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  1. both are equally waterproof, but the 76 will float. Make your choice based on your preferred button layout and floatation requirement. Functions are essentially identical.
  2. Well, I disagree. I use my Garmin 60CSX for both uses and it works great. Before that, I used my 60CS for 2 years. I even had a Streetpilot III at the time, but it was so big and bulky that I gave it away once I realized that I was using my small unit for everything.
  3. Maybe you should try doing this project more like a letterbox than a geocache. Then you would not have to provide any electronics to be messed with.
  4. Get this case: http://www.thegpsstore.com/detail.asp?product_id=BE130 It is very easy to cut a hole in the neoprene material to accommodate the part of the car mount that clips to the bottom of the unit. I used my wife's "kitchen scissors"
  5. So typical of this forum. Someone wants to know which buttons to press to make the gps do what they want and they get responses describing how the gravitational pull of the moon requires that atomic clocks be adjusted periodically. . . Hilarious!
  6. Is there a good free source for viewing topo maps of Mexico online? How about topo maps (or even road maps) that work with Garmin mapping GPS?
  7. ?????? Although having a current almanac loaded is very important to GPS accuracy, I'm not so sure about the idea that it takes time for electronics equipment to get back into shape. I have an old calculator that had been stored in a box for 5 years. It didn't have any problems getting back into shape and added and subtracted correctly as soon as it was turned on.
  8. You could switch to a Megallan product. Magellan does the same thing, but their software keeps the "My Magellan" folder in the trash folder. . . Sorry, just being silly. . . . I love you poor Magellan users. . . But seriously, this might be solved with some registry editing, but I am not the registry wizard to tell you how or if this is possible.
  9. I think that "North" just means "the top of the map" to meteorologists. The generally subtle differences between true and magnetic north just don't come into play when you are making forecasts based on estimations and approximations with very little accuracy when compared to GPS-type accuracy. The compass 360 degrees, but I have never ever seen wind direction described using anything more than the 16 basic directions (N,S,E,W, NW, SW, SE, NE, NNW, NNE, etc).
  10. There is one route I take through rural Tennessee where CN wants me to drive down a road that has been submerged under a reservoir for 50+ years after a dam was built.
  11. My Garmin 60CS worked perfectly for two years until it suddenly stopped working after being crushed by a truck. The replacement that Garmin sent me for free works just as good as the first one does.
  12. The best way to get into it with no experience is to find your local geocaching club and ask to go along with them. They will certainly have a range of different gps units and can give you tips and pointers that would take a very long time to figure out yourself.
  13. I'd get a bunch of Garmin Rhinos. . . so you can find the kids!
  14. I bought one about 2 months ago that directly accepts the microsd card. It is a SanDisk Mobilemate SD+ card reader. It reads every type of card that I use.
  15. Garmin replaced the 60cs that got run over by a car. I sent them about 10 pieces and they sent me 1 piece back!
  16. but does Topo Canada do auto-routing? If you want to take advantage of the great auto-routing features, you'll need the street maps that will work with it.
  17. I've seen a walkthrough on here before, but my searches today can't seem to locate it. Does anyone know where the step by step guide to installing Topo on the hard drive is? It is so much nicer than having to use the CD's. . Thanks! edit: I found it here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...mp;#entry997256
  18. Consider this: If you haven't ever been there, do you think the price of the maps would be a good value if it significantly increased your enjoyment on the trip and helped you to maximize the time you have there? Good ideas on finding the non-auto-routing options.
  19. That second hand etrex would be a great starter unit. Get it, and if you end up getting into geocaching in a big way, you'll have a great backup unit or one to give to your kids when you upgrade.
  20. I've had similar results with Garmin. After my 60CS was run over by a car, they replaced it, a year after the warranty expired. I can't imagine ever buying any competitor's GPS unit knowing how good Garmin will treat me if something goes wrong.
  21. With the new travel restrictions that are or will soon be in place, you probably won't even be able to use a map and compass on the plane. And then we will finally be done with these "can I use a GPS on a plane?" threads. . .
  22. Also, don't expect trails on a topo map to be anywhere near perfectly drawn on the map.
  23. can you explain the "instant" $25. What was your final price after all rebates? What did you spend today at Best Buy?
  24. Honestly, this has never been an issue or a concern for any of my Garmin units: GPS-45, GPSmap 60CS, GPSmap 60csx, StreetPilot III. I Have energizer, duracell, sanyo, ray-o-vac, and a few other random brands that I use regularly.
  25. I agree with Miragee. . . I'd sell the Legend C and upgrade to an x unit. I have been using GPS since it was first made available to the public and I feel that the SiRF based receivers are a quantum leap beyond anything that has come before. Why bother with adding more bulky equipment when the best elegant solution is so close at hand. . .
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