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The "Who's this cacher" thread made me think of how geocaching can be like dating:

1. The best caches aren't the ones on a street corner. :lol:

2. While the small urban caches are the sleekest and most stylish, they often lack content.

3. Like dating, you can hunt for a long time and log many DNF's before you find the cache that meets your standards (especially if you are an elitest:).

4. Sometimes you find a cache and it's toys are broken :huh:

5. There is a fine line between caching and stalking.

6. Caches and dates can both have travel bugs. :huh:

7. If you have a great cache, you have to worry more about it getting muggled.

8. The better caches have more geocoin.

9. If you don't have any real caches, you can always do a virtual.

10. When you finally find the cache of your dreams you can hold an "Event" cache to celebrate.

11. If you have a really popular cache, it usually requires more maintenance.

12. Sometimes a cache is more fun in the dark than in the light.


Any others? I could have come up with more but wanted to keep it clean for the kids.

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Ways they are different.....


A geocache won't think you are a freak if you bring a bunch of friends along....


No matter how great a cache is, you can only log it once...


Travel bugs are a bonus in a cache. <_<


Caches don't care how many caches you've already had...or that your planning on finding more! :D


You won't scare off a cache by bringing your kids....or spouse! :huh:


If you have a bad experience with a cache it won't tell all the other caches!


The local SWAT team doesn't show up and shoot your date after you take them out in broad daylight. :ph34r::D


You can date on military installations and National Parks....


You can date without an approval.


It's cool to talk about your caching exploits on-line... :huh:


Even if you're FTF a cache, the owner won't make you marry it! :D

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