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    just wondering if anyone has purchased from this website? www.megagps.com search feature down 2nd night in a row for me so i decided to post... thanks for any info stace
  2. i didn't receive any of my queries this week (wed & thur)... now they aren't even showing up in the PQ generator... edit: had to re-agree to the license agreement to get to my list of PQs... they do show up but show that they didn't run this week? is this normal to have to re-agree to the license? don't recall having to do that in the past...
  3. i have a 60C that i use for everything including kayaking... i have a VOYAGER drybag (dry w/flotation) for it that attaches to my deck bag which keeps it right in sight... i wanna say i got the bag at REI but dont recall... 1) i'm pretty sure i haven't encountered fog that think but i dont believe the signal would deteriorate to nothing... i also use a glisson ext. antenna while driving & sometimes while caching in heavy cover, for $20 it's a great addition... 2) durability is not a problem... 3) drybag 4) ok while caching/hiking i use the belt clip attached to a shoulder strap to keep the unit close at hand & safe when climbing etc... where i need both hands... i have no experience with the 2 units you mentioned... hope this helps... stace edit: here's a small look at the case, not where i got it but gives you an idea... http://www.mariner-sails.com/Dry%20Bags.htm
  4. had a problem with 3.7 as well, not the one you're having but a bug nonetheless... went back to 3.6... thats my advice, seems this firmware version isn't up to par at all...
  5. i'm getting the lockup bug as well when changing from an offroad routing to follow road but not in the reverse... don't s'pose anyone has ver 3.6 or 3.61 sitting around they could email me? EDIT: gonna answer my own question here, hopefully it will help others... http://www.tramsoft.ch/gps/garmin_gpsmap60...pgrades_en.html has previous versions of firmware for several models...
  6. well that makes perfect sense... simplest answer huh? thanks!
  7. hey all... i've tried doing a pocket query several times now just for the caches i've found & own yet the PQ always comes back with no results... i finally just downloaded each one individually (pita) and recently did the same with the 2 newest finds i have... what a time killer! anyone have any ideas on making the PQ work? here are the settings i'm using... show-200 any type any container that i have found and i own within none selected my postal code 76240 radius 500 miles (i've tried 2000 but always reverts to 500) placed during none selected thanks for the help, advice stace
  8. not getting mine today either (4 PQs that run every friday)... seems my mebership is messed up, says i have to be a member to access those features which i am... paypal sent payment yesterday... hmmm? confused...
  9. rokclimber

    Mapsource Topo Us

    ive been using topo since i got my garmin 12map several years ago... now that i have a 60C i find it even more useful as the topo lines/maps look much nicer... granted the streets & highways are a little dated (some newer additions probably won't be there since they no longer update this one)... however for your part of the country and what u wanna use it for it should be very useful... it is topo after all!
  10. i use the plastic cradle w/ a short arm & 4" suction mount... doesnt move a bit... get one!
  11. rokclimber

    60cs From Rei

    try offroute.com they always seem to have great prices!
  12. aren't jules & vincent on the hunt for marcellus' special cache in pulp fiction?
  13. 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4+ inches of lift, 31"procomp muds, custom 4x4 rear bumper & tire carrier plus rock rails, KN, 2-500watt hellas, warn 9500, 4.56 gears, ez-locker front & aubern rear, kayak racks & of course a gps mount w/ext. antenna... http://www.rockcrawler.com/readersrides/display.asp?ID=4119 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, mostly stock, currently out of commission...
  14. man this was helpful! has anyone tried doing this with delorme topo? i have ver.4 but cant find the right registry entries to edit...??
  15. check out gpscity.com and look at the RAM mounts... it's Solid! adjustable and holds tight... i use the 4" suction mount with a 3" bar and the cradle for my 60C... it's just a little more but well worth it...
  16. i use gc.coms pocket queries (gpx & pocket books) then with GSAK sort the gpx files and send the caches to my 60c... then upload the pocket book into a sony clie with mobi-pocket book reader for info on the caches... mapsource topo for more details maps in the 60c... i usually have approx. 400 caches from a 100 mile radius in both so should i find myself in DFW with some time to kill i can do some impromptu caching... can't think of a simpler way to go paperless IMHO... for the person wanting to mount a laptop in the car, check out ram mounts... a google should find the website for you... they have mounts for just about anything you can think of... a little pricey but well worth it in quality...
  17. ditto the advice on a gilsson ext. ant... it rocks! defiantely get spoiled when it's hooked up...
  18. i have one of the gilsson units as well... works so good i just got another one... first one is attached to the top of my cherokee the other is attached to the back of my geo-pack... they really help when the tree cover starts to get heavy... when you see that +-6ft. accuracy well, it just feels good...
  19. rokclimber

    60c Accessories

    i'm using a RAM mount system for mine... it's a little pricey (approx. $30-35) but it's bombproof... you can check'em out here: http://www.gpscity.com/
  20. Hey all... i just notcied in the waypoint symbol area of my 60C that there isw a section of custom waypoints, funny how i don't remember that section before... i wonder if that was an update from one of the new software upgrades (3.42B)? so, if they are cutsomizable how do you do that? can one create a special symbol or is it only the description that can be customized? searching revealed nothing so hopefully someone has some insight... grasyy a**... stace
  21. 2001 XJ... 114,000 miles... 1977 FJ40... 102,000 miles...
  22. well, i wonder if the strange cellular type tower & water tank that was about 30 yds. away during one search and the massive power lines we walked under during another could have caused some sort of interference?
  23. Has anyone else experienced losing satellite reception even while out in the open for no reason ther than maybe the tall water tank, strange cell anttena thingy or massive power lines overhead? Do you think any of those could throw recpection down to nothing? Wonder if this is a bug with the new software version 3.30? Plus, anyone notice how lakes are white now with that version? They used to be blue... EDIT: Never mind the water thing, I changed a setting in the marine settings while jaciking with stuff...
  24. sounds easy enuff mocha & tim... gotta manual entry & an automatic one... i'll be downloading easymps momentarily... thanks for the super-quick replies! stacey rokclimber
  25. hey guys & gals... my frustration has topped off... the search engine keeps giving me errors when i search for info and manually i can't seem to find the help i need... here's the situation... i have a gpsmap60c (got it a coupla days ago) with mapsource topo 6.02Beta... i'm trying to get cahes to show up in the geocaching area of the 60c... i can upload waypoints to the gpsr but they show up in the waypoint section... i have a pocket query of 200 caches nearby that i'd like to have access to in the geocache section of the gpsr... how do i get them there??? i also have GSAK but aren't familiar with it yet... i thought easygps or expertgps would take the pocket queries and up load them to the gpsr and the gpsr would recognoze them as geocaches and i would find them listed there... but no luck with either of those programs... i know it's one of those "right under my nose things" but something just isn't clicking for me... thanks in advance for the info/suggestions... stacey rokclimber
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