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60cs From Rei


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Where do you think I should look?? I have no idea and I don't want to get ripped off...well not really that I just want to get the best bang for my buck...I'm a college student and really don't have much money, but am willing to use my credit card concerdering i'm not that much in debt.....LOL.........thanks!!!!!!!





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I got mine from adventurestation.com. It was like 400 or something.


I found one that was cheaper, but I didn't know the retailer.


You have to use the link on the geocaching.com webpage to get to adeventuestation.com. The reason I payed $10 more was because it said a percentage of my purchase went to geocaching.com


edit: i just looked and the link has changed to an REI link on the front page.


You need a store ID to get in the website, so I am not sure if you can get to it anymore now.



edit2: Is adventurestation.com the right website? I cant remember now. THere was a link on the front page and that was the only way I could get to the online store...and it said 5-30% of my purchase went to geocaching.com

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SOme of the following are places I've dealt with or others here have reported good results with.









and there are many more. Get the cost, shipping and if in your state you'll need to add sales tax. Since others have had good experiences from the above, you can probably just go on total cost vs worrying about the etailer being legitimate or not.

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I've spent the last two evenings coveting a 60CS. The cheapest place I could find is Amazon.com and the price includes free shipping

There are some things that ship from Amazon but many ship from partners or Marketplace partners. The 60cs at Amazon is actually shipping from Office Depot. I bought my 76CS from Amazon this past week because I had a $130 gift certitificate and they finally had a decent price on one, which actually was fufilled through TigerGPS. Paid for standard shipping and it showed up within 2 days (though they are in the next state from me).

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Got mine from GPSCity and very happy with them. Free shipping for online orders over $400. No sales tax unless you live in Nevada. The 60cs is 399.99 so add something to the order like a Lanyard, a case or a windshield mount and get free shipping. By all means GET THIS GPS, you will love it.

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CompuPlus.com sounds like the way to go...$388+$14.95.........I think I might do that....I really want to, but then I think about the fact that is $400 and maybe I Shouldnt.....grrrrrr.......But then I think about this...I have just quit smoking pot(yeah yeah I know, drugs are bad, thats why I quit), and will be saving a lot of money just from that....Ahhhh choices!!!!!!!! LOL...............


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Oh tell me about it, I was smoking for along time...I'm so glad I quit...It was really easy also..I can feel my head getting so much more clear...its been 6 weeks.....Thats why I want a GPS, to get out of the house and do something..I mean I make lots of music, but Other hobbies are great....I would like to get out and start going with my girlfriend so we can bond even more...Anyway, Sorry to post my life story...LOL........take care!!


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Hi Everyone,


I purchased a Garmin etrex Vista C from offroute.com about a month ago. Called them on the phone to see if they had it in stock....no phone menu...just a very helpful guy answering the phone who had the info I needed. Ordered it then and decided for FEDEX overnigh delivery. Something I would normally never do due to the added cost but could not wait to have the little critter in my hands. Called at 1100 and Mr. FEDEX man was at my door at the about the same time the next day. Super service and outstanding price that was within about five bucks of the best price I could find surf'in the Internet. I would put them number one on any of my GPS type purchases.


I see that geocaching.com has dropped them and now has REI and I agree with previous posts about REI being VERY EXPENSIVE as far as GPS units are concerned.

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