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Land Manager Found My Cache

Jamie Z
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A couple of weeks ago, I hid a new cache in Tunica county Mississippi, Batture. The cache was hidden without explicit permission, but given the location and the manner in which it was hidden, I was fairly sure that permission wasn't necessary. Just in case, my contact information (including name and phone number) is on the outside of the painted ammo box.


Today, the land manager posted a find on my cache page. You can read it here.


I'm supposed to go talk to the land manager on March 14. I wonder what he'll have to say.




(This has been cross-posted to the MSGA forums.)

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I found the cache today after the Land manager found the cache. My wife and I passed 2 workers near the trail head with an atv (I forget the model, it's one that looks like a souped up golfcart - maybe a mule or something). They told us where the trail branched off.


The log written in the logbook was glowing. They definetly approved. The half dozen CITO canisters and large decal in the lid with CITO info couldn't have hurt, that's for sure. The area is regularly flooded by the MS river so they have to work hard to keep it clean.


I wouldn't be worried (not that I think you are). I am impressed that they created an account and logged online. I had spoken to you in the past about hiding a cache in this new park - and based on what you said I figured you had permission - so I thought they were checking it out.


They drove the ATV very near the cache - on the way out I noticed the tracks.


If you're ever in NW MS and want to find a high quality cache - this one rocks. I strongly recommend it. Great park (glad to see that Tunica county has found yet another way to spend all of the excess casino tax money they have) right on THE river.


I hope the meeting goes well. I suspect it will.



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Hey Jamie, don't forget to give him a brochure.


The pictures of fresh-faced happy people really helps convince land managers that they have nothing to fear from people like YOU.

Bret, I hate to admit it, but it was my first thought. According to reports, the guy really bragged on my cache in the logbook. It wouldn't surprise me if he wanted other visitors to the museum to look for it. (Hopefully, if this is the case, he won't get overzealous. I've stated the importance to him that "regular" people not be able to find it, but geocachers can find it without difficulty.) I may have to print up a couple brochures to give him.


So anyway, to answer the other comments in the thread:


Regarding permission: Basically, the cache is hidden along a hiking trail on a Mississippi River floodplain. (Thus the cache name) Adjacent land is leased for hunting, mostly. It's more or less a tract of forested land owned by the county with a trail on it. Given this environment, weighed with the effort to obtain formal permission (there is no email contact address on the associated website!) I decided that permission would most likely be granted, and probably unnecessary. (Please don't turn this thread into a permission/no permission argument.)


Regarding Magellan315's comment to encourage him to create a geocaching policy in the park: The park is fairly small. Personally, I wouldn't want any more caches there than mine. If someone else placed a cache there, it'd have to be an urban style near the parking lot, because apart from where I've hid my cache, the trail crosses oft-flooded swamp. The whole park is probably no bigger than a few city blocks.


I've emailed the land manager thanking him for locating the cache and the positive comments on the cache page. I asked if he'd still like me to come down to the park as previously planned.



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It's great when the park/reserve managers are sympathetic to the cause!

We had a similar experience when one of our caches was found by a work-party clearing alien vegetation from the reserve.


The park manager retrieved the cache, called me and suggested that, as he had a GPSr, he could place it somewhere else and give me the new coordinates!!!!


I thanked him, but suggested that we would rather replace the offending cache ourselves, and that we would give him the co-ords and suggested he try to find it.


Another convert to the game!!!!


He also pointed out a trail we hadn't come across before, giving us directions and identifying a route to the bottom of a steep gorge, where, in his opinion, a really cool hiding place could be found.


We scouted the area - he was right - and a new cache was born!


His cooperation was amazing, his enthusiasm almost tangible, and we got a new player into the bargain! GREAT!!!

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I went to the park today and talked to the land manager. He was incredibly enthusiastic about the cache and had some good ideas, including keeping the cache stocked with CITO containers himself! He asked me if I'd send the .doc file for the CITO stickers I made for the film cannisters.


He mentioned placing a geocaching logo at the entrance and keeping the coordinates at the front desk for those geocachers who weren't aware that there is a cache there. He said he was going to take all the staff members to look for the cache.


Bret, I gave him three copies of the brochure and he asked me to email him the .pdf file.


We had a long talk about geocaching and the Mississippi River, ane the park and museum on the property.


You can read my log here.



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Bret, I gave him three copies of the brochure and he asked me to email him the .pdf file.



Wonderful! I'm glad the brochure helped! Maybe he could print some out and keep them at the information stand at the park office.


I've thought about seeding our parks' brochure stands with a few of them myself.



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Glad they were so enthusiastic.

Around here, we have Warner Parks and they're so into caching that they hide their own. :) Caches are by permit, and we're required to check on them once a month, but that's just to help prevent a "geotrail"


Land Managers Rock (when they're helpful)

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