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  1. Congratulations Bill, Wornout in Beautiful San Diego this summer.
  2. Just one thing I would change: All of the above. I am definitely suffering from Geocaching burnout and I think it is because of the things mentioned, such as, too many micros, lack of quality cache placement and for me the loss of virtual caches, that is what started my burnout. I just didn't want to go to a site, where I didn't understand the point, just to continue Geocaching where I spend the winter and there aren't many stardard caches place. Paperless caching made Geocaching great and the programs and features like GSAK macros just kept getting better and better and then boom, someone messed with the forumla at Geocaching.com.
  3. OK, thanks, I will try that and see what happens. I did a MASTER RESET and all was well yesterday when my 60cs was mounted in the cradle on the dash. My track was up, the 'N' arrow pointed to North as it should have. I can now use it again like I did the last two years. Master Reset did the trick.
  4. OK, thanks, I will try that and see what happens.
  5. GSAK and Cachemate because you can use them to do the bare minimum or if you please, you can get in to macros for autoloading and such. I agree, best $28 I ever spent on geocaching.
  6. Oh yea, then why did it work when in my dash cradle FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS? Because when you use it in your car, the electronic compass switches off when you start moving (unless you've mucked around with the defaults). Instead, it determines your orientation based on your direction of travel. That's why, when you put the car in reverse and back up, the arrow reverses direction, even though you're still facing the same direction. That is how it worked up till a couple of weeks ago. I may have changed one of the default parms but for the life of me I don't remember which one. And yes, I noticed when I back up it does reverse direction. I will continue checking compass parameters and see if I can find what I changed. If anybody has any suggestions, please, jump in here now. Thanks
  7. Oh yea, then why did it work when in my dash cradle FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS?
  8. Two years ago I bought my 60cs. I mounted a cradle on the dash and have been using in that position for the last two years. After I loaded the latest firmware, I started having compass problems. My problem is when headed for what ever waypoint I have selected, the compass and moving map page usually have the opposite direction on top, it is just reversed. If I take the compass out of the cradle and lay it flat, all is OK. Like I said earlier, it has worked flawlessly in the cradle for two years. The first thing I am going to do is backlevel my firmware and go from there.
  9. Mine was given to me in the early 80's. I worked in technical support for Safeway Stores which was headquarted in Oakland at that time. Our Data Center Manager in Dallas was always giving names to people who called him. Anyhow, my first name is Warren and I left a voice mail and said, 'Paul, this is Warren out in Oakland, please give me a call'. He called back and said, 'I need to talk to Wornout'. I said, 'This is Warren', and he said he had a voice mail from a guy named 'wornout'. It stuck. A couple of days later our system programmer was giving us logon ID's for the computer. Yep, Safeway was gonna allow remote access to the computer systems. (it was the early 80's remember?), He wanted the typical 4 - 8 letters or numbers, so, I gave him, 'wornout'. And as they say, the rest is history.
  10. Well, there ya go, ask and they will answer. Looks like a solution to my problem, thanks......
  11. I would like to see a change to the 'Hide and Seek a Cache Page'. What I would like to see is the section where one enters: By keyword: By Areacode (US Only): By waypoint: Or, Caches found by username: Moved above the section where find a cache by State and Lat/Long are. I usually only go to this page to log a cache. When I do, I have to scroll down each and every time I want to log a cache because I look up the cache by waypoint name. I have logged over 1000 caches so I have gone to this page a lot. I can count on one hand how many times I have used the upper part of this page such as looking up caches in other states or countries. Am I the only one who feels it would make more sense to have the fields most used located higher up in the page to prevent paging down so much?
  12. I did a night time cache here in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico after I had so much fun doing one in Alamo, California, a few years ago. I did the reflector thing. I ended up putting the final location at the end of the write-up. I did this after one cacher was a little upset not being able to get past the third reflector because of cactus growth hiding the reflector after a big rain and I was not in the area during the summer to check. The cache is 'San Felipe After Dark' GCHB61. Also, I tell everyone to bring their GPSr, even though they don't need it to find the cache, so they can use the trackback feature. We don't want to get anyone lost at night walking around in the Baja Desert.
  13. I have been running it since March 6th and haven't had any problems.
  14. Send an email to Garmin Technical support, they are great. I replaced a hard drive and was installing CS NA V6 and it just stopped half way through. Then informed me how to use the Update V7 DVD WITHOUT using the V6 CD's.
  15. When on the return trip and looking at mother nature rather than the screen like on the way in.
  16. I use the note field also and it took a long time to find it. Actually, I did the same thing you did and asked the forum. I also use the took, left, TB fields too but I do not export to GSAK, I do the export to Memos function of the PDA and then HotSync. I think GSAK is the best thing since sliced bread but prefer to bring up the gc.com page and cut/paste from memos to log the cache. I don't really do that many in a day to need to have GSAK log them all. Also, I think the process is really in depth.
  17. Yes, to soon we get old, to late we get smart. But all is not lost, it just looks like you will have to wait until the rest of the geocaching tools get up to speed, I am sure it will be worth the wait. GSAK is working on the problem as is Garmin.
  18. Since the map has a link to an RV camping supply store, they just assume you didn't ship your RV across the ocean for your road trip I called them today and they said they would offer a map of Hawaii as soon as someone drive's over there.
  19. You might want to bring a travel bug to 'GCHEF5' Those bug that have visited have ended up enjoying it. This travel bug hotel is about 7 miles north of San Felipe. If you are near the intersection of Interstate 8 and California 111, check out this travel bug drop off: GCJ0ZM
  20. Sounds like you have it down pat. I use a vest for the urban caches and a back pack for the hike to caches. I got my fishing vest at Walmart for a very good price. Come to think about it, I got my back pack there too. Wally World shopping comes with being over 55 I think.
  21. Use the program 'Fizzymagic' said to use in his post on Jan 11. It will instantly show you how: 30.956632 becomes N 30 57.398 becomes N 30 57 23.99 becomes UTM: 11R E 764280 And visa versa. It is a GREAT Program.
  22. Page 88 of the Garmin Manual says Mapsource is needed to transfer data to and from your 60cs. Page 43 of the Mapsource Manual contains a section on 'Transferrind Data'.
  23. Ditto That !!! It doesn't get any better than this combo for ease of Geocaching.
  24. A whole week and you haven't bought another one yet? Shame on you for missing over a week of caching. Have you entered the 12 step program yet?
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