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New Idea: Cache Code

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Here's a thought that, to my knowledge, hasn't been brought up as a suggestion. There seems to be a little discern about people logging caches without actually finding them. One measure to prevent this could be a pre-programmed code generated (or inputed) when an individual logs a created cache on the website. This code could be put into the cache and recorded when an individual finds it. This code would be required in order to log the cache on the site. Might be optional at first then slowly switched over as it's adopted. Any thoughts?

~ Nate

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So basically the same system that is in place for TBs now? I can see it causing a lot of problems. People will forget to write the numbers down, etc. This way, I can log a cache I found yesterday, as long as I can find the page. Personaly, if someone wants to up their numbers... who cares. Let 'em...

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Who cares if someone wants to inflate their numbers by posting false finds?

As a cache owner I care, if they choose to use my caches to do it.


That said, I don't like the idea of having to write down or remember a code to log a cache. It's not like a travel bug, which you often take home with you, log, and release another day. I have logbooks in my caches, I can go check them, and delete any "fake finds" from the online log, if necessary.

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Many arguments invalidating the idea. Probably the reason you haven't seen anything on it as it hasn't been discussed in a long time.


The only thing you can do is figure out something that a friend can't go and get to allow you to log online. It has to be cheap and easy to do.


Letterboxers have stamps to exchange images; one out of the box to stamp your logbook and your personal one to stamp the box's logbook. Works pretty good.


Now you just the geocaching equivalent.

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people logging caches without actually finding them

I have the opposite "problem", I know of at least one visit to one of my caches that hasn't been logged on gc.com. And I'm sure that for older, more-established caches placed by other people, the number of visits that go unlogged is higher.


The only reason I care about it for this particular cache is that I offer a charitable donation for each logged visit. Yes, I do cache maintenance so I will probably find out (eventually) about the visit. But OTOH I'm not going to spend time matching up the logbook vs. the web page. So it's a missed opportunity for someone to make me part with some cash for my cache.


Other than that, I don't care whether people log or not, except that if nobody (or practically nobody) logged at all I would probably remove the cache due to presumed lack of interest.


And if someone wants to claim he found something that he didn't . . . well, why should I care? (WRT my charitable cache . . . well, if suddenly a bunch of log entries show up that seem suspicious, I can always visit the cache to see if they're in the book. But I'm not going to get my shorts in a knot if I end up sending an extra $5 or $10 for visits that never actually happened.)

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I don't like the idea. I'm sure that many cachers forget to write down the number. What happens if someone removes the number, accidently or intentionally? What opens new possibilities for cache destroyers.


If a cache owner wants to make sure that no one can log the cache without having been there he can check the logbook every week and delete all logs that are not in the logbook.

If a cache owner wants to show that he distrusts the cachers he can place a code inside the box and ask every cacher to mail him the code bevore logging online.

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Check out this cache in Kenosha WI: GCJ5YR


As you find each stage, you pick up a code. You enter the code in the website (see the users website) and it brings up the next puzzle and logs your visit on the screen. Solve the puzzle, find the next cache, get the next code .. and it continues until you reach the final.


Each leg as a separate stand alone cache, each had a more complex puzzle necessary to solve.

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