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  1. I have done the registry hack and I am having problems. When I load up mapsource, if I pick Topo East, mapsource will just quit. No error or anything. If i try to reload mapsource, it still tries to load the Topo East and crashes again. I have to either reinstall mapsource or reinstall the topo software so it defaults back to Topo West. All the others work fine, City Select, Topo West, Hawaii, Alaska. Just east is messed up. To make sure I didn't mess up in the registry, I copied all the CDs to the HDD and ran the install from the Hdd. I still get the same problem.
  2. I never thought of this feature before, but I recently ran into a closed bridge. I couldn't figure out a way to get the Garmin 60CS to reroute and not use that particular road. I just had to take a blind route and wait for a detour with the routing.
  3. I don't usually rely on USGS maps or GPS maps for trails. The newest USGS maps are form the 70s and most trails have changed since then, unless it's the Appallachian or something. I usually try to find maps at local stores or trail associations. I found a pretty good trail map for the Pinhoti online that someone made over a USGS map. I sent off to the BMTA for Benton McKaye trail maps.
  4. who cares, it was an experiment. MO events are allowed by gc.com, as are MO caches. you gotta live with it. If the higher-ups think it is damging, then they will disable MO events. don't make a mountain out of a mole hill.
  5. I use GASK to set up custom descriptions on my 60cs. The cache keeps its waypoint, but if you open it up, it will have a short description, then say something like TRA/REG 2.5/1 or TRA/MIC 1/1
  6. Rock of Ages is buried, and it got approved. Rather good cache, too.
  7. Is there a program out there that will allow me to edit tracks pretty easily. Garmin's MapSource is kind of bad at it. I have tracks from a whole weekend, about 500 car miles, but I want to cut out a small section that I hiked and superimpose it on a topo map. With MapSource, if I select the part we hiked, it also selects the last 2 hours and hundreds of miles of tracks. I'd also like to merge tracks, since I lost reception once while hiking and it split the track in two.
  8. I have found that WAAS is hard to get a lock on with an internal antenna. I am guessing because it needs good reception to download the corrected date. However, when I am in my car and use my patch antenna, WAAS gets a strong lock and I have D's on all my sats within 2 minutes, and accuracy of about 4 meters.
  9. 3 sats will be inaccurate often by as much as a few tenths of a mile.
  10. I got the COmplete Idiots Guide to Geocaching when I first started. I read it cover to cover, but it's not exactly the kind of thing you can read over and over.
  11. can you still do scouting when you are older like me? (20) i was a cub scout when i was like 7, but quit and have never went back into it.
  12. Who says to get them for trashing a McToy. Get them for tresspassing.
  13. Here's an idea. Place it on your property and thne stake it out. If you see someone destroy it, press charges.
  14. Well, I'm 20, which is relatively young for a cacher I think. Most people my age don't really appreciate the outdoors.
  15. Some people have complained about my DNFs too, but I just keep posting them.
  16. Hm, another question. If I want those Topo maps on my GPS, I would have to drop another $100 or so on the Garmin National Parks east 24k maps, wouldn't I? I already have the 100k topo from Garmin, bu they really suck unless all you want to do is locate the general area of a mountain. Can't find trails on them at all.
  17. It takes about 4-6 USGS 7.5 minute maps to cover the medium sized maps and 6-9 7.5 minute maps to cover the larger size, so I think I would save money by using mytopo.com The only thing that worries me with TOPO! is my printer always stinks. It always prints line sin stuff, I think it has a bad head.
  18. And if you possess no ID? You automatically are assumed as guilty and a lose all of your rights? That's BS. What if I don't drive and don't have any state or federal issued ID. Am I a criminal? You can see my license all day long when I am driving, but if I am hiking or looking for a distant cache, chances are I am not carrying ID.
  19. It will be used for weekend backpacking trips and some extreme caches. Don't want to load a 15lb laptop in my backpack along with my tent
  20. It's just the sociology of messege boards. People like to be **** because they can and they see no consequences. Yet if they ever meet you in person, they are probably the most timid people on the face of the earth. You have to realize how much self-esteem anonymity gives you.
  21. I need a map of a rather large area and I'm going to get it from mytopo.com. I can either get two 24x36 maps or one 36x44 map to cover a region. Both options will cost around $30 since the smaller maps are 14.95 each. I havn't had much experience with maps on trips, but what would be easier to manage: one large map or two medium maps? and it's a map where caches are located, so it's on topic.
  22. over 2 years and probably 10k in transactions and no problems.
  23. So this is the same thing as the Silva Ranger 15 CL I saw at REI today?
  24. link It says Brunton Ranger 15. Does Brunton have a Ranger 15? I thought Silva made the Ranger 15.
  25. And the fact that none of the higer-ups are commenting in this thread (And I know that they are reading) is kind of making me reconsider my membership.
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