 04?), 04 Kentucky, Dhobby1, Indy Diver, Team Fisur, Waypoint15, Aucomia, GeoNap, Moun10bike, Kablooey. I have quite a few coins to trade, so let me know. Also willing to do a 2 for 1 trade to get a harder to find coin.
  21. Fine, sounds like this will be tabled for now.
  22. Nice, I will let that take over from here then!
  23. Just to make sure you guys know, you can track them at travelertags. I e-mailed them previously and you can pay for tracking (so you can sell the coins). Here was there response: "For 100 tag numbers I can give you special account access to create your own tags. Tags (that you actually mint and use) are .60 a piece. If you mint in a lot of 250 or more it's .40 a piece. You may resell or market your coins under this pricing structure" So .40 each to track on their website, quite a bargain when you compare it. Hope this helps you decide.
  24. I have been getting flak about saying I would produce a coin in a state that I don't live in. If SC cachers don't want me to do it, I won't. I am trying to promote caching, no matter what state it is in. It is such a great alternative to the other options that kids, families or adults have to choose from. Enough said. Coins seem to make people more aware and usually spur more events.
  25. First of all, that is where I am from. No, I don't live there anymore, but nobody wanted to step up and do it. If they don't want me to do it, I won't. I am trying to promote caching, no matter what state it is in. It is such a great alternative to the other options that kids, families or adults have to choose from. Enough said. Coins seem to make people more aware and usually spur more events.
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