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  1. We are traveling to Costa Rica on July 31st to return on August 12th. If you would like your TB to go along with us let us know. We can arrange to meet you somewhere, or you can drop it off somewhere convenient for us. There are a couple of caches in Costa Rica we hope to be near. We will log, take pictures of our TB’s then bring them back. We will do the same for you or we can leave them too if you prefer. Contact us through the forum or at tandgg@verizon.com. TandGG
  2. I hike in a pair of Vasque ankle high, water proof boots and they are the best. I am getting ready to buy a pair of Keen H2 sandals and look forward to incorporating them into our hikes. Nice to hear some feeback on them. Thanks for this thread. G
  3. T is 50 and GG is 49 for a few more months anyways. Feel like 20. TandGG
  4. Nothng but the best to say about our reviewers. TandGG
  5. We took a laser cut wooden porpoise from our 1st cache, Phelan Groovy. That was September 3, 2004. We have it hanging from our rear view mirror in our Jeep. You never forget your first time. We don’t.
  6. We have had geocaching on our Directv DVR wish list since September 2004. Gloria noticed yesterday that there was an upcoming broadcast scheduled to record. The following is the description of special: DIRECTV programming Family Outdoors Friday March 25, 2005 11:00 pm Channel 230 DIY Duration: 0:30 “Geocaching” (2002) Orienteering: GPS and geocaching; a geocaching primer; a family geocaching adventure; stashing a geocache. Series. TandGG
  7. Every morning and evening, I go to "My cache" page and click on the "filter out finds" link. I scan all the nearest caches, looking for new ones that have not been found. This is how I logged 21 FTFs. Bill, Good idea Bill. I'll have to try that out. Amazing what you can learn in these forums. We will be out in your area on saturday and look forward to discovering some more of your hides. TandGG
  8. Wow, great responses from all of you. Thank you very much. I am going to work on the chime idea. Ha. TandGG
  9. How do I get notified of any new caches in my area? I see in some of the logs that people are talking of seeing them come up and then racing out for them. Thanks for the info in advance. TandGG
  10. TandGG


    I got it now, thanks for the info. TandGG
  11. Thanks a million Brian. And that list is certainly nice too. TandGG
  12. A while back I was surfing and came across a Virtual that required a picture of one of those fake palm trees that hide a transmittal tower. Does that ring a bell with anyone? If it does can you let me know what Virtual it is. Thanks in advance. TandGG
  13. TandGG


    Let me see if I have this straight, so the California numbered geocoin is not recognized by geocaching.com so there for does not show up in your inventory, but is trackable through another avenue. I get it now. Thank you very much. TandGG
  14. We picked up our first numbered geocoin and logged that we grabbed it. The page requested a User ID number but did not require it. We couldn't figure our User ID number out so we left it blank. The geocoin is not in our inventory or our profile page. Is there something we need to do and is the User ID number necessary to get credit for the coin? Is there anyone that can help, sure would appreciate it. TandGG
  15. TandGG

    60cs & Etrex Vista C

    Neo Geo, Editing the marked location works with the 60CS, and with our Etrex Vista C. Many thanks, Todd
  16. We were at Disneyland California Adventure doing a virtual cache. At the first cache location, we where given additional coordinates for the final cache location. We wrote down the coordinates and attempted to no avail to manually add the coordinate on both our GPS units, a 60cs, and a Etrex Vista C. Is there a way to manually add coordinates to these units? Thanks, Todd
  17. Thanks alot Great Scott. That was simple enough, TandGG
  18. How do I get my TB credit for miles earned to a Virtual Cache? Any help would be appreciated. TandGG
  19. I would be willing to give your bugs some miles but I am new and you would have to tell me how. I live in California. Hope to hear from you. TandGG
  20. Does anyone own one of these units yet. I was checking them out online and they intrigue me. Looks like Megellan's answer to the Garmin Legend. Any info available from the real users. GG
  21. That is interesting geojeeper. What is the reasoning behind refusal of a virtual cache. Just curious. TandGG
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